Masking the Tragedy

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These poems that are dark are about me surviving the emotionally unsurvival. But I am here, and this is my story. This poem deals with when I finally got free of the abuse, but I hadn't yet got free of it inside of me.

Submitted: February 25, 2008

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Submitted: February 25, 2008



I keep it all inside

So no one else can see

What I really have to hide.

I'm so afraid really,

I'm afraid of you,

I'm afraid of me,

I'm just so afraid there's nothing

That can possibly save me.

I look around and all I see is jaded

In a great big world

My smile's slowly becoming faded

But I don't dare drop the mask of the warrior

So brave

So strong

So scared

So scarred

So goddamn required.

Time and again

I find myself sitting in the darkened stairwell

And I cry a thousand tears

That no one ever hears

I cry for you

I cry for me

Mostly I just cry because

I lost my faith in what could be.

Faith feels like a long lost mystery

A something I used to know

But yet, just out of my reach.

So I play a straight line

I smile

I laugh

All on cue.

Cause that's all this world cares to see

Not masks and certainly not tragedy.

written 29 November, 4 months of freedom later


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