Everything and You

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Crazy ole Madame having a missing Robert kind of day.

Submitted: July 30, 2008

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Submitted: July 30, 2008



My whole world, my every single thing



All the music, the love, the laughing rainmaker

All that ever was, ever would be

Collapsed in the face of disaster

Leaving Me

Unable to be, unable to breathe

Not really living, unwilling to die

Walking the path of the lonely

Choking on the tears that I can't not cry

Every Now and Then

I raise my head and look for a quick fix

A Something, Anything

To throw a blanket on this pain inside

Just a temporary space and a beautiful anonymous face

Strong arms to block the view of what's coming

Cause I know I'm only going to get to fly free for a while

And I know I"ll wind up wasted and wounded on the ground

You can only fly so high before you crash so far down

Either way, the Lady's gonna cry

And the Madame, the Keeper of the Rain

Is gonna, take on those tears until they run dry.

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