the hanged man's curse

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This story OS about being falsely accused of stealing and is getting pay back for all who knew and saw the terrible crime he was accused of. Everyone who knows go.

Submitted: July 25, 2012

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Submitted: July 25, 2012



The village was empty. Everyone was gathered together and a preacher started to prey.\"god forgive this man for this devilish ungrateful sin.\" He said. \"Did nothing nothimg. I don't deserve this. Everyone here today will regret the day that this happened all the generations of your families old or new will faid and di....\" And finally they hanged him. Sometimes when people are hanged they leave them on there for about a week. Suddenly a lady began to fell like she was burning she was a couple mounts pregnant . She also was bringing a new life.\"help me please I'm burning I'm nurning.\" But not a person helped her she appeared to be fine and they thought she had mental problems. Suddenly she stoped breathimg.

Everyone who saw those two tramatic events were groping awkward and confused. A young man was on the backyard of his house chopping wood he raised the axe high and it fell into the wrong direction. The man fell laying therelooking brutally bloody. His daughter who was getting married in a week saw her dad. \"Dad are you okay please wake up please.\" She cried loudly and she grabed the axe wanting to throw it she lift it and she fell to the ground just like her father. The preacher was in the sanctuary where a whole bunch of snakes started crawling all around him cobras and rattle snakes which was strange because they didn't live in their village. And they bit him all at the same time. A big black dark somke came on to the village and everyone who wacthed the man who was hanged got the black death the smae day and died the same day all a stair of events happening in six days. And remember when they leave the people who are hanged on for a week and a week is seven days but by time the people died from black death the body of the man was gone the same day. And only the people who wittnessed him die were dead

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