Power Of The Sun

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Written only 17 days after we met. That's what I call being swept off ones feet!

Submitted: March 14, 2012

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Submitted: March 14, 2012



Power Of The Sun

Poem for Madeleine

I close my eyes and can feel the warmth of the suns rays.  Enveloped with a sense of security, and taken far, far away.  No one or anything can hurt me now.  I could stay here forever, I would take this vow. 

Such a beautiful moment, my wish to freeze it in time. A moment of grandeur and excellence, a moment, very sublime.  From the deepest depths of my mind and soul, my whole body caressed, I am lost in your soul, it feels so good to rest.

A cautionary tale that I tell, why must you wonder, I have you under my spell. It's really not all that it seems, there's one thing missing, is it part of my dreams?  Slowly I must open my eyes, knowing my moment of tranquility may be lost to the skies.  

I'm lying in your arms with great splendor, completely relaxed, you have me, I surrender.  A whole new beginning, a new light, a spark in my life.  Maybe one day, I would be honored, if you were my wife.  

So it is this that I declare with great pleasure, you Madeleine B, to be a great treasure.  Under my wing, I wish you to stay, it's not really the sun, you are the ray. 

 XoXoXo Hugs  Mur

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