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Do you love princes and princess'? Well this story might not be for you. We follow a lonely prince as he is lead to insanity. Enjoy!

Once upon a time, in a faraway castle lived a lonely prince. His parents couldn’t understand his loneliness. They introduced him to numerous princess’ from across the land, but none of them were good enough. See what the prince wanted was not a princess, no. He wanted a prince. He could not let his parents know about that, though.

One day the prince’s father, the king, became gravely ill. It seemed as though he could perish at any moment. The lonely prince cried and cried and cried, knowing he was about to lose his father. That was until a handsome dark headed boy with green eyes made his way into the castle. He was the village doctor. The lonely prince began to see him more and more as he his father continued to get sick. His mother kept encouraging him to find a pretty woman to settle down with, and he should do it soon.

But the lonely prince didn’t listen. He kept his obsession towards the doctor going. He drew pictures of him, day dreamed about him. He even did unspeakable things to the image of him.

Eventually the lonely prince’s father dies, which means the doctor had no means to come by the castle anymore. This did not suit well for the prince.

As months passed by, he imagined ways he could get the doctor to come back to the castle. He could kill his staff, but that would only mean he wouldn’t be able to stay for long. What if he started poisoning them, one by one? Yes! It was brilliant!

The lonely prince got his hands on some rat poison that his mother insisted on keeping around the house. He giggled to himself as he sprinkled the poison into a big pot of soup, in the kitchen.

Soon it was dinner time and the prince had a smile on his face. He watched as everyone at the table ate the poisoned soup. They all started wrenching and coughing, as the prince cackled to himself. He got up and reached for the telephone. “Send the doctor to the castle. Stat!” He cackles menacingly and hangs up the phone. He stands at the doorway waiting for his knight in shining armor to arrive. There were three distinct knocks on the door. The prince went to answer it and saw his knight.

“Hello.” The prince says smiling.

“Hello, your majesty. Now, where are these sick patients?” The doctor says smiling as well, but in a nicer way.

The prince leads the doctor to the dungeons, where the ones who ate the soup had been moved to. The doctor slowly made his way towards one of the cells with the most people in. The prince swiftly pushed him into the cell and locked the door.

The doctor was kept there for many more years being tortured sexually and physically by the prince. The prince finally did find a wife to settle down with and had three beautiful children. None of his family knew about the horrible secret that was down in the basement and he took that secret, as well as the doctor, to the grave with him.

Submitted: October 13, 2017

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