i will always love you forever

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it is about a girl who falls in love with a boy , when the boy wrecks his fourwheeler she doesn't know what to do

Submitted: May 21, 2010

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Submitted: May 21, 2010



It was a warm spring morning and Katie was getting ready for school she couldn't stop thing about Nick.Nick had dark brown eyes and green eyes that sometimes turned blueish green his eyes were amazing.When Katie got to school she sat down in her desk and unpacked her backpack the teacher walked in and said Nick has been in a fourwheeler accident and he is in the hospital . Katie felt a tear shed and go down her face she ran to the bathroom and started to cry she wiped the tears from her eyes and went back to the class room .Nick's best friend travis tolded Katie that Nick was on life support the fourwheeler fell on top of him he broke his jaws and nose and he hurt his liver that made Katie want cry even more.After school was over Katie when home and cried some more she didn't want her mom to see her cry about it. Every day Katie heard that Nick was getting better and then Travis told Katie that Nick was comeing back to school she wanted to jump up and down and cry tears of joy. the week pasted and on tuesday Nick came back he was really scarred up real bad he had bruises all over his face and he looked very different,but Katie still thought he was as cut e as he always was her feeling would never change about Nick she loved him it wasn't his looks that she cared about it was the way he acted the person he was she will always love him forever they were supposed to be together and hopefully they would be in the future.

by madam love

true story

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