A girl going to a coed summer camp where awkwardness ensues

Table of Contents

Getting there

8:00am TSA line at the airport still tired I drift through the line take off my shoes put them in the bin with my other stuff I go to the... Read Chapter

Second home

I get back to the gate and eat some snacks trying to distract myself from the awkward truama of what just happened. I then hear them call... Read Chapter


I slept the whole flight I know because the landing woke me up. My mom and I grab our bags and get off the plane I finally feel awake. We... Read Chapter

Grandmas house

We get home to grandmas house and we go in her house is so nice. We enter the family room where there’s a wind chime made of sea shells... Read Chapter

On the road

I wake up to my mom poking me “good morning” she said as I rubbed the sleep from my eyes I get out of bed brush my hair, get dressed ... Read Chapter

First day of camp

I have my mom wake me up in the morning I get up and take the rollers out of my hair and even though it’s really dumb I put on makeup b... Read Chapter