If I Leave You Scene 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
This script I'm writing is for a short film. Each scene has different characters all having to make the same choice whether a certain relationship like a friend, realative, or lover will end or not.

Submitted: May 14, 2010

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Submitted: May 14, 2010



[a rainstorm is outside the house]

Eli: You know why I'm here.

Naomi: Yes as always, the same thing. [She sighs]

[Eli moves close]

Eli: Why can't you accept him, your brother?

Naomi: Shut up he's a criminal, and you- you have no right. You're a hypocrite!

You who wouldn't acknowledge your sister because she's a stripper.

You who think anyone who eats meat has lost a part of their humanity. You're an enviroment freak. If humans are polluting the world so much, then kill yourself!

One less person making trash and taking in oxygen.

[Eli turns away]

Eli[softly at first] You phsycotic[yells] bitch!

[Clenches fist] [ turns around tears in eyes]

[Naomi quietly] Leave

Eli[ tear falls down cheek]

Eli: What would you do if I killed myself?

Naomi[Louder] Leave

[She walks towards the dear]

Naomi: Leave

[Eli doesn't move]

Eli: How should I kill myself, Huh?

Naomi[Clenches teeth] Get-Out

Eli: How Naomi? Tell me! Should I hang myself?

Naomi[Yells] [Flings open the door] 

Eli: Maybe a few wrist cuts, or should I jump from a tall building?

[Naomi steps closer slaps him Eli falls back on the floor]

[Naomi leans down slapping him repeatedly]

Naomi: Stop it- Stop it

[Eli throws his arms up over his head]

[Naomi falls down beside him and starts to cry]

Naomi: Don't say that, don't die- don't die

[Eli sits up and reaches for her hand, holds it gently]

Eli: I won't ever, but you have to be here- you have to want me to be here, [Naomi embraces him]

[Eli crying on her shoulder]

Eli: You- you- have to -please - please

Naomi: I do, I'm so sorry don't die- don't kill yourself

[The sun rises slowly above the dark clouds, and a rainbow can be seen in the distance]

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