Silence is Deadly

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Another part of my story. This is a poet's view of it.

Submitted: February 25, 2008

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Submitted: February 25, 2008



Without a single word

In a blink of an eye

With silent violence

He walks his lie

He holds me prisoner

And demands even my very life

"Live, Live, Live"

"Live and Serve"

All I hear is, "Live to Die".

Silence is deadly

It walks down the hall

In the middle of the night

It points a finger at my heart

And demands me to

"Get it! And Get it Right".

With two different faces

One of tenderness

And one of contemptous hate

He loves me

Love becomes heaven

Love becomes hell

But any kind of real love

Comes too late.

Silence is deadly

It serves with a frozen smile

Finally it unravels and falls apart

It runs away in the dark night

With empty pockets

And a cold heart

Without a word

Without a voice

I loved him dear

Under the cloak of silence

Came fear

So many awful names

So many blind threats

So many swallowed tears

Too many locks

Not enough keys

A warden's lie

A prisoner's cell

It's all the same hell.

Silence is deadly

It echos in my memory

A long forgotten piece of me

Remembers what used to be

All that was lost

All that it cost.

But in the end

That same silence is my friend.

It sets me free

And I'm the one holding my key.

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