Anna VS The Supreme King Part 1 (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX One Shot)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic
another yugioh gx one-shot, anna duels the supreme king to try to save jaden but she ends up trying to save herself

Submitted: May 13, 2013

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Submitted: May 13, 2013





"Come on Anna, let's go there's no reasoning with him now." Said Jericho and they wandered through the kingdom that The Supreme King had made refuge in, it was dark and they barely got past the monster guards, luckily Magician's Valkyria was very persistent and stubborn, so stubborn she destroyed all the monsters that came at them

"I have to do something Jeri, that's Jaden in there, he stopped at nothing to save me, so I need to at least try to help him." Said Anna and she had just witnessed Jim failing to help Jaden earlier and the cost of that was him getting sent to the stars and Axel had made run for it, straight afterwards which surprised her actually, she filled with fear as she was gathering the confidence to say her next words and she saw how dark the place was and it gave her the creeps, there were torches everywhere lit with almost crimson fire, it was actually warm but somehow darkness prevailed here

"Supreme King, I challenge you!" Shouted Anna and she looked around and saw nothing

"Anns, you're just gonna boost his ego." Said Jericho and then Jericho saw The Supreme King appear from the shadows of the corner of the room and come up behind Anna

"Anna, behind you!" Stated Jericho, Anna quickly turned around and reacted but then she stopped, she couldn't move

"Anna Sawdon." Said The Supreme King, his voice mono toned yet there was a hint of lust as he spoke her name and he stood behind her and he ran his fingers through her hair and moved her hair behind her ears and then traced his fingers down her back slowly and she liked it and he moved her hair over her shoulder and he kissed her neck, she then tried to stop him but she couldn't, she felt overpowered, she felt seduced

"I thought you would have run away along with that coward that wasn't willing to fight me but I'm glad you didn't." Whispered The Supreme King in her ear and he played with her hair

"Oh really, why's that?" Asked Anna curiously, she seemed under some sort of mental control, she wanted to pull away from him but she couldn't

"There's an air of darkness around you yet you choose to fight it." Said The Supreme King with an alluring tone and he turned her to face him, she felt her heart race and she didn't know why

"Why fight when I've already won." Said Anna, she tried resisting him but she still couldn't, she looked in his emotionless gaze but then his eyes changed from gold, back to brown, his eyes filled with that youthful optimism that she liked about him and then they turned back to gold

"Jaden, fight him." Said Anna with a hopeful tone as she saw his eyes change colour

"He loves it when you say his name." He said

"You'll never win against the darkness Anns," Said The Supreme King

"Your darkness is fed constantly, I can see it in your eyes; even my weaker half could see it but that didn't stop him from wanting you, his desire also feeds his darkness, the things he wants from you... He craves for you deeply, but he doesn't know it yet... What a prize you must be..." The Supreme King trailed on with a fiendish smile, and he bit his lip and Anna knew he was trying to get under her skin, it was working but she tried to remain calm

"No way, Anns doesn't have an evil bone in her body and Jay wouldn't think like that, Anns snap out of it, he's controlling you." Stated Jericho, she was kind of getting mad and she saw Anna was stood there, letting him near her, like she was been seduced

"An evil bone? No. But it's in her blood, it's in her soul and her heart and it's constantly whispering to her, luring her back to darkness." Stated The Supreme King

"No way, Anns is stronger than that, she's been through hell to get here to save Jaden from you." Stated Jericho

"You really are beginning to try my patience." Stated The Supreme King to Jericho and he sounded mad

"Really? Then I'm just getting started trying your patience." Said Jericho

"Silence!" Commanded The Supreme King

"Enough talking, let's duel." Said Anna with an unsure tone and he slowly ran his fingers down the side of her face and across her lips and she felt warm and she tried to move again but she couldn't, her feet refused

"It would be such a waste to see you sent to the stars." Said The Supreme King and he played with her hair and he ran his fingers through it softly

"Anns, get away from him." Said Jericho strongly

"I can't, I've tried." Said Anna taken aback

"You know why you can't, you're enthralled by me, but the only way that can be is if you love me." Said The Supreme King

"I can't manipulate free will." He added

"But aren't you manipulating me right now, because I want to move and I can't." Said Anna

"I'm doing no such thing, that's you, a part of yourself is questioning me, you're curious about me." Stated The Supreme King, this interested him

"If I win, you release Jaden." She added

"You still want to duel me? the darkness in his heart was created by loneliness and loss, there's no way to defeat me." Said The Supreme King

"Well he's not alone, he never has been because I..." Said Anna but then she stopped herself and regained her sanity and stepped away from him and stood next to Jericho

"I know you love him, but there's something else, something more, it's quite complicated with you, your experience is limited when it comes to emotion but I do know he wants you, at night he'd sometimes stand outside your dorm room, wanting to tell you and wanting to give into his desires but his emotional weakness blinded him, instead he'd just listen, hoping he could hear you, and I accept your challenge, if I win, I'll spare you from the stars...but..." Said The Supreme King

"What?" Asked Anna

"You must join me, I want you on my side Anna and nothing will stop me from having what I desire and that's you." Stated The Supreme King

"Us? Together? No way." Stated Anna

"There's no way she'll agree to that, if you know her as well as you think you do, you'll know that." Stated Jericho

"She will agree to it." Stated The Supreme King

"I won't, you would know that unless..." Anna trailed on

"Unless I put the lives of the people you care about on the line." Said The Supreme King

"Jeri? No not her, you can't." Stated Anna

"I wasn't thinking about dear little Jericho and besides, I have a more worse fate planned for her." Said The Supreme King and he seemed to spit her name

"What could be worse then watching you put the moves on Anns?" Asked Jericho with a rhetorical tone

"The stars." Stated The Supreme King

"You don't go near Jeri, if not her then who?" Asked Anna

"How about Mummy and Daddy?" Asked The Supreme King with a malicious tone

"Mum? Dad?" Asked Anna and then shadows descended onto them and then in the shadows, Anna saw translucent versions of her mother Kylie and her father Dean, her father had short red hair and blue eyes, her mother was blonde and had purple eyes, they looked almost spirit like and had a glowing yellowish aura around them

"No, not them, If I'm going down, I'm going to go down fighting, don't worry Jaden, I'll save you." Said Anna and then Fox Fire appeared next to her and looked worried and then the shadows evaporated and so did the figures of her parents

"Don't worry Fox Fire, I can do this." Said Anna but Fox Fire didn't look too sure

"Well hopefully." She thought

"You won't save him or your parents, it's too late for them, so let's begin this game, I'll make you give into me, after all your darkness is like mine." Said The Supreme King

"I'm not that easy to break, you'll have to try a lot harder than that." Stated Anna

"Ladies first." Stated The Supreme King

"Gladly." Said Anna and she drew 5 cards from her deck and they were; Double Coston, Michizure, Queen's Knight, Poison of The Old Man and Honest

"I draw." Said Anna and as she touched her deck, she got a familiar feeling and she drew Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys

"I hope you're with me Nephthys." Thought Anna

"I summon Double Coston in attack mode." Stated Anna and Double Coston had 1700 ATK points and 1650 DEF points

"Alright, he should stay around long enough." Said Jericho

"Now I place one card face down and I end my turn." Said Anna and she set Michizure

"I draw." Stated The Supreme King, he didn't even react to the monster Anna had out on the field, it was like she didn't even have a turn

"Now since I control no monsters, I get to special summon my Evil Hero Infernal Prodigy in attack position." Said The Supreme King

"And now I activate the spell card Dark Calling, now I remove from play Gigantes and Caius The Shadow Monarch in my hand to summon Evil Hero Dark Gaia." Stated The Supreme King and Evil Hero Dark Gaia had 4300 ATK points

"Now I tribute Evil Hero Infernal Prodigy to summon Caius the Shadow Monarch in attack mode and I use his effect, I get to remove from play one card on the field and I chose your pathetic worm of a monster." Said The Supreme King

"No." Stated Anna and she watched as it's hologram disappeared off of the field

"Now, Evil Hero Dark Gaia, attack Anna directly with Shadow Snare." Stated The Supreme King and Anna lost 4300 life points and she fell to her knees, she was shaking and she looked at the ground for a second and she shut her eyes

"You see Anna, I'll make you give into your darkness, you'll be so much stronger for it and we'll be together." Stated The Supreme King

"Anna, you okay?" Asked Jericho with a concerned tone

"I thought I told you to be quiet?" Stated The Supreme King and he give Jericho a deep glare

"You did but you don't scare me." Said Jericho

"You should be scared of me." Stated The Supreme King

"I'm fine Jeri, I'm just getting started." Said Anna and she stood back up and her eyes had a red glow in them and her tone of voice changed and then she laughed

"That's it. Give into it Anna, I know you can feel it." Said The Supreme King but her eyes changed back to normal and she stopped laughing

"No, I'm stronger than that, better and I'll prove it." Said Anna

"So be it, I'll have to force it out of you, now Caius attack her directly with Orb of Tenerbras." Stated The Supreme King and she lost 2400 life points and she had 1300 life points left

"I end my turn." Said The Supreme King

"I draw." Said Anna and she drew Emergency Provisions

"Now I activate my Poison of the Old Man quick-play spell and I use it's effect to give me 1200 life points and I chain Emergency Provisions and I remove Poison of The Old Man from the field to gain 1000 life points." Stated Anna and she gained 2200 life points and now in total she had 3500 life points

"Now I summon Queen's Knight in attack mode and I end my turn." Said Anna

"Show me that darkness, I draw." Said The Supreme King

"Now, Evil Hero Dark Gaia, attack Queen's Knight with Shadow Snare." Stated The Supreme King

"You want darkness, Then time for an effect, I can discard Honest from my hand to the graveyard so Queen's Knight gains Dark Gaia's attack points as well as her own." Said Anna and Queen's Knight had 5800 ATK points and The Supreme King lost 1500 life points but he didn't flinch

"As if that will hurt me." He spat

"Like I said I'm not going down without a fight." Said Anna

"You won't put up a fight for long." Stated The Supreme King

"Oh, just watch, if you know me as well as you think you do, you'll know I'll put my all into winning." Said Anna

"I would expect nothing less from you Anns." Said The Supreme King

"But even you know, you're at the end of your rope, you're getting closer and closer to the edge." Said The Supreme King

"But I'm not there yet." Said Anna

"I end my turn." Stated The Supreme King

"I draw." Said Anna and she drew Spirit Barrier, it was a continuous trap card that made it so as long as she had a monster on the field, she would take no battle damage

"I place a card face down and I end my turn." Said Anna and she set Spirit Barrier

"You're holding back, I draw." Stated The Supreme King

"It's called fighting." Said Anna

"It's called resisting." He said

"Call it whatever you want." Said Anna

"Now I summon Evil Hero Infernal Gainer and now I activate Dark Fusion to fuse Elemental Hero Avian and Elemental Hero Burstinatrix to summon Evil Hero Inferno Wing, now I activate Gainer's effect, I can remove him from play and then I select one fiend monster on my side of the field and it can attack twice during my battle phase and I select Caius, now Inferno Wing, attack Queen's Knight with Raging Fire Stream." Stated The Supreme King

"I reveal my continuous trap, Spirit Barrier, as long as I have a monster on the field, I take no battle damage." Stated Anna

"No matter, you still lose 1500 life points because of Inferno Wing's effect." Said The Supreme King and Anna had 2000 life points left

"Now, I reveal my second face down, Michizure, now I know Dark Fusion prevents me from destroying Inferno Wing, so I'm going to destroy Caius instead." Stated Anna

"Yeah go Anns." Stated Jericho

"I'm no where near done yet." Said Anna and she looked at the Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys card in her hand

"Give me strength, please." Thought Anna

"I end my turn." Stated The Supreme King

"I....I draw." Said Anna hesitantly and she drew Marshmallon

"Perfect." Thought Anna

"I place a monster face down and I end my turn." Said Anna

"You're hesitating, why hesitate when you can just give in right now." Said The Supreme King

"I'm gonna fight you, til the end, there's no way I can give up on Jaden and there's people that need me to win." Said Anna

"Fighting your darkness is pointless, I draw." Said The Supreme King

"Now, Evil Hero Inferno Wing, attack her monster with Raging Fire Storm." Ordered The Supreme King

"You just attacked Marshmallon and since you flipped him, you take 1000 points of damage and he isn't destroyed in battle and because Spirit Barrier is in play, Evil Hero Inferno Wing's piercing ability doesn't effect me, so for now I'm safe." Said Anna

"You're just delaying the inevitable." Said The Supreme King

"Maybe I am." Said Anna

"I place one card face down and I end my turn." Stated The Supreme King

"I draw." Stated Anna and she drew Marie The Fallen One, she just needed Polymerization and The Forgiving Maiden and she could bring out her best fusion monster, St Joan

"I end my turn." Said Anna

"At least try to fight me Anna, where's that fiery spirit? I draw." Stated The Supreme King

"Oh, I can give you fiery." Said Anna and then her eyes glowed red again and she gave him an evil grin

"Anna, don't let him rattle you, you're better then him." Said Jericho

"You''re right, I must fight him." Muttered Anna and her eyes returned to normal

"Why fight Anna, I know you will fail, Now since it's my second Standby Phase since I removed Evil Hero Infernal Gainer from play to use it's effect and now I get to Special Summon him to the field and now I activate my E- Emergency Call spell card to add an Elemental Hero from my deck to my hand and I choose Elemental Hero Sparkman and I end my turn." Said The Supreme King

"I draw." Stated Anna and she drew Pot of Greed

"I activate Pot of Greed which let's me draw two cards." Said Anna and she drew Polymerization and Charcoal Impachi, it had 100 ATK points and 2100 DEF which is the same as Inferno Wing's ATK points

"I set a monster and I end my turn." Said Anna and she held on tightly to Polymerization and Marie The Fallen One

"I'll break down your defences soon enough, I draw." Stated The Supreme King

"That's what I'm afraid of." Thought Anna but she didn't make her fear obvious to him

"Now, Inferno Wing, attack her defence position monster with Raging Fire Storm." Stated The Supreme King but Charcoal Impachi stayed where it was

"I set a monster face down and I set a card and I end my turn." Said The Supreme King

"I draw." Stated Anna with confidence and she drew Hand of Nephthys

"Now, I summon Hand of Nephthys in attack mode and now I activate her effect by sacrificing herself and my Charcoal Impachi, I get to special summon my Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys from my hand and now Nephthys." Stated Anna and then her eyes started glowing red again

"Attack Inferno Wing, with Divine Flame." Commanded Anna and her tone of voice changed, it seemed darker and The Supreme King lost 300 life points

"Is that all you have?" Asked The Supreme King

"For now at least, I end my turn with a face down." Said Anna and she set Polymerization and she fell to her knees and her eyes reverted back to normal

"What's wrong with me?" Pleaded Anna, she was shaking, she could barely keep hold of her cards

"You're finally realising you can't fight your darkness, yet you're still resisting." Said The Supreme King

"Guess I'm stronger then you think." Said Anna and she was still on her knees

"Stand Anna." Commanded The Supreme King and then Anna's eyes glowed red again

"I thought this is how you wanted me? On my knees." Stated Anna, her tone of voice sounded possessed yet had an edge of sarcasm to it

"Anns, I don't think that's helping." Stated Jericho and then her eyes reverted back and she got to her feet

"I draw." Stated The Supreme King

"Now I activate Card Destruction, we discard our hands to the graveyard and we draw the same amount of cards we discarded." Stated The Supreme King

"What?" Asked Anna shocked and then she put Marie The Fallen One into the Graveyard and she drew Splendid Venus

"Now I reveal my face down trap, Foolish Revival, I get to special summon back one of your monsters to your side of the field." Stated The Supreme King

"Why would you do that?" Asked Anna

"You'll see, now I choose to revive Marie The Fallen One." He stated

"And now I activate my spell card The Warrior Returning Alive to add Elemental Hero Sparkman to my hand and now I reveal my face down spell card Dark Fusion to fuse Sparkman and Clayman to summon Evil Hero Lightning Golem and I activate his effect to destroy Nephthys." Stated The Supreme King and she watched in horror as Nephthys was destroyed

"....I'm still safe, I have Marshmallon still." Stated Anna

"Not for long, now I tribute my monster for Granmarg The Rock Monarch and now I activate his ability and I get to destroy one face down card on the field  and I choose that one." Stated The Supreme King and Anna felt her heart drop, the face down card was the Polymerization she had set

"Now time for you to join me Anna." Stated The Supreme King

"This duel's not over." Stated Anna

"It is now, I activate Super Polymerization to fuse your Marie The Fallen One with my Granmarg to summon Evil Hero Dark Gaia and he gains Marie's attack points and Granmarg's." Stated The Supreme King

"...4100 ATK points?" Asked Anna

"Now, Evil Hero Dark Gaia attack Marshmallon." He stated

"I still have Spirit Barrier." Stated Anna

"Are you sure about that?" Asked The Supreme King

"I'm pretty sure." Said Anna

"I activate Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Spirit Barrier." Said The Supreme King

"...No...I failed..." Whispered Anna

"Now I activate Dark Gaia's ability to change Marshmallon from defence mode to attack mode and now Anna, this is the power of the king, now Dark Gaia attack Marshmallon with Shadow Snare." Stated The Supreme King and Anna's life points hit zero and she started to lose her balance, she stumbled and she fell onto her knees, her hands resting against the cold ground, she was shaking and a tear fell from her eye

"Anna! No!" Shouted Jericho and then she watched Anna fall unconscious and she laid out on the ground and The Supreme King approached her unconscious body and pulled her up into his arms, she looked weak and tired and Jericho watched him move strands of hair from her face

"A deal is a deal my Queen." Whispered The Supreme King

"Jaden. You can't let him do this to her, Jaden!" Shouted Jericho

"I know you're in there somewhere." Stated Jericho

"Are you still here?" Asked The Supreme King

"Did you forget about little old me?" Asked Jericho

"I just don't think you're worth my time." Stated The Supreme King

"Release Anna now." Stated Jericho

"You think you can stop me?" Asked The Supreme King

"Try out your luck, duel me." Stated Jericho

"You're not even worth the effort." Stated The Supreme King

"You afraid you're gonna lose?" Asked Jericho

"Be gone." Stated The Supreme King and he started to walk off with Anna in his arms

"Is that how it is?" Asked Jericho and she went to chase him but she got repelled by some sort of energy field and The Supreme King ignored her

"Jaden! Fight him, I know you can, you can't let him does this to her!" Shouted Jericho


In Jaden's mind, it was filled with a void like darkness, that seemed to be endless, it was like being in a hall of mirrors, Jaden was kneeled down, feeling sorry for himself and feeling guilty for all the Supreme King had done, when The King was duelling Anna, he had just turned his back, because he couldn't bare to watch, not that he could have done something anyway, he felt helpless

"Jaden! Fight him, I know you can, you can't let him do this to her!" He heard a familiar voice shout

"Huh?" Asked Jaden and he turned around, his eyes looked empty and he looked upon the mirrors and saw Jericho

"Jeri?...her?" Asked Jaden and he was confused


Anna awoke in a dark chamber, on a bed, the room had a gothic feel to it and she rubbed her eyes and saw a silhouette stood at the arched window, it had no glass, it was more like a hole in the wall, the sky was like fire, she still felt weak and the figure turned around

"Jaden?" Asked Anna, she was still groggy but the figure didn't reply and they came into the barely lit area near the bed where she was and it was Jaden, his eyes were normal, but something in her gut told her that something was wrong, he wasn't wearing The Supreme King's armour, he wore a black outfit

"I don't have long Anns, I don't know how long I can keep in control." Said Jaden and she hugged him tightly, she had missed him

"I've missed you so much Jay." Whispered Anna

"I'm sorry for what I put you through." Said Jaden

"Don't be sorry, I'm just glad you're okay." Said Anna and she felt his hug tighten around her and he released her from his hug and looked at her and then leaned in to kiss her, he kissed her once and then she pulled him back into it and she felt his hands wander over body and up her top and it made her feel uncomfortable and her gut was telling her to get him to stop touching her

"Jay, stop." Said Anna calmly in between the kiss, she was hoping he would stop but he wouldn't and she tried to push him off but he dominated her and forced himself onto her

"Jaden, stop it." Said Anna again and he forced a kiss onto her, and he tightened his grip on her shoulders, like he was pinning her down and she tried to push him off again but he was still dominating and she broke the kiss

"What's wrong with you? Didn't you hear me?" Asked Anna angrily and he forced his tongue into her mouth and then she bit it and he quickly got up off of her and reacted in pain and she sat up

"What the hell is wrong with you Jaden? This isn't like you at all." Stated Anna

"I was wondering how long it would have taken you to figure it out, I was hoping you wouldn't have caught on so quickly." Said Jaden, his tone of voice was mono toned

"It didn't take me that long at all." Said Anna angrily

"Shame, a few more minutes and I would have had you right where I want you." Said The Supreme King

"It won't happen again, I won't let you." Said Anna strongly

"A part of you wants me, the same part that said, if I remember correctly, I thought this is how you wanted me? On my knees." Stated The Supreme King and he started to play with her hair by twiddling it in his fingers and she forced his hand away and didn't reply to him and he touched her face and traced her lips with his finger

"Look me in the eyes and tell me you don't want me." Said The Supreme King

"I don't want you." Stated Anna strongly and she had found it hard to stay looking in his eyes

"Oh but you do, that darkness is itching to come to the surface, I can see it." Said The Supreme King and he moved in on her, his lips a couple of centimetres from hers and she pushed him away and got up from the bed

"I said it wouldn't happen again." Stated Anna and he stood up in front of her and she started to walk away from him and he went to grab her arm but she avoided his grip

"Stay away from me." Said Anna

"Or what?" Asked The Supreme King and he turned her around and pinned her up against the wall, his hand on her waist and she managed to push him off of her

"Or you will see my darkness." Spat Anna and her eyes glowed red and her expression changed to a mad one

"Then show me." Said The Supreme King suggestively and he was stood in front of her and then he pinned her against the wall again and before she had chance to react and to push him away, he forced a kiss onto her lips at first she objected and tried to push him off of her but she ended up moaning into the kiss, she ended up enjoying it and he slid his hand up her top and he broke this kiss and trailed kisses up her neck and kissed her lips again and then he broke it and collapsed to the ground in pain, Anna's eyes turned back to normal and she saw The Supreme King kneeled on the ground

"How can you be stronger than me?" Moaned The Supreme King, he was holding his head in pain and then Anna saw a stool, she ran to it and she slammed it hard over his back and she knocked him out

"Sorry Jay, it had to be done." Thought Anna and she ran out of the chamber quickly, the halls of wherever she was, seemed to extend for what seemed like forever but she just kept running, hoping she could find a way out of this maze of a place


Back in the Chamber, The Supreme King had got to his feet and Skilled White Magician and Skilled Dark Magician were in front of him and they kneeled

"Are you alright my lord?" Asked Skilled White Magician

"Do I look alright? My weaker half just caught me off guard that's all." Stated The Supreme King

"Do you want us to go after her?" Asked Skilled Dark Magician

"I'll find her myself." Stated The Supreme King as he left the Chamber

"We can send Skull Knight to find her." Stated Skilled White Magician

"No one lays a hand on her, if they do, they can consider themselves sent to the stars." They heard him state

Anna continued to run, she saw Skull Knight and she ducked behind a corner, she stopped to catch her breath and Fox Fire appeared next to her and she looked at Fox Fire with a worried expression

"Do you know of a way out of here?" Whispered Anna, and Fox Fire shook her head

"Just great." Mumbled Anna and then she peered around the corner for a few seconds and there was no sign of Skull Knight now and she listened to see if she could hear movement and she couldn't, so she ran down the Hallway, it was barely lit but Fox Fire's tail made it easy for her to see where she was going, she didn't look back and she reached a large door, it was guarded by monsters, they were Armageddon Knight and D.D Survivor

"Shit." Thought Anna

"How did a human get in here?" Asked Armageddon Knight with disbelief

"Who knows, I hope she enjoys the stars." Stated D.D Survivor and she activated her duel disk

"Stop this at once." Stated The Supreme King

"My lord, what should we do with her?" Asked Armageddon Knight

"You will do nothing to harm her." Stated The Supreme King

"But?" Asked D.D Survivor

"No buts, she's mine, no one will lay a finger on her." Stated The Supreme King

"As you wish my lord." Stated Armageddon Knight and both D.D Survivor and Armageddon Knight disappeared

"How many times do I have to say it. I'm not yours, I never will be." Stated Anna

"Oh but you are." Stated The Supreme King

"No I'm not." Said Anna and then he touched her face and her hair and looked into her eyes

"Sleep." He said and she was confused

"What do you mean?" Asked Anna and then she yawned

"I'm sleepy, how come I'm....sleepy." Said Anna and she passed out and he caught her

"When you awaken your darkness would have taken control." Whispered The Supreme King and he carried her back to the chamber


In Jaden's mind, he sat down feeling sorry for himself again, he watched the mirrors and all he saw was Anna's unconscious face, stirring

"Anns..." He trailed on

"I'm so sorry." He stated

"She's mine now and there's nothing you can do." Stated a sinister echoing voice

"Let her go, you don't really want her, you just want me to suffer." Said Jaden

"At first that is what I wanted but, she's quite the prize isn't she?" Asked The Supreme King

"She's not some prize, Leave her out of this, this is between me and you." Stated Jaden

"She was already in it, the second I sensed your feelings for her." Said The Supreme King

"I don't feel those kind of feelings toward her." Said Jaden

"Oh but you do, I'm only acting on what you want Jaden." Stated The Supreme King

"Well I don't want this." Stated Jaden

"So be it." Said The Supreme King

"What do you mean by that?" Asked Jaden but he got no answer

"Answer me." Stated Jaden

"Dammit." Said Jaden and all he saw in the mirrors was Anna waking up, her eyes glowing red

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