Yu-Gi-Oh! GX:- Anna's Birthday (One Shot)

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its my oc anna's birthday on valentines day, what could possibly go wrong?
i dont own yugioh gx i just own anna and ocs mentioned apart from skye who is owne =d by my friend.

Submitted: March 15, 2013

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Submitted: March 15, 2013



Anna hated her birthday, not for it been her birthday but for been Valentine's Day.

It was around her birthday when she was first kidnapped and she didn't like the idea of Valentine's Day much especially since Jericho...

She kept thinking about Jericho and her last moments during the shadow game against Selene who had possessed Jericho's sister Maya, she thought back to Jeri's last words, the ones she said before the game ended and the ones that defined who she was now…

"Go on get outta here." Jericho had said, their surroundings were coming down on them, the gold, pentagram with an eye in it started to light up and the shadows descended onto them

"There has to be another way, a way you can come with us." Anna had said

"Yeah, please Jeri, don't do this." Jesse had said

"I have to do this." Jericho had said and then she had thrown three cards at Anna and they were all her Magicians’ Valkyria cards.

"Oh Jeri..." Anna had said trailing on

"Take care of my girl for me." Jericho had said and Magician's Valkyria had appeared and she had looked upset

"Please Jeri...don’t do this." Valkyria had said with a sad tone

"No buts, me and Seiyaryu wanna see how this ends." Jericho had said and then the pink holographic dragon had let out a fearsome roar and Jericho new there was no way out of this attack as her monster was forced to attack

"Now go!" Jericho had shouted

"We've been through so much together." Jesse had said, to Anna at the time it sounded like a desperate attempt to make Jericho change her mind

"I know, I just wish it didn't have to end here." Jericho had said

"I never got a chance to tell you, I..." Jericho had added and Jesse had put one finger on her lips to stop her talking and her eyes widened

"I know." Jesse had said and then he removed his finger

"Now you guys get outta here and Jaden, take care of Anna, you do anything to hurt her and I'm coming for you, whether I'm in the shadows or not." Jericho had said jokingly

"I promise, and I know you Jeri, if there's a way, knowing you, you would find it but you don't have to do this." Jaden had said

"It's something I have to do." Jericho had said

"Please Jeri, there's still time." Anna had said

"I'm all outta time Anna, but you aren't, you can stop Selene once this is over, now get outta here please, I'm begging you." Jericho had said and her tone was a desperate one

"Come on Anna, it seems she made up her mind." Jaden had said

"No I'm not leaving her and how can you even think about leaving her?" Anna had said and then Jaden had started to pull Anna away from Jericho

"No, Jaden let me go." Anna had said struggling to get free from him

"So I can lose you too, I don't think so." Jaden had said and Anna saw Jericho declare the attack

"Now, let's see how this ends, now Seiyaryu, attack with Mystic Flame Burst!" Jericho had ordered and Anna saw the holographic dragon roar and the attack declared and the last thing Anna had seen was Jericho going at Selene/Maya with everything she had but it was in vain when she remembered the way she felt when she had seen Jericho lose, she was full of anguish and she had started to cry, Jericho had dropped onto her knees screaming until the darkness descended onto both Selene/Maya and Jericho...



"Happy birthday Anna!" Said Skye with hyper tendencies and Skye had snapped her out of her chain of thought

"Oh...Thanks Skye, it’s my first birthday I've had in a while where Yami Anna isn't in control of me." Said Anna, she sounded distracted

"And it’s Valentine's Day, so you and Jay got any plans? I'm dragging Jesse to the Valentine's Day party because I think fun with his friends is what he needs, why don't you and Jay come?" Asked Skye

"Well Jay's been a bit different since he came back from the other dimension and even more since Jericho was taken." Said Anna with a concerned tone

"Well he did go through hell Anna and Jericho and Jay became close." Said Skye

"Yeah I know, he just treats me differently." Said Anna

"Guess he's got a lot on his mind." Said Skye

"Well yesterday he avoided me." Said Anna

"You sure he saw you?" Asked Skye

"Oh, he saw me alright and then he went in the other direction." Said Anna

"Well I'll try to talk to him for you." Said Skye

"Really? Thanks Skye." Said Anna

"No problem, anything for my hun." Said Skye

"How's Jesse anyway? I haven't had a chance to talk to him since Selene you know..." Said Anna

"It’s been hard, we aren't coupley or anything because I don't wanna rush him because it's been less then a week since it happened." Said Skye

"Yeah, I miss Jeri so much, I wish Selene took me and not her." Said Anna

"Jericho did what she did to protect you." Said Skye

"I hope it weren't for nothing." Said Anna

"Come on, don't think like that, Jeri had her reasons, I wish I got to know her." Said Skye

"Yeah, I'm glad I got to know her again." Said Anna

"Well so I'll e-mail Jay and tell him to come to the party." Said Skye

"And I also got you a present." She added and she went to the closet and got out a small box and a red envelope and handed it to her and Skye had a big smile on her face and Anna opened the box and inside she saw two friendship bracelets

"Oh they are so pretty, thank you Skye." Said Anna and she handed one of them to Skye

"Best friends forever." Said Anna

"Yep besties forever." Said Skye


In class, Dr Crowler was stood at the front giving a lecture on Ritual Monsters, Anna was sat next to Sky and Jesse and Jaden hadn't turned up to class today but even if he did turn up, he would just avoid her, he had been avoiding her for the past couple of days since Jericho had disappeared.

"So can anyone explain what a Ritual Monster is?" Asked Crowler

"Hmmm, I can't be bothered today." Whispered Skye to Jesse and Anna

"Me neither." Whispered Anna

"What was that Miss Sawdon?" Asked Crowler with a demanding tone

"Oh nothing much really." Replied Anna quickly

"Good and you really do need to learn about Ritual Monsters." Said Crowler

"Now, Miss Sawdon, name me three Ritual Monsters." Stated Crowler and Anna stood up and the class looked at her and Alexis gave her a glare

"Well, there is Legendary Flame Lord, Cyber Angel - Benten and Relinquished." Stated Anna

"Very good, now Miss Blue, name Cyber Angel - Benten's ability." Stated Crowler and as Anna sat down, Skye had stood up

"Well, if I remember correctly, Benten's ability is if it manages to destroy a monster in battle the monster it destroys, I think its DEF points is dealt to it's owner as damage, but with 1800 ATK it can barely get past a Battle Footballer." Said Skye sarcastically, she knew that Cyber Angel - Benten was one of Alexis's favourite monsters and she didn't like Alexis so she liked to take cheap shots without actually making them obvious and then she sat down and Anna saw Alexis give them a glare from across the room

"Very good ladies." Said Crowler and Anna yawned and she felt her eye lids grow heavy, she felt really tired and she shut her eyes for a second but then she fell asleep on her arms which were on her desk.

"Hey Anna, wake up, you slept through Crowler's lesson." Said Skye, shaking her vigorously

"Oh, guess I got bored." Said Anna laughing awkwardly

"Come on we have a party to get ready for." Said Skye

"But the party is in 3 hours." Said Anna

"Exactly, we don't have a lot of time." Said Skye

"Okay, if you insist." Said Anna


One and a half hours later, Anna and Skye were in their room getting ready for the Valentine's Day party and Anna came out of the walk in closet wearing a black mini dress

"Skye, I don't think this one is for me." Said Anna looking down at it came above her knees and it was tight around her waist

"Yeah, you're right, try this one." Said Skye and she threw a dress at Anna, it was a dress that had a cream strapless top with a longish black frilly skirt and the material was shimmery

"Yeah, I like the look of this one." Said Anna

"You also liked the look of the last 15 dress." Said Skye with a giggle

"Usually I don't like dresses; I'm usually picky with them." Said Anna and she walked back into the walk in closet

"To be fair Jay won't care about what you're wearing...he'd just take it off you anyway." Said Skye with a laugh and Anna came out wearing the dress

"Skye!" Said Anna going red

"What? It's probably true, he has changed...a lot since his little trip...there that dress looks so much better on you, what do you think of this one?" Asked Skye holding up a dress, it had a frilled bottom with a white bow attached and it was strapless

"Yep that's definitely you Skye." Said Anna

"I know right, anyway Anna, what are you doing with your hair?" Asked Skye

"I don’t know, maybe I’ll leave it." Replied Anna

"Yeah you're right, your hair looks better the way it is, it's already layered." Said Skye and she walked into the walk in closet to put the dress on and Anna looked into the full length mirror and she looked long and hard into it and she slightly played with her hair.

"Hey hun, could you help me with the zipper?" Asked Skye, her voice echoed from the closet

"Okay." Said Anna and Anna walked into the closet entrance and Skye was holding up the dress from the front and Anna zipped up the dress but it was a struggle to do as Anna had to avoid the skin on her back

"There all done." Said Anna

"Great, I had tried doing it from the front but that was a fail." Said Skye with a laugh

"I managed to do mine." Said Anna

"Mine I think is made for girls with smaller chests but oh well." Said Skye with a laugh

"So what you doing with your hair?" Asked Anna

"Well it will get curled, especially my red bit." Said Skye and Skye picked up some earrings from the little box and she got some sapphire stud earrings out

"Will you help me with the studs hun?" Asked Skye

"Okay...wow some many studs." Said Anna looking at the little box of studs and she helped Skye put her sapphire studs in

"You should wear some." Said Skye and she picked out some diamond ones

"Oh those are very pretty." Said Anna and Skye started to put them into Anna's ears

"I'm just curious about Yami Anna." Said Skye

"Really, she'll be happy about that." Said Anna

"She's that vain huh? how different is she to you, you know in case I ever come across so I can tell you apart because I heard from Jesse she could be quite tricky." Said Skye

"Yeah she can be tricky but I don't feel her presence often, but when I do it's only for a short amount of time." Said Anna

"Well as long as she doesn't cause any trouble, I think things will be a-okay between you and Jaden...oh before I forget Jesse has a b-day card for you, he'll give you it at the party as he forgot about it in class." Said Skye

"Oh that's fine, to be fair even though I'm 18 I don't feel it at the moment." Said Anna

"It will sink in soon." Said Skye and she got her hair curlers out, plugged them in and started to use them

"You sure you don't wanna do something with your hair? Cos I have straighteners, hair extensions, braids you name it." Said Skye, she opened her drawer to reveal loads of hair accessories

"Nah, I'm okay, I think I might get some air." Said Anna

"Okay, well we have only 15 minutes 'til the party starts." Said Skye

"What seriously?" Asked Anna about to open their door

"Yep, I'm been serious, I'm nearly done." Said Skye

"Okay well, I'll be out here." Said Anna and she walked out of the dorm room and onto the decking of the Slifer Red Dorm, her and Skye were the only girls left in Slifer as Blair decided to move into Obelisk Blue, Anna had been given that offer along with Jericho, Jericho was gonna take it as long as they'd serve Fried Shrimp in their canteen and Anna didn't feel like she deserved it and Skye, didn't want anything to do with the Obelisk Blue Girl's Dorm, even though she is an Obelisk student herself but as she hates Alexis mainly because Alexis had been rude to her on her first day, especially when her and Jaden became friends.

Half an hour later they were at the party, it was at the Obelisk Dorm and Skye and Anna entered the Main Hall, there were flashing disco lights making the atmosphere lively and full of energy, with students enjoying the snacks and enjoying themselves and dancing to the music and generally having a good time, the song playing was The Great Escape by Boys Like Girls and Skye and Anna looked around and headed to the buffet table, while Skye was been a little hyper while Anna was been a little unsure of the environment

"The obelisks know how to throw a party." Said Skye with hyper tendencies

"So Jaden's actually gonna be here?" Asked Anna with disbelief

"Well, he replied to my e-mail and he said he wanted to talk to you." Said Skye

"Well I wonder why he suddenly wants to talk to me now?" Asked Anna and then Skye got two drinks of punch and she turned around quickly and she bumped into Alexis who was behind her and the punch went all over her and she didn't look happy and Skye couldn't help but laugh

"Oh my god, now I don't have to do it on purpose." Said Skye with a laugh and Anna couldn't help but laugh as well and Alexis was fuming

"What's your problem with me exactly Skye?" Demanded Alexis

"Well I don't like people who spread stuff about me." Said Skye

"Well if you weren't such a...I don't even have a word for it." Said Alexis with a frustrated tone

"Blonde." Said Skye, she disguised it as a sarcastic cough

"What did you say?" Asked Alexis with an angry tone

"There's no point even explaining it to you because you're not even worth the energy." Said Skye and then Alexis just stormed away from them both without a word and Anna couldn't help but giggle

"To be fair, I think she asked for that." Said Anna

"I wonder where Jesse is?" Asked Skye

"There he is." Said Anna and she pointed at him and he didn't look too happy

"Jesse Jesse Jesse." Said Skye excitedly and they both headed toward him through the crowd of students who were enjoying the music and Skye was more than eager to go to him

"Heya Jesse, having fun yet?" Asked Skye with a lively tone, the song had now changed to Goodbye To You by Michelle Branch

"I'll probably have fun now you're here." Said Jesse with a laugh

"Yeah, you probably will." Said Skye with a laugh and Jesse handed Anna an envelope

"Happy birthday Anna." Said Jesse and Anna opened the envelope and pulled out the card, it said on it 'Happy Birthday to a Dear Friend' on it and then a Duel Monster's card fell out of it, it was Pitch-Black Warwolf and she quickly picked it up, it had 1600 ATK and 600 DEF

"I've been looking for this card for ages." Said Anna and then she hugged him

"Thank you." She added and she stopped hugging him

"No problem, I saw it in the store and thought yeah, this is the perfect gift for Anna." Said Jesse with a smile

"So where's Jaden?" Asked Anna curiously

"I saw him outside before the party started." Replied Jesse

"So what was up with Alexis?" He asked

"Funny story, I was getting punch and it kinda went all over her." Said Skye and she was still pretty happy about it

"Oh, hope she's alright." Said Jesse

"She'll find it hard to get that punch stain out but other than that and her pride been wounded, she'll be fine." Said Skye with a laugh

"I'm gonna go look for Jaden." Said Anna

"I'd check near the Cliff, he's been hanging out there a lot lately." Said Jesse

"Thanks Jesse." Said Anna

"I'll see you in the morning Anna." Said Skye with a laugh and she didn't get what Skye meant by that and she pushed past some students and she finally managed to get to the exit and she stepped outside of the Obelisk Dorm and she ran in the direction of the Cliff, the stars in the night sky seemed to sparkle like diamonds and there were no clouds in sight but there was a slight breeze that blew as she ran.

15 minutes later, Anna had reached the Cliff and she saw Jaden sat down at the edge of it

"Jaden?" Asked Anna and she approached him and he turned around

"Oh, Hey Anna." Said Jaden and he quickly stood in front of her

"You wanted to talk to me?" Asked Anna curiously and she was hoping what he had to say was good and then moved in on her and he kissed her deeply and it surprised her, her eyes widened and he could feel her surprise and this made him break the kiss and he looked at her with a confused look

"What's wrong?" Asked Jaden confused

"I don't know, it's just that you've been avoiding me." Said Anna

"Well I had to do some thinking, a lot of stuff has happened and when I saw what happened to Jeri, I couldn't bare the thought of it happening to you or anyone else." Said Jaden

"I know what Jeri did was a bit stupid but...wait, you don't think?" Asked Anna but she never got a chance to finish her sentence as he jumped right in

"Selene challenged me not Jeri and look where it got her." Said Jaden

"I thought Selene challenged me but Jeri stood in?" Asked Anna confused

"She was going to but she wanted me outta the way and in the end got what she wanted, she got Jeri's body." Said Jaden

"It wasn't your fault." Said Anna

"I chose to leave her behind, looking back on it, we, I coulda got her outta there." Said Jaden

"You can't feel guilty for something that was outta your control, trust me, when I first got kidnapped, I felt guilty as I thought I'd done something to deserve it." Said Anna and just talking about her past made her cringe and feel fearful and scared

"Well you didn't deserve it." Said Jaden and he leaned in to kiss her and then Winged Kuriboh and Fox Fire appeared

"Kuriboh, Fox Fire?" Asked Jaden surprised

"Kiri kiri." Said Winged Kuriboh

"Skye's having a duel?" Asked Jaden

"Who with?" Asked Anna curiously

"Kiri kiri." Said Winged Kuriboh

"She's duelling Alexis, sweet seeing Skye duel is awesome." Said Jaden and he started to drag Anna and he ran with her

"I do have legs you know." Said Anna

"Come on, Kuriboh says the duels nearly over." Stated Jaden


Outside the Obelisk Blue Girls Dorm, Skye and Alexis were duelling, Alexis had out Cyber Blader and Cyber-Angel Benten while Skye had out Lyla, the Lightsworn Sorceress and she had Swords of Revealing Light face-up and Alexis had 2000 life points while Skye had 2500

"Okay, I'll draw." Said Skye and she drew Celestia- Lightsworn Angel

"Awesome." Thought Skye

"And now, I'm gonna end this, now I sacrifice Lyla, the Lightsworn Sorceress to summon my Celestia-Lightsworn Angel and now since I tributed Lyla to summon her I get to send 4 cards from the top of my deck to the graveyard to destroy up to 2 cards you control and I select Cyber Blader and Cyber-Angel Benten." Stated Skye

"What?!?" Asked Alexis surprised

"And now since your monsters are gone, go Celestia, attack with Heaven's Light!" Stated Skye and since Celestia had 2300 ATK points the duel was over

"But how could I lose?" Asked Alexis and she fell to the ground and Skye gave her a peace sign but didn't answer her and then Jaden and Anna came out of the Forest

"Darn it we missed it." Said Jaden and he seemed kinda flushed

"I know we shouldn't have stopped." Said Anna and she seemed to be going red

"Hey guys, you just missed a good duel." Said Skye

"I know sorry about that." Said Jaden

"Yeah, it took me ages to find him." Said Anna

"Hey, Jay is that lip gloss?" Asked Skye with a smile

Jaden touched his mouth and quickly wiped away the gloss and Skye's smile seemed to go a bit cheeky

"So I'm guessing you had your hands all over each other right?" Asked Skye with a cheeky tone and Anna blushed and so did Jaden

"Erm..." Said Anna awkwardly and then Jaden held her hand, which made Anna blush even more

"What about you Skye?" Asked Jaden

"What do you mean?" Asked Skye her tone fluctuated in surprise

"You and Jesse..." Said Jaden but Skye interrupted him

"Well if you must know, me and Jesse are just gonna talk." Said Skye

"Yeah sure." Said Jaden

"Yeah I'm sure, I don't wanna rush him." Said Skye and then they all headed inside to the party and the song playing was Raindrops by Sash! Featuring Stunt and then Anna saw June in the corner of the hall and through crowd of the people, she was flirting with Andrea's boyfriend Mitchell, he was also in Slifer Red and it seemed like he was trying to make her go away but if Anna knew June, she wouldn't take no for an answer.

"Just look at that, the Obelisk bitch strikes again." Said Skye with a tone full of disbelief and anger 

"She has some nerve." Said Anna

"Just leave it guys, June's only doing it to get back at Andrea." Said Jaden

"Well no wonder she doesn't have any friends." Said Anna and then they saw through the crowd of people Mitchell getting up and leaving her and June didn't look happy

"Yeah, tell me about it." Said Skye and then she saw Jesse signal her and he was near the exit

"I'm just gonna go over there." She added

"Okay." Said Anna

"Yeah we'll chat later." Said Jaden from behind he put his arms around Anna's waist and she blushed, the music seemed to get louder and then Anna noticed June give her a glare

"Uh, June is so incorrigible." Said Anna and Jaden leaned near her ear

"Just ignore her." He whispered sweetly

"It's kinda hard to do when she's on her way here." She whispered back

"What's your problem Anna?" Asked June and Anna felt puzzled

"What's my problem? What's yours?" Asked Anna

"My problem is you, oh I'm so tortured, I think that innocent thing you do is just an act." Stated June with a mocking tone

"I really don't wanna get into this with you, not on today of all days." Said Anna

"What have I ruined your precious valentine's day?" Asked June

"June I think you should just back off." Said Jaden

"Yeah, I'm not in the mood for your pathetic drama." Said Anna

"How am I pathetic?" Asked June with a mad tone

"You're not even worth it June." Said Anna and she started to walk away from her and then unexpectedly June just threw her drink of punch all over Anna and the room suddenly went silent

"Alright, you're a pathetic bi.." Said Anna and she was fuming but Jaden interrupted her

"Anna, come on she isn't worth it." Said Jaden and he started to drag Anna out of the Obelisk Blue Dorm and June watched with daggers as he dragged her out

"That's it when I see her again, she is...oh god I just can't say it." Said Anna

"You'd better get outta that dress, you'll catch cold or something." Said Jaden

"Yeah, you're right, whatever this punch is, it will be hard to get out and it's gonna make my hair sticky as well, god she's such a bitch." Said Anna angrily

"Whoa, just chill Anna." Said Jaden

After a 15 minute walk back to the Slifer Red Dorm, the stars in the night sky seemed to shine brighter

"Those stars are so bright." Said Anna, the light from the moon shone a path for them

"Yeah, the sky is so clear." Said Jaden and then they approached the Red Dorm and Anna rushed up the stairs with Jaden following her and then she finally reached her room and the both walked into a surprise...Jesse was topless on top of Skye and they were making out, they seemed to be locked in a battle for dominance and Skye had opened her eyes to see a blushing Anna and a gobsmacked Jaden just looking at them and she let out a cry of surprise and pushed Jesse off of her and he looked at her confused

"Anna, Jay, get outta here." Said Skye frustrated

"Oh my god, I am so sorry." Said Anna blushing red and she quickly walked out and Jaden just stood there embarrassed and he laughed awkwardly and then Anna came back and dragged him and he shut the door

"So much for them talking." Said Jaden

"Yeah, they had their hands all over each other and now I don't have anything to change into." Said Anna

"Well looks like you won't be getting back in your room tonight, you might as well crash in mine, since my room mate is busy with yours." Said Jaden with a smile

"Yeah I guess not." Said Anna and they both went to Jaden's room and he went near the bed and started to look through his drawer and he threw a black t-shirt at her and she caught it

"Here." Said Jaden and he then had his back to her and sat down on the bed and a few minutes later she came over and sat next to him

"Oh I got you something." Said Jaden and he rummaged in his pockets and pulled out a silver chain which had a sapphire cut stone attached to it

"Oh my god, it's so gorgeous." Said Anna and she couldn't help but be attracted to it

"Let me put it on you." Said Jaden and he started to move her hair over her left shoulder but she stopped him

"There isn't much point now." Said Anna and then he placed it in her hand and he made her close it and then he moved a strand of hair at the side of her face to behind her ear slowly.

She looked at him and blushed and he looked into her eyes and then he moved closer to her face and her heart raced, then he kissed her and she kissed back, the kiss deepened and Anna felt warm all over her body and weak at her knees and she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply and this surprised him and then he pulled her onto his front so she would be kneeling on him but instead she ended up putting all of her weight on him and she fell on top of him and then that's when the fight for dominance began, especially when they both couldn't keep their hands off of each other, she had managed to get his jacket off and she had slid her hands up his shirt and then next thing they both knew he had his shirt off but this made Jaden win the fight because he had managed to turn the tables on her and flip her to the bottom and underneath him and she felt even more warm and weak at the knees and blushed as she felt his body pressed against hers and then he broke the kiss and whispered sweetly in her ear.

"Happy Birthday."


Meanwhile, the stars in the sky, seemed to glow brighter and then crashing throw the sky at a graceful, harmonic speed was a shooting star that seemed to glow an orange colour and looking over the cliff's edge was a figure, she wore golden armour and the moonlight glistened onto her, she had long brown hair that blew in the breeze and she seemed to be grasping a rose in her hands, she smelt it and let it the breeze carry it

"Happy birthday my love." She said

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