there it was in front of me

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An encounter about my next story

Submitted: August 09, 2012

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Submitted: August 09, 2012



When I saw it I was surprised. I was for sure he was locked up behind bars but he wasn't. I stared and I know now that it was wrong. My father was back again. I couldn't beleive it how he was in orison at least that is what my mom told me. I knew it was him because when I was little I carried  a picture of him. But then I burned it last year when I was going to the 11th grade. I thought he was a worthless man in my life the one who was supposed to care and raise me was gone. I approched him with a blanck face. "Hi." He looked at me confused and said it back."Hi are you okay i'm sorry. Yes I am very okay very and you are my dad. What!" He looked like he was mad now and confused I imagined him saying, "Get away before I call the police." Finally that is when I decided to ask him did he know my mom. "Do you know a Milli Berwin?" He stared down and looked back at me. "yes." The awnser was yes he knew my mother and that means something and now I was not sure why. Why did we meet this way in the middle of a store and why did my mom say he was in prison for burgalry.

I met my father. I went to sleep and thought for a long while.




I f you want this novel to be on booksie then comment or tell me you like it. I am not sure if it is good yet.

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