Family Blessings

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My daughter was so hysterical when she was pregnant. With my eldest grand-daughter she was just mean....hormones. But on grand-daughter number two she was weepy....over any little thing at all. I tried to be understanding and a supportive mother. But the Madame also has a wicked sense of humor. So I wrote this little poem about the daughter's fave things to weep about. And because I am nice I asked her permission to publish it.She just looked at me and said, "God Mom! I guess."

Submitted: February 22, 2008

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Submitted: February 22, 2008



Oh the drama of it all

Oh the trauma of it all

Poor Candace is just unable to see

That life isn't always one big nasty brat

Life can be quite the blessing

And amusing at that

I mean what's not to love about

A 3 year old, all snuggled up on your head at night

Or a stuffed BluesClue's butt right in your eye

An arm flung here, a leg flung over there

And you just know that a super-sized Dora doll

is laying around somewhere

And where's the love for poor hubby dear?

Just a snoring and talking away in his sleep

It could be worse you know

Imagine his surprise, his fear

When jerked from his chatty dream

Only to find the suspected prowler

Was the wife in yet another bowl ofice cream

And last, but never least, let us recall

The blessings from the strange, unusual, and scariest of all

From the deafening bellow of


To that super-sonic coonhound


With a perky kitty strut

To those foot long dog ears

Comes wierd love, when you're always in tears

And noisy,annoying, and painful, it all may seem to be

With an




and a HOWL!

Remember....such are the blessings of family.

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