Reality As It Is

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This poem is about what happens when you finally get free and don't have the slightest clue as to how to relate to others. For me the biggest hurdle was learning to talk to men again and not feel threatened by their mere presence.

Submitted: March 23, 2008

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Submitted: March 23, 2008



Yep darlin', I see you there

In my sweet dream

A waking fantasy

And I feel that dazzling smile

You brave to show me.

I feel the draw

The invisible touch

The want, the burned up need

But I am also very aware

That in my deepest dream

Is the only place you can safely be


Yep,I know that when you look at me

You think you see, something there

Truth is, that laughing Mad Hatter

Is just a deceptive mask that I wear.

I know it ain't right

I know it ain't fair

But it keeps the world I can't trust away

It keeps me from having to care.


If I could, you know I probaly would

Throw down the cape, drop the hat

For just one minute, just one night

Then maybe the lost Lady would be the Lady found

All her nightmares might even take flight

Then she could live out beyond the fear of falling so far down.


But "if only" is a shaky foundation

Reality, though cold and hard it be

Is simple:

What you see is exactly what you get

So love me. Leave me.

Just don't ever forget;

This Madame of Madness is what came

out of the ashes,

Of love,

Of loss,

Of tears,

Of regret.

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