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Boy Scared of water and fish

Submitted: April 30, 2010

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Submitted: April 30, 2010



“Vinnie, come take a look at this gold fish,” “it would look so nice with the ocean theme in your room.”

He shuffled closer to his mother, his eyes glazed over in fear as the fish tank with fast moving bubbles seemed to draw closer to him. A couple of fish darted against the glass.

“Holy crap!”

In terror he fled from the pet shop the bell on door clanging violently against the glass. His mother stared, and then blinked and then stared again, rooted to her place in shock and horror. The owner of the store turned towards her slowly “Couldn’t handle the excitement I guess,” “He he um,” he stopped laughing as the mother stared down her long nose glaring. In a few steps she stomped savagely, flinging the door open, the bell clanging once more, shaken so that it swung off the door entirely.

He didn’t even bother waiting for his mother to return to the car. He took off down the street; mud and sweat covering his face. He had the house key and as soon as the door was open he flew through the kitchen, dashing up the stairs then came to a sudden halt at the door. He remembered, and he froze. Inside his once comfortable, simple, undecorated room, was now an ocean side paradise view.  Large, rolling blue waves took over one side of the room and on the other an underwater view of coral and fish.-Too many fish.  If he got up the courage maybe he could rush in tear the wallpaper off and rush out again. If he was quick enough every image would be a blur.

“No fish, no water, just a bunch of torn paper, no fish no water,” he opened the door “ just a bunch of torn paper,” he stepped in “ no fish no water just a bunch of torn paper.”

He closed his eyes as he stepped into the room he wouldn’t look he would just feel his way around the room he’d find the creases and pull.

“Vinnie!” he jumped at the sudden scream of his mother.  His eyelids popped and his eyes bulged out. He was surrounded by fish and water; no torn paper fish- and water.

He screamed, launching out of the room, tripping down the steps.

“Water and fish, water and fish,” he shouted “I see water and fish!”

“What the_” his mother stared at the fleeing  figure.

“ I’ve got to call the psychiatrist.”


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