All the Words

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I had a dear friend who crossed the veil on May 8th, 2004. His name was Tyler Oelke. He was the victim of a senseless, timeless murder. I wrote this poem for him, almost one year to the date later.

Submitted: February 20, 2008

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Submitted: February 20, 2008



All the words of yesterday

Were just words we never said

All the thoughts of you

That danced in my head

Got lost somewhere

In the tears I shed

So many words I couldn't say

From behind my wall of shame

So much time that passed silently by

And you're gone now

Gone as quietly as you came

Such a beautiful face

Lost and without a name.

In my mind

I thought you'd always be there

I couldn't have been more wrong

Cause now that I'm left with your loss

I cry it out in every Def Leppard song

A very needy part of me

Wants that one last chance

But reality is never fair

And I know that you got to fly free to believe

Even if you leave me waiting here, to grieve

I look out over the path of

If only, wishes, and regret

It nearly breaks me to think that

You thought you were so easy to forget

All of the words I couldn't say

Are all but whispers

On the pages of my memory

All the words

Like a thousand sparkling stars

Bear witness to me missing you

And loving, and living out past

The mystery of you.



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