The Alice Plot

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Historical Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

What is Mary to do? She couldn't possibly imagine herself in any situation out of the ordinary, but while she attends to a meeting with her potential marriage candidate, she is suddenly kidnapped by an albino man! And he say he's taking her to…Wonderland?

Table of Contents

The Alice Plot

Mary is a very normal young lady, perhaps to the point of plainness; living in an upperclass family in London. To be frank, she is not entirely bright, and couldn't possibly imagine herself doing anything out of the ordinary. But what will she do, when she is suddenly kidnapped during a meeting with a marriage candidate, by a frightening albino man…and taken to…Wonderland? Read Chapter

The Appearance of a Villain

  There was a grand bit of confusion and worry at the sound of the gun shot. The Bloxam estate was in a manner of frantic-ness, with... Read Chapter

Almost Wonderland

"Keep going then double back to the park."   The albino man spoke in a hushed tone to the coachman, then quickly grabbed Mary an... Read Chapter

The Infamous Albino

  Mary had failed to notice upon entering, given that they had the exact pattern of the walls, but there were a great deal of doors ... Read Chapter

Abandoning Wonderland

  "...and so I said to her, 'I'd like to remember, I really would, but I feel it's come in one ear and out the other!'" ... Read Chapter

Oh, How He Loves The Ladies

  It was early evening and Gannon was in a foul mood when he entered Mary's room; his mood became even fouler when he saw that she w... Read Chapter