Yu-Gi-Oh! GX:- Kira Rising (One Shot)

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the sequel to anna's bday.
i made up the cards westley uses apart from sacred phoenix of nephthys and hand of nephthys

Anna awoke, with a stretch and a yawn, she still felt tired and she picked up the shirt Jaden had loaned her from off of the floor and she put it on, for some reason, she felt so happy and then she felt arms wrap around her waist and at first this surprised her
"Morning." Said Jaden with a sweet tone and he rested his head on her shoulder
"Morning." Said Anna with a yawn and then she remembered they had class today and she sighed loudly and slightly moaned
"Why do we have to have class on a Saturday?" Asked Anna
"Well we could skip it." Said Jaden with a laugh
"I think Crowler is still peeved at the last time we skipped class together." Said Anna
"Yeah, we got detention and we had to play tennis, which sucked." Said Jaden
"Yeah, that did suck." Said Anna
"Well we have a couple of hours before class." Said Jaden teasing and he kissed her on the cheek and she felt her heart race and then there was a loud knock on the door and Jaden released Anna from his grip and he quickly put on his jeans and shirt and went to the door and opened it and it was Skye, she was in hand with Anna's uniform
"Morning, Skye." Said Jaden
"Morning, just come round with Anna's clothes but I see you had her covered." Said Skye with a laugh and Anna blushed and Jaden took them off of her
"So shouldn't you be with Jesse?" Asked Jaden, he actually didn't like the idea of Jesse moving on so quickly after what happened with Jericho but it was Jesse's choice
"Well after you two walked in last night, let's just say he had a change of heart." Said Skye, she sounded quite disappointed
"Sorry to hear that." Said Jaden and then Anna got up and stood next to him and he passed her the uniform
"I really don't wanna go to class today, knowing Crowler it will just be some lecture on cards." Said Anna
"Yeah, well if you skip it, I'll cover for you with Crowler." Said Skye
"Really, thanks Skye." Said Anna
"No problem, anything for my bestie." Said Skye with a smile
"And if you'll excuse me, I have a shower to take." Said Skye and she still sounded a bit disappointed
"Okay, don't be long; I left the wash powder in there." Said Anna and she watched Skye head to the outhouse and she closed Jaden's dorm room door and she looked at the other side of the room to see her dress hung over a chair, she felt angry looking back to last night, mainly because of June and her immature attitude and she picked up the dress she wore last night and looked at the stain on it
"Great that will take ages to get out." Thought Anna and she slammed it back down on the chair in frustration
"So we skipping class then?" Asked Jaden as Anna was starting to put her uniform and he quickly turned around blushing
"Yeah, I think we should because, Crowler keeps repeating his classes after a while it gets boring." Said Anna and she put her jacket on and then he went behind her and put his arms around her waist and she giggled and then there was a knock on the door and it sounded urgent
"Wonder who that is?" Asked Jaden a bit peeved and Anna just shrugged and Jaden released her from his embrace and he opened the door and stood outside was Jesse
"What's up Jess?" Asked Jaden
"You seen Skye?" Asked Jesse
"She was here a few minutes ago, she went to take a shower." Said Jaden
"Okay thanks Jay." Said Jesse
"Sorry we ruined your night." Said Anna and she went to sit on the bed and she laid back looking up at the bunk above her
"Yeah..." Said Jesse and he seemed quite evasive with her
"Yeah sorry about that pal." Said Jaden with an awkward laugh
"It's okay you guys, it was a pretty good night." Said Jesse with a laugh and then Jaden watched him make his way to the outhouse and Jaden shut the door again and he turned around to see Anna laid across his bed and she looked in deep thought
"Everything okay Anna?" Asked Jaden
"Yeah, I guess, I'm just in deep thought about Jesse." Said Anna and Jaden went and sat next to her and she sat up and stretched and yawned
"Well, he can make up his own mind, if he wants to be with Skye we shouldn’t exactly stop him." Said Jaden
"I know that, it just doesn't seem fair to Jeri, I mean what if she comes back and..." Said Anna but Jaden interrupted her
"You want Jeri to come back, I get that Anna but what if she can't this time, I mean what Yami Anna did to her was nothing compared to what Selene can do." Said Jaden
"I just want her back so badly; Jay, I miss her so much." Said Anna with an upset tone and she seemed to almost cry and he hugged her
"I think we all want her back." Said Jaden and he felt her hug him tighter
"I don't think Jesse wants her back." Said Anna
"I bet he does, but Jeri wouldn't want him to be alone forever, she'd want him to be happy." Said Jaden
"I guess you're right, I guess I still have much to learn, but somehow it doesn't feel normal or even feel human, you know moving on after someone you care about a lot, leaves without any warning." Said Anna and she sounded quite forceful with her opinion
"As if anything is normal around here and wait, what do you mean?" Asked Jaden at first he was laughing and then his tone went a bit serious
"Just when you disappeared, everyone tried to convince me that you weren't coming back." Said Anna
"Yet here I am." Said Jaden with a laugh
"Yeah here you are." Said Anna
"Anna, I was thinking that, we've been doing this for a while now and I was wondering if you wanted to take this further, cos I like you, a lot." Said Jaden and then Anna didn't know what to think, she was in two minds, she wanted to go further but somehow she felt like if she did, she'd lose her newly found sense of being and she kept over thinking it
"I..." Said Anna, she wanted to say more but no words could pass her lips
"I've said something wrong." Said Jaden
"No, you haven't it's me, I don't know..." Said Anna
"It's okay, I get it, and you’d rather use me." Said Jaden
"That isn't fair Jay and that isn't it at all." Said Anna
"It seems like it to me." Said Jaden
"Now you're just been unfair." Said Anna and she stood up and started to struggle getting her boots on
"Now what you doing?" Asked Jaden
"I'm not going to listen to this, I'm going take a walk and maybe we'll talk about this later." Said Anna
"There you go again." Stated Jaden
"What's that supposed to mean?" Asked Anna
"Everytime we get closer, I feel like you're always detached." Said Jaden
"Can you blame me?" Asked Anna and she was about to walk out of the dorm room
"Now where you going?" Asked Jaden kinda peeved
"I'm off for a walk." Said Anna and she slammed his door and he chased after her
"Anna, come on now you're been stupid." Said Jaden
"What, now I'm stupid, first I was detached." Said Anna and they hadn't realised they were making a scene and Skye and Jesse were watching them
"What's the problem Anna? If you'd just tell me, we can work it out." Said Jaden
"Apparently it's my detached nature." Said Anna
"It's obviously more than that Anna." Said Jaden
"Can we just leave it at the moment?" Asked Anna
"No, we need to work through this now." Said Jaden
"Well not here." Said Anna and she headed into the forest
"Anna!" Shouted Jaden and he chased after her
"So do you know what's happened?" Asked Skye to Jesse with a confused tone
"They were fine after I talked to them." Said Jesse with the same confused tone

In the Forest...
"Anna!" Shouted Jaden and she just ignored him and kept walking forward
"Don't be like that." Said Jaden and he caught up to her and she stopped walking
"Jay, just let me think please." Said Anna
"I already know how you feel about me Anna, I can see it." Said Jaden
"Please not right now." Said Anna
"If not now, when Anna?" Asked Jaden
"That's the thing I'm not sure." Said Anna
"What aren't you sure about? You need to talk to me." Said Jaden
"It's just..." Said Anna and then she continued to walk
"What? Just tell me." Said Jaden
"She shouldn't have to tell you anything." Said a female voice
"Who's there?" Asked Anna and then a black silhouette emerged from the shadows, it was a woman, she looked in her early 20's, she had long brown hair, her skin was pale-ish and she wore golden armour and she walked with confidence
"Oh my god, I know you." Said Anna
"How do you know her?" Asked Jaden
"I don't know, I just know her." Replied Anna
"What do you want?" Asked Jaden
"I'm here for the Hand." Stated the figure
"Wait, that's what Selene called me, who are you?" Asked Anna and then Yami Anna appeared next to Anna and she had a stunned but yet happy expression on her face
"Westley? Is that you?" Asked Yami Anna
"Westley?" Asked Anna
"That's right, I'm the bodyguard of Nephthyra, I've spent years trying to find you." Said Westley
"Well I'm not this Nephthyra, you've made some mistake." Said Anna
"I haven't made a mistake, Nephthyra is the spirit inside you and I wish I could have found you sooner before Selene had a chance to corrupt her and you." Said Westley
"What do you know about Selene and how do you make someone unpossessed by her?" Asked Anna, she seemed to be getting her hopes up slightly
"Anna, you shouldn't get your hopes up." Said Jaden
"If there's a way to save Jeri from Selene, I have to find it Jay." Said Anna
"I know that Anna if there's a way, we'll find it." Said Jaden
"Selene isn't the threat you should be worried about." Said Westley
"What could be worse than Selene?" Asked Anna
"Yeah what could be worse?" Asked Jaden
"There's another circling, she's known as Kira, she's Selene's master, and all what has happened to you is because she commanded it." Said Westley
"Great, just what I need." Said Anna
"When the celestial body falls and the greatest innocence is taken, the one of death will rise." Said Yami Anna but it was like she was muttering and Anna looked at her translucent figure
"Greatest innocence is taken..." muttered Anna
"What?" Asked Jaden
"It was something Yami Anna just muttered." Said Anna
"I know, I heard." Said Westley
"You can see her?" Asked Anna
"Yes, I am your bodyguard, I need to make sure I have the right person." Stated Westley
"Oh then what does she mean?" Asked Anna
"It's a warning, it's a series of events that constitute before Kira's decent, two of them have already occurred." Said Westley
"Two of them?" Asked Anna and Jaden together
"The shooting star that crosses the sky of this world every 6000 years on the day of the Hand's birth crossed the sky above last night." Said Westley
"So did all the Hand's or whatever have the same birthday?" Asked Anna
"Yes, that's how I was able to find you." Said Westley
"But there are at least 6 billion people on the planet with more been born everyday, seems like a pretty tough job." Said Jaden
"Well let's just say I've had all the time in the world and its not hard to figure out that Kira would have Selene kidnap the Hand, she's been trying to do it all the time when the new Hand is chosen, so all I do is look into kidnap victims and see if any match the criteria of the person I'm looking for." Said Westley
"So it's not impossible then?" Asked Jaden with a laugh
"So, what's the second event?" Asked Anna
"Yeah what is the second event?" Asked Jaden
"Well gathering by you two arguing about commitment and feelings, it's obvious that you two slept together." Said Westley bluntly
"So that's the greatest innocence?" Asked Anna with disbelief
"What could be a greater one? Especially for the Hand, one of an innocent nature while Nephthyra is one of a corrupted nature, complete opposites in their own right, neither could live without the other, it's like Yin and Yang but once the greatest innocence is taken, the Hand can be corrupted." Said Westley
"True, something like that is so personal, to me it is anyway." Said Anna
"Well of course its personal, I just hate the detached feeling I get from you afterward." Said Jaden
"Let's not start this, not again." Said Anna
"All girls are detached, Jaden especially when they are trying to figure out what they want so I think you should leave her to make up her own mind because you trying to force your opinions onto her won't make her make up her mind anyway quicker." Stated Westley, she seemed to take Jaden's attitude toward Anna quite personally and this made Anna quite curious
"I'll tell you something about fear, the fear you have exists only in your mind, you can't sacrifice what you truly want out of fear, fears are there to help us grow not for us to be a slave to them and I think you'd know what you truly want as only you can decide but then fear has you frozen but the best way to overcome fear is just by taking a chance." Said Westley and if Anna didn't know better, she'd say she was getting advice but she didn't know what to do with it
"That's true, fears only in the mind, I learnt that the hard way." Said Jaden
"To face your fear Anna, you must first conquer it." Said Westley
"What does that mean?" Asked Anna and then Westley threw her a duel disk and she caught it
"Duel me." Said Westley
"What will that solve?" Asked Anna
"I know what Selene did to your cousin Jericho and your afraid the same might happen when you duel." Said Westley
"How did you know about Jeri?" Asked Anna
"You'll see, now let's duel." Stated Westley and Anna got out her deck
"Okay, if you insist." Said Anna
"You've got this." Said Jaden
"Hope so." Said Anna
"Duel." They both said together and Anna drew five cards and they were Giant Germ, Hand of Nephthys, Sangan, Waboku, Magician's Valkyria and Magician's Circle
"I'll go first, draw." Said Anna and she drew Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning
"Now, I summon Magician's Valkyria in attack position and I place one card facedown and I end my turn." Said Anna
"Valkyria was your cousin's duel spirit right? I draw." Said Westley
"How do you know so much about Jeri?" Asked Anna
"Never mind that, now I activate my Sacred Kingdom of Nephthys Field Spell card and since I activated it I can put an Ash Counter on it." Stated Westley and then a holographic kingdom, crashed through the ground and surrounded all three of them, ground shook underneath them and Anna almost lost her balance but Jaden helped her back up
"You okay?" Asked Jaden
"I'm fine, just a bit dizzy." Said Anna
"Ash Counter?" Added Anna
"If you want to know you'll have to wait and see and then for during 6 of my standby phases I get to put a Ash Counter on it and when I have six I get to summon my ultimate monster and now I summon Phoenix Legionnaire - Robuka in attack mode and when this monster is successfully normal summoned I get to special summon either Phoenix Legionnaire- Mekla or Phoenix Legionnaire- Hisara in attack position and I choose Phoenix Legionnaire- Hisara and I summon her into face up DEF mode." Said Westley and Robuka had 1900 ATK and 1000 and Hisara had 1000 ATK and 2100 DEF
"Now Robuka attack Magician's Valkyria with Pyro Sceptre Surge." Stated Westley
"Now's the moment, I reveal my facedown Magician's Circle, since a Spellcaster Type monster declared an attack, we both get to special summon another Spellcaster and I choose another Magician's Valkyria and now you pick yours." Said Anna
"I pick my Hand of Nephthys." Said Westley
"Hand of Nephthys? That means you have Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys too." Said Jaden
"Yes, I have Nephthys, I run a Phoenix deck." Said Westley and she seemed to be getting quite impatient with Jaden
"And you can't complete your attack due to Magician's Valkyria's special ability." Said Anna
"I end my turn by placing one card facedown." Said Westley
"Now, I draw." Said Anna and she drew Nobleman of Crossout
"I set a monster and I set a card and I end my turn." Said Anna and she set Waboku and she set Giant Germ
"I draw and since it's my standby phase another Ash Counter is placed onto my Sacred Kingdom of Nephthys and 4 more turns until the Queen takes her rightful place in her kingdom." Said Westley
"She finally got it." Said Yami Anna
"What?" Asked Anna
"Queen of the Phoenix - Nephthyra, she's a formidable creature, based on myself." Said Yami Anna
"Great, just when I have one of you to deal with, there's a card version of you too." Said Anna
"Guessing Yami Anna knows something you don't." Said Jaden
"In a big way yes." Said Anna
"Now, I use Hand of Nephthys special ability, by sacrificing Phoenix Legionnaire- Hisara to special summon Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys and now Robuka attack that facedown monster." Said Westley and Giant Germ was destroyed and sent to the Graveyard
"And now since, you destroyed Giant Germ, you lose 500 life points and I get to special summon two more Giant Germ in ATK mode to take it's place." Said Anna
"Now Nephthys, attack Giant Germ with Divine Flame." Said Westley
"Now I activate Waboku so my monsters aren't destroyed and I don't take damage." Said Anna
"I end my turn by setting a card." Said Westley
"I draw." Said Anna and she drew Negate Attack
"I summon my Hand of Nephthys, and I use my monsters special ability by tributing Giant Germ to bring out my Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys and now Nephthys, attack Robuka with Divine Flame." Said Anna
"I activate my trap card Legionnaire Scattershot, since you declared an attack on a Legionnaire monster while Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys is on the field, by tributing my Phoenix Legionnaire - Robuka I get to select the attacking monster and remove it from play." Said Westley
"Nephthys!" Shouted Anna, the sight of Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys getting removed from play in an instant frightened her
"Ermmm...I place one card facedown and I end my turn." Said Anna nervously
"I draw and my Kingdom gets another Ash Token placed onto it and there's three more turns, the Queen will take her rightful place, and now I summon Bodyguard of Nephthys- Westley in attack position." Said Westley and the card had 2100 ATK and 1000 DEF
"So you have a card named after you?" Stated Anna
"Yes I do and I activate my spell card Tribute to the Doomed, by discarding one card from my hand to the grave, I get to destroy a face up monster on the field and I choose one of your Valkyria's." Stated Westley
"What?" Asked Anna
"Now, Nephthys attack Giant Germ with Divine Flame." Said Westley
"Hold up, I activate my trap card Negate Attack." Said Anna
"I end my turn." Said Westley
"I draw." Said Anna and she drew Pikeru's Circle of Enchantment
"Now, since I have Giant Germ and a Magician's Valkyria in the graveyard, I get to remove them from play to special summon Black Luster Soldier- Envoy of the Beginning in ATK mode and now Black Luster Soldier, attack Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys." Said Anna but then she grew confused as the attack couldn't be completed
"What? Why won't you attack?" Asked Anna
"It's because of my bodyguard's ability, as long as she's on the field, Nephthys or when my Queen arises, can't be selected as an attack target." Said Westley
"Fine, now Black Luster Soldier, attack her Bodyguard of Nephthys with Luster Blade." Said Anna and Westley lost 900 life points
"Oh and I'm not done yet, now my Soldier attack Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys with Luster Blade." Said Anna
"But he's already had his attack." Stated Westley
"Well Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Begin can attack once again after it successfully destroys a monster." Said Anna and Westley lost 600 life points
"I change my Giant Germ into DEF mode along with Valkyria and I end my turn with a facedown card." Said Anna and she set Pikeru's Circle of Enchantment
"I draw and looks like things are over now." Said Westley
"What why?" Asked Anna
"I mean I have Black Luster Soldier, I think I'm pretty safe." She added
"Well since it's my standby phase, another Ash Counter gets put onto my Kingdom I activate my Phoenix Assaliant Riser spell card and when I have no monsters on the field I get to special summon my Phoenix Assaliant - Tessera into ATK mode and now I activate my spell card, Falling Ashes, this puts an Ash Counter on every card on the field." Said Westley
"Wait so that makes it one more turn until..." Said Anna but she didn't get to finish because Westley interupted her
"Yes one more turn." Said Westley
"Now since I have cards in my spell and trap zone, I get to half Tessera's ATK points making them 1150 so I can attack you directly." Said Westley and Anna lost 1150 making them 6850 and Westley's were at 6200
"I end my turn with a facedown." Said Westley
"Okay, I draw and I have to make it count." Said Anna and she drew Brain Control
"Alright, I activate Brain Control and by paying 800 life points." Said Anna making her life points 6050
"I get to take control of your Phoenix Assaliant Tessera and I change Valkyria to ATK position and now this duels mine, go Black Luster Soldier attack Westley directly with Luster Blade." Said Anna and Westley lost 3000 life points making them 3200
"I activate my trap card Legionnaire Battle Scars, you triggered this trap when you attacked me with your Black Luster Soldier and since I have Phoenix Legionnaire monsters in my graveyard, I get to special summon all three of them to the field, now rise Robuka, Hisara and Mekla I special summon you in ATK mode." Said Westley
"Well your Phoenix Assaliant still has an attack, so go Tessera attack Robuka with Flame Whip." Said Anna and Westley lost 500 life points leaving Westley with 2700
"I end my turn." Said Anna and Phoenix Assaliant - Tessera returned to Westley's control
"Now I draw, now it's my standby phase and you know what that means, the last Ash Counter has been placed and now rise the almighty Queen of the Phoenix - Nephthyra!" Shouted Westley and then Anna watched as one of Westley's most powerful monsters rose right in front of her, it had 3000 ATK but 1400 DEF
"I'm actually a bit intimidated but nothing to worry about as she is equal in strength to my Black Luster Soldier." Said Anna
"She makes up for that thanks to Sacred Kingdom of Nephthys as you see all monsters on my side of the field once the Queen has been summoned gain 500 extra ATK points and DEF points." Said Westley
"Oh no." Said Anna barely audible for them to hear
"And this summoning the Queen was a special summon I still have my normal summon and I summon Nephthys Chick in ATK mode." Said Westley and originally Nephthys Chick had 1500 ATK and 1000 DEF but now it had 2000 ATK and 1500 DEF
"Now my Queen attack Black Luster Soldier with Cremating Burner." Said Westley and Anna lost 500 life points
"Now Mekla attack Giant Germ with Insidious Flame." Said Westley
"Now you lose 500 life points due to Giant Germ's effect." Stated Anna and Westley's life points became 2200
"Now Tessera attack Magician's Valkyria with Flame Whip." Stated Westley and Anna lost 700 life points making them 4850
"And now, Hisara attack Anna directly with Shield Smasher." Said Westley and Anna lost 1500 life points making them 3350
"And now Nephthys Chick attack her directly with Crimson Fire Shot." Stated Westley and Anna lost 2000 life points making them 1350
"I end my turn with a facedown." Said Westley
"I.....I draw." Said Anna and she drew Mirror Force
"I set a card and I end my turn." Said Anna
"I draw." Said Westley
"Now my Queen, let's end this with Cremating Burner." Said Westley
"Not so fast, I activate Mirror Force." Said Anna
"Doesn't matter." Said Westley and she didn't even blink an eye when her monsters were destroyed
"I just blew away all of your monsters and it doesn't matter?" Asked Anna and then Anna's expression became a shocked one as she saw Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys in attack position in the place where Queen of the Phoenix - Nephthyra once was
"But how?" Asked Anna shocked
"Well once Queen of the Phoenix - Nephthyra is destroyed I get to special summon Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys from my hand, deck or graveyard and now Phoenix, let's finish this with Divine Flame." Stated Westley and then Anna's life points hit 0 and the holographic Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys disappeared and she fell to her knees
"I was so powerless." Muttered Anna and Jaden made her stand up and he looked her in the face but she wouldn't look at him
"You weren't powerless, you were great, you put up a fight." Said Jaden
"Doesn't seem like it." Said Anna
"That duel was just a portion of what Kira might be capable of and you need to be ready Anna, you did put up a fight but you didn't use your cards to their full potential and that's what I'll teach you." Said Westley
"I would like that." Said Anna she seemed to be less distant now
"You should go and get your energy up as Kira rising could be anyday now." Said Westley
"Okay." Said Anna and then Westley started to walk away
"Wait, you still haven't told me how you know so much about Jeri." Said Anna
"I was there." Said Westley
"That's right, she was." Said Jaden
"What do you mean?" Asked Anna
"She's the one that lead us out after you got knocked out." Said Jaden
"Really, thanks Westley." Said Anna and then they saw she had gone
"I have a feeling she'll be doing that more often." Said Anna
"Yeah me too." Said Jaden
"If Kira's as bad as she says I think we'll need to watch ourselves." Said Anna
"Yeah, I can sense something coming." Said Jaden

It was now night time and Anna was stood outside Jaden's room, it looked like she was getting ready to knock on his door, she was about to then stopped
"This is stupid." Said Anna quietly
"Anna?" Asked Jaden
"Oh you didn't just see that did you?" Asked Anna
"Yeah and I was actually just coming to get you." Said Jaden
"Oh really?" Asked Anna
"Yeah come with me." Said Jaden and he grabbed her by the hand and lead her down the Silfer red stairs and to the Forest where they had been earlier that day and Anna looked up at the clear sky and saw the glistening stars
"They are so beautiful." Said Anna
And then they came to a clearing, trees surrounded them but they had a perfect view of the sky and then Anna saw a blanket laid down on the grass and Jaden lead her onto it and they both sat down but Anna just laid back
"So why are we here?" Asked Anna
"I just wanted to say I'm sorry for today, I was been a bit of a jerk." Said Jaden apologetically
"You weren't been a jerk, you just didn't understand." Said Anna
"Well I do now and I'll wait as long as you need." Said Jaden
"That's so sweet but thanks to Westley I've made up my mind, she was right, I was scared, not just of the commitment but losing myself as well and after what happened with Jeri and how close we got, I don't want Selene to hurt you." Said Anna and then Jaden pulled her up and hugged her, she tightened her grip around him
"So that's what you've been afraid of? Me been hurt, you shouldn't have to think that way, what happened to Jeri wasn't because of you." Said Jaden
"I can't help thinking that way." Said Anna
"Don't think, just do what you feel is right." Said Jaden and she looked up to him and kissed him once, it surprised him but he kissed her deeply back and then he broke it when he felt something wet touch his face and they both looked up to see snowflakes falling down slowly and they both smiled and continued to kiss.

Meanwhile at the Obelisk Blue Girl's dorm, June was sleeping in bed, she was tossing and turning
"June." Whispered a voice and June awoke with shock
"Who's there?" Asked June
"June." Said the same voice and it seemed to echo all around her
"It's time June." Said the voice again, it sounded quite dark
"Time for what?" Asked June
"I need your permission." Said the voice
"What do you mean?" Asked June
"Say yes to me and I can make all your problems go away, I'll give you what you truly want." Said the voice
"What is it that a truly want?" Asked June
"Your heart is as black as the night June but your thoughts are even darker, you want Anna Sawdon to suffer and I can do that." Said the voice
"So you want my premission to go and torture that good for nothing bitch, please feel free." Said June
"No I need your premission to join with you and all your problems will be solved." Said the voice
"Yes but who are you?" Asked June and then a black shadowery figure descended on her and went in her body through her nose, at first all you could hear was her screaming and then there was just silence and June opened her eyes and they were purple
"I am Kira." Stated June in a demonic voice

Submitted: April 18, 2013

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