Acceptance of Pain in Our Life

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Dedicated for the people in the war zone.

Submitted: May 06, 2012

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Submitted: May 06, 2012




Our certain world is ruled by pain. A pain caused by endless war, wars that never end. Almost all people dies; others are almost dying. Everything is destroyed. There’s nothing left but pain. Nothing.

Now, only pain and hatred exist. Trying to overcome the pain to achieve peace? They say it’s easy. But is that so? No, I don’t thing so. It’s the hardest thing to do on earth.

Accept the pain being a part of our life. That’s why it’s endless.

After a several decades, the unlawful act of a man starts to begin, and expect that more pain is about to born. It’s never ending. Humanity will vanish. Giving judgments to their own sense of justice then will start again with pain and hatred. That’s the cycle of never ending pain.

By analyzing, we can say that as long as we live in this planet, it’s impossible to dodge such kind of pain. Accepting pain in our life is the best thing to do. There’s nothing you can do about it. Pain never heals, as long as there’s the cycle. And at the end, there’s nothing left but pain.

As the saying goes by, “Do not fight the pain. Just feel the pain until it hurts no more”, we, as people need to accept that pain is a part of our life. It’s never-ending, but it’s the reality.

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