Roman Woe

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A monologue of Julius Ceasar in heaven... or hell...

Submitted: November 09, 2010

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Submitted: November 09, 2010



My fellow Romans as I look down upon you; I think, woe has been my life.

So great has been my success through all the wars I have fought throughout my life.

But oh how some have filled their eyes with malice against me.

Never did I once, betray of force my self into the position of Roman leader.

Why, I can not understand that a coward such a Brutus and his fellow conspirators should murder my unsuspecting body.

With swords of iron, along with thrusts and stabs they make sure I can not survive.

The last thing I saw was the look on my adversary’s features.

The face of betrayal and dishonor cross the hateful faces that I looked upon.

My toga was then drenched by blood and pain.  “Brutus”, I cried out, “Why hast thou betrayed thy friend.”
His eyes filled with hatred clouded mine.

Suddenly my life was gone, and my heart seemed to crack like a stone mason’s rock being pounded.

Oh, what woe! Woe is to me!
After so many victories in battle my life was torn out of me.

I, a mortal man, am dead, lost, and betrayed.

Wretched my life hath been. Brutus may you live in agony.

May all your fellow men drown in waters of guilt and betrayal.

A curse I send upon you from my fiery pit of death.

I am Julius Caesar, and I will come to you with fiery rage and thoughts of eternal revenge.

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