Victims, Villians, and Volunteers

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Yeah, Sometimes the Madame really gets mad. This poem was a vent at the Law Enforcement Agencies that were suppose to protect me from the Crazy Mean Ex....well that works if said Mean Ex's son isn't a Law Enforcement Officer himself. So the Madame really is venting in this one. Might want to use caution in reading this one....Oh that Madame was really angry.

Submitted: February 20, 2008

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Submitted: February 20, 2008



You stupid Ship of Fools

Drowning in your Utopian ideals

Of love, trust, and respect

You're just a bunch of victims

Desperately pulling one another under

Do you really believe someone's gonna save you

With a life preserver full of neglect?

Oh wake up from your comatose state of being

Open your blind eyes, and deaf ears

I don't care about you and I hope you don't care about me

You're reeled in hook, line, and sinker

By the villians you trust and the heros you worship

All that responsibility looks just like another bad trip

Well this Madame of Madness

Didn't ask for, want, or need

Your opinions, your "ever so calm" tones,

Or your promise of a better tommorrow

You see this is my reality.....

It may seem harsh, but I'm not gonna volunteer for

your pity or your sorrow

So you go ahead and stand in your neat, sterile, little

lines of distress

And wait for what never, ever comes

I know my way home, I know my address

Me, I believe, I'll just be on my mad, mad, way

On back up to that ivory tower

It may not be the best of worlds

But at least  I'm not standing under a cloud

Bitchin' cause I might get caught in a shower.





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