yu-Gi-Oh! GX:- Sacred Kingdom of Nephthys part 1

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trapped in a new world with new rules and bigger secrets

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Submitted: April 23, 2013



"What the hell?" Asked Jaden and then from above them, they heard high pitched shrieks, and then Harpie Ladies descended onto them, Jaden quickly reacted and pushed Anna down to the decking of the Slifer Red dorm and Jaden got slashed in the back by the Harpie's talons and then the Harpie left to join it's group
  "Jaden!" Shouted Anna and she quickly got up to attend to him
  "I'm okay." Said Jaden and he slightly moaned in pain as he moved and then the Harpie swooped in for another attack and this time it went after Jesse and Skye and then Jesse pushed Skye into her dorm room and Anna saw her deck box had a white glow trying to escape from it
  "What the?" Asked Anna and she grabbed it and then in front of them, a white light shone brightly and a black silhouette emerged from the light, it was Magician's Valkyria
"Valkyria?" Asked Anna
"I've got these Harpies." Said Magician's Valkyria
"Right, go attack with Mystic Sceptre Blast!" Exclaimed Anna and then Valkyria seemed to get out numbered quickly and she was taking a lot of hits and Anna reacted in pain
"Anna, You okay?" Asked Jaden with a concerned tone and then he noticed his deck box was glowing too
"I guess, er...This must be like some sort of sick Shadow Game...Valkyria!" She stated and she was practically struggling to speak and then they saw Valkyria was practically forced to the ground
"Right, Stratos, give Valkyria a hand with Whirlwind Dust Stream." Stated Jaden and then he helped Anna stand, who was still weak from Valkyria's assault and then Stratos appeared in the same way Valkyria did and then took to Magician's Valkyria's side and started to fend off the Harpies 
"Right, those Harpies are gonna pay." They heard Skye shout and she came running out of her and Anna's dorm room 
"Go Sacred Knight Joan, attack with Shining Sword Strike!" Stated Skye and she held Sacred Knight Joan's card high in the air and then they saw Andrea and Mitchell walk out of his dorm room, both hand in hand
"What the hell is going on out here?" Asked Andrea and then she noticed their surroundings had changed and she looked in disbelief at what she was seeing
"What the?" Asked Andrea and then the more Harpies descended onto them
"Andy, get down!" Stated Mitchell and he made her duck and then from out of nowhere a monster all too familiar to Anna and Jaden appeared, it was Phoenix Legionnaire-Robuka
"Now Robuka, attack with Pyro Sceptre Surge!" Stated a female voice and they recognised it as Westley
"We can't stay here much longer cos more Harpies will show up." Stated Westley
"Now we're gonna have to get supplies but with these harpies it's gonna be hard." Stated Westley and then some of the Harpies started to disappear in white light and their monsters seemed to be getting the upper hand
"Where are we Westley?" Asked Anna
"Where it all started for you and Kira, my world, the Sacred Kingdom of Nephthys." Stated Westley 
"As in your field spell? It's real?" Asked Jaden
"Yes of course it's real, now we don't have time to talk we need to move, this part of Nephthys is dangerous." Stated Westley
"No kidding." Stated Skye and she reacted in pain as Sacred Knight Joan got hit and she fell to her knees
"Skye!" Stated Jesse and he helped her up
"Right, c'mon out Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger and help Sacred Knight Joan." He added and Topaz Tiger took sides with Sacred Knight Joan, Magician's Valkyria, Elemental Hero Stratos and Phoenix Legionnaire - Robuka and then the Harpies numbers started to decrease
"Wait, I've got an idea." Stated Jaden
"We're all ears Jay." Stated Jesse
"Everyone, pull your monsters back." Said Jaden
"What?" Asked Westley, at first she was astonished but she did as he said
"Robuka, pull back." She stated
"Okay, I guess, Joan pull back." Said Skye
"Okay, Valkyria you heard him." Said Anna
"You got it pal, Topaz Tiger back down." Said Jesse
"Now Stratos, target the sand below the Harpies with Whirlwind Dust Stream." Stated Jaden and they watched the Harpies struggle in the sandstorm Stratos had just created and they seemed to disappear in white light
"Now run!" Shouted Jaden and he grabbed hold of Anna's hand and then they all started to run, Westley kept looking back keeping an eye on the sandstorm Jaden's monster created and to make sure no Harpies were following them
"You sure you'll be okay Skye?" Asked Jesse
"Yeah, no Harpie Ladies can keep me down." Stated Skye
"Good." Said Jesse and they kept running and then Westley noticed some of the Harpies were getting free from the sandstorm and she turned around to see a cave ahead, she knew this terrain well and she knew nothing would be in it
"Everyone head for that cave." Stated Westley
"What if something's in there?" Asked Andrea
"Trust me, nothings in there." Stated Westley
"There better not be." Said Jaden and he didn't sound too happy
"Just trust me Jaden." Said Westley and she seemed to get agitated with him which is usually something she wouldn't let happen
Jaden, Anna, Skye, Jesse, Mitchell and Andrea ran into the cave, they saw a waterfall running down the side of the cave wall flowing into a pool of azure water, the sound of it running was so peaceful and Anna somehow forgot about the dangers and hostilities that faced them in this world and then Anna noticed Jaden react in pain and he sat down near the small pools edge and then she noticed Westley put small crystals down on the entrance of the cave
"What are those?" Asked Anna curiously, she saw Westley put a lilac crystal on the top of the mouth of the cave and two on the ground of the entrance of it
"I can't be everywhere at once, I've excepted that fact a long time ago, these are Pyrite Crystals, they are mainly for protection, nothing can get in apart from the person who wears this." Said Westley and she showed her amulet to them, it had a ruby stone embedded in it
"And if you want to leave, all you have to do is move one of the crystals." She added
"You're not going back out there are you?" Asked Skye
"I have no choice, the supplies are back at your dorm and you can't go out there, you aren't protected like me but you will be safe here." Said Westley
"You sure about that?" Asked Jaden and then Anna took his side and knelt down next to him
"I'm sure." Said Westley and she sounded even more agitated then before with him and then they saw her exit the cave entrance quickly and then Jaden reacted in pain as he took off his jacket and he put it on her knees 
"How bad is it?" Asked Jaden to Anna and she saw his black shirt was torn in five places, like a massive bird had attacked him, his injury was slightly deep and she could tell that the Harpies' large talons would have ripped him apart, he was bleeding, his crimson blood stained his black shirt
"Take off your shirt." Said Anna with a concerned tone
"So it's that bad that you have to strip me?" Asked Jaden with a laugh
"Jay, just do it." Said Anna and then he lifted his shirt over his shoulders, but he slightly moaned in pain as he took it off and then Anna saw the injury, it didn't look as deep as she first thought it was but it was still bleeding, the sight of it slightly made her feel sick but she put it out of her mind and then she got Jaden's shirt and put all her strength into tearing off one of the sleeves and then she folded it over and dunked it in the pool of azure water until the sleeve was completely soaked in it and then she put it on Jaden's wound and he reacted in pain as she pressed down on his wound to stop the bleeding but since the wound was larger than she first thought it was and she dabbed the folded up sleeve over the rest of the wound and he reacted in pain as it stung
"Ow." Moaned Jaden as she dabbed the material on his wound
"You could have had your spine ripped out or something." Said Anna and she didn't sound too happy
"Well I'm okay aren't I?" Asked Jaden
"Well you could have been killed Jay." Said Anna
"I think you're overreacting slightly." Said Jaden
"How am I over reacting? I don't want anything to happen to you Jay." Said Anna as she treated his wound and he turned around and looked her in the eyes
"And you think I want something to happen to you, I'd rather it happen to me then you, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself." Said Jaden and she kissed him once and he returned it
"Still, you shouldn't be so reckless." Said Anna and then Skye reacted in pain to something
"Skye? are you okay?" Asked Anna concerned and she made Jaden turn back around so she could apply pressure to his wound
"I guess, it's just my leg." Said Skye and she grasped her leg
"Let me look." Said Jesse
"No, it'll be fine." Said Skye, she tried to stop him looking at it but he gave her a stubborn look and she gave up and then she lifted her jeans leg up and he saw she had a gash near her ankle, it was large and it was bleeding and then he ripped off his sleeve and went to the pool and dunked it in the water and headed back to her, he did get a glance at Jaden's wound and it wasn't severe luckily, but could have been worse
"Jeri..." Said Jesse but then he quickly realised
"Did you just call me Jeri?" Asked Skye with a confused tone but she sounded quite offended
"Yeah, I guess so." Said Jesse with a confused tone which was weird, especially since he hadn't even thought about Jericho at all because everytime he did, he'd always feel detached, it's like he skipped mourning her completely and then he wrapped his ripped sleeve around her gash tightly and pressed it down hard on her leg and she reacted in pain
"That should stop the bleeding and clean it as well, especially since it's only small." Said Jesse
"Okay." Said Skye and she was slightly blushing but she was also in pain
"Wonder how long Westley's gonna be?" Asked Andrea
"Well, we're safe for now anyway." Said Mitchell and he wrapped his arms around Andrea's waist
"I just have a strange feeling." Said Andrea with a worried tone
"You're not the only one Andy." Said Jaden, he had been uneasy ever since he had that dream, first he has it and now they were in a separate world, he knew it wasn't a coincidence
"Yeah, something just doesn't seem to add up." Said Anna as she was continuing to clean Jaden's wound and he slightly reacted in pain as she pressed down on it and then she looked at the wound and it still made her feel uneasy
"Well, it's clean and the bleeding has stopped, we are just waiting for Westley to come back with stuff and hopefully she fetches me some clothes." She added looking down at Jaden's shirt the one she was wearing
"Yeah, not very appropriate for the desert." Said Skye with a laugh
"Tell me about it." Said Anna and she tried stretching it down over herself
"It looks okay to me." Said Jaden with a laugh and he turned to face her 
"Sure it does." Said Anna with a smile and then she slightly shivered
"Put this on." Said Jaden and he put his red jacket onto her shoulders
"I think you need it more than me." Said Anna

Meanwhile, Westley ran through the desert getting chased by Harpies', she looked back to see them gaining and she saw the red dorm ahead, it seemed distant and almost mirage-like, which she never realised the dorm was so far away, either that or the Harpies' had spun some magic 
"Okay, now take my side Robuka." Stated Westley and then she stopped in her tracks and held her Robuka card high in the air and Phoenix Legionnaire - Robuka appeared at her side and she got out a few more cards from her deck and she looked at them, the first was Phoenix Blade - Acumi, Bodyguard of Nephthys - Westley and the last was Nephthys Chick
"I'll show you Harpies' how to play this game, Now I activate Phoenix Blade - Acumi and I equip it to Robuka and now Robuka attack the Harpies with Pyro Sceptre Surge." Stated Westley and she watched Robuka head into battle and saw Robuka take on a couple of Harpies and she put her two cards back into her deck and got out her Twin Sai's and spun them in her hands and then she saw Robuka get out numbered quickly but she didn't feel any pain and then two Harpies descended on her, one tried attacking her with it's talons but she kicked it and then she turned swiftly and stabbed it through the head with her one of her Twin Sai and it disappeared in white light and then the second almost caught her off guard but she managed to get it by stabbing it twice in the neck with her Sai's but not before it took a swipe at her arm, but it failed and she watched it disappear in white light and then she watched it's remains get carried off like dust in the wind and then the Harpies' seemed to give up and they flew off
  "They'll be back." Thought Westley as she watched them fly off into the distance and then she continued to run toward the red dorm and then the mirage-like look the dorm had seemed to wear off and she finally reached the dorm and she ran up the stairs and at first ran into Anna and Skye's dorm room and she looked around and saw some clothes on the floor and she quickly headed to the wardrobe and opened it and saw hung up brown shorts she remembered seeing Anna in them, she was already wearing a shirt, so she summoned Robuka into the dorm room
  "Now Robuka, hold these." Said Westley as she picked up a pair of Anna's trainers and handed them to Robuka along with Anna's brown shorts and she exited the dorm room and headed to the Slifer Red Canteen and looked under the desk of the teacher's table and found a couple of first aid kits in carry cases, she then went to the refrigerator and opened it, inside was three plastic containers of Fried Shrimp, about a dozen or more Curry Sandwiches, a dozen Fried Shrimp Sandwiches, a dozen bottles of water and some Jam Sandwiches and then she saw a large plastic container on top of the fridge, it had handles on it that you'd put on your shoulders and she got it down and opened it and grabbed the sandwiches and shoved them in, along with the plastic containers of Fried Shrimp and the bottles of water in it as well and she slammed the fridge door shut in frustration
  "Not many provisions." Thought Westley and she closed the container and put her arm in one handle and then one through the other and she grabbed Anna's clothes off of Robuka
  "Let's get outta here." Stated Westley and then Magician's Valkyria appeared in front of Westley
  "Valkyria, you've come to say you're doubting me." Said Westley
  "Are you sure Anna's the carrier?" Asked Valkyria
  "I'm positive, it's happened just as Nephthyra predicted, the shooting star, the Hand's innocence has been taken and Kira has certainly risen." Said Westley
  "I know your feelings for Nephthyra, Westley they are no secret but Jaden and Anna doing what they did could have happened at anytime, and you have to be sure she's carrying." Said Valkyria
  "True, that could have happened at anytime Valkyria but Nephthys will show us, since they did what they did on the eve of the convergence between Nephthys and Earth, we should see things a lot faster than normal." Said Westley
  "But don't put her in danger Westley, Jericho cared about her like she was a sister and not just a cousin and I promised her that both Anna would be safe from harm and that Jesse had the right of passage he deserved to move on." Said Valkyria
  "Well like I said one of the pros in Kira's plan is that Nephthys makes things happen faster but one of the cons is that they don't know this world and even if she isn't carrying there's still time, the convergence isn't over yet." Said Westley
  "I will protect Anna and Jaden if necessary Westley, even when you can't, I owe that to Jericho." Said Valkyria
  "I already know my future is short-lived, especially..." Said Westley but she cut herself off
  "I'm not surprised it is, the way you're acting is reckless, you're one of Nephthys' best warriors Westley, that is a hard role to live up to especially after what Kira did to you." Said Valkyria
  "You have no idea what Kira did." Said Westley with a dark tone and it almost sounded icy and she headed into Anna and Skye's Dorm Room and headed to the Hamper, and saw perfectly folded sheets and blankets in it and she took out enough blankets for everyone in the cave
  "Nightfall's coming." Said Valkyria
  "Indeed." Said Westley

In the Cave, Anna, Jaden, Jesse, Skye, Mitchell and Andrea were waiting for Westley to return
  "You don't think the Harpies killed her do you?" Asked Mitchell and then Andrea hit him on the arm and he reacted to it and gave her a look of disapproval
  "Mitch." Said Andrea fearfully
  "Sorry Andy...guess I'm getting impatient." Said Mitchell and he held her in an embrace and Andrea returned it
And Skye let off a sigh of boredom, so loud that everyone looked at her
  "So bored." Said Skye
  "I'd say get your game on Skye, but that would be a bit stupid, as this world seems to be like a massive death trap." Said Jaden
  "Yeah I mean, Westley is the only one that seems to know this world, so right now we are vulnerable." Stated Anna and then Jaden moaned in pain
  "Jay, you okay?" Asked Anna, worry filled her voice 
  "I think so, it just stings." Said Jaden, his voice sounded tortured 
  "I've cleaned it, maybe the Harpies' had something on their talons, maybe it could be getting infected." Wondered Anna 
  "I guess but that wouldn't make sense, unless things happen quicker here then they do in our dimension, but at least it isn't you going through this Anns." Said Jaden and then Anna saw Skye and Jesse looking over at them
  "Aren't they sweet together Jess?" Asked Skye and Anna blushed and along with Jaden and he touched her hand
  "They certainly are." Said Jesse
Westley entered the cave and took the plastic container off of her back and threw Anna her shorts and trainers and she slid on her shorts and put on her black trainers and passed Anna one of the First Aid Kits and Anna opened it quickly and she grabbed some Antiseptic Wipes and he turned around so she could put on the bandages and Westley seemed to give them a strange look but Anna didn't think much of it, she just thought it was strange
  "This might sting Jay." Said Anna and she started to clean the wound, it was still making her feel uneasy but she put it out of her mind and he reacted in pain and then she got out some bandages
  "Lift your arms Jay." Said Anna and he did and she started to put bandages around his chest to his back and he moaned in pain
  "Sorry Jay." Said Anna and she tightened the bandages and tied the ends together and he shook in pain
  "So when did you learn first aid Anns?" Asked Jaden curiously and he turned to face her and smiled
  "Miss Fontaine thought it was best that I learnt it, she taught Jeri and then she's in the middle of teaching Skye." Replied Anna, thinking about Jericho made her feel down and upset and Jaden could see it and he gave her a sympathetic look like he knew she was thinking about Jericho
  "That's lucky then." Said Jaden and she worked on ripping off the other sleeve of Jaden's black shirt and she managed to tear it and Jaden looked at her with a confused look
  "Just so it doesn't look odd." Said Anna with a laugh
  "Okay, looks like Anns is our resident medic, especially since I'm not qualified yet." Said Skye
  "Guess so." Said Anna and she handed Jaden his shirt and he slid it on and started to stand up and he looked outside of the cave entrance and it was nightfall
  "It's nightfall?" Asked Jaden with a confused tone and then everyone else 
  "Night and Day run differently here Jaden along with the merits of time." Said Westley and then she dropped the blankets on the cave floor
  "Looks like we're camping." Said Jesse and he sounded happy about it and grabbed one of the blankets and put it around both him and Skye
  "Not funny Jesse." Said Skye and she playfully nudged him and she hugged him and then Jaden leaned over and grabbed one of the blankets and sat next to Anna with it and cuddled up to her and put it over them both
  "It will probably get cold." Said Jaden with a smile
  "Yeah it probably will." Said Anna and she cuddled up to him back
  "I'll stand guard outside and keep away any Harpies that try to come back." Said Westley and she swung her Twin Sai's in her hands and walked out of the cave and Jaden grabbed a bottle of water and took a swig of it and offered the bottle to Anna, she took a swig of it and he put the lid back on it and screwed it on tight and put it next to them and she held him tightly
  "I'm so tired." Yawned Anna and he kissed her on her forehead
  "I don't blame you Anns." Said Jaden and he held her closer
  "Yeah, guess those Harpies tired me out more than I thought." Said Anna and she yawned
  "Sleep then Anns." Whispered Jaden softly in her ear and he smiled and they both noticed Skye give them a loving look and Anna yawned
  "Okay..." Said Anna and she yawned loudly and she felt her eye lids grow heavy as she tried to fight her tiredness
"Sweet dreams." Whispered Jaden

Jaden knew this place, he had been here before, it was the same abyss-like place, the dream-world that seemed never ending, it seemed full of darkness, he saw Anna stood, almost looking ready to fall to her knees and she seemed in bad shape, she wore her duel disk and was wearing what she was wearing when he was awake, she had Sangan on the field and Wall of Revealing Light face-up which meant her monster couldn't be touched by her opponent's monster and he was guessing Kira was her opponent and the owner of the 1800 ATK point monster which he recognised as Mefist the Infernal General and her opponent had a face down card ready to use when the moment arose...
  "Now I summon Hand of Nephthys into attack mode and I activate her special ability to tribute herself and Sangan to special summon Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys, so come forth Nephthys, it's time to turn up the heat." Stated Anna confidently
  "No...it's gonna end the same way...Anna don't attack!" Shouted Jaden out of fear
  "Now since Sangan was sent from the field to the graveyard, I get to add a monster with 1500 ATK or less from my deck to my hand and I choose Marshmallon, Now Nephthys, attack Mefist with Divine Flame." Stated Anna
"Now I activate my trap card Dimension Wall." Said a menacing voice, it was the same voice before that portrayed Kira in his last dream
"Oh no." Said Jaden, his voice filled with fear as the trap was revealed
"You might have heard of this trap, all battle damage I would have taken in this battle is inflicted to you and since you only have 600 life points left, the duels mine, you lost." Said Kira, the darkness seemed it envelope the scene
"No it can't end like this, it won't." Said Jaden
"Don't you get that you can never save her." Said Kira
"Well watch me save her and while I'm at it I'll stop you, you hear me Kira, I'm coming for you." Stated Jaden angrily
"Angelus Mortis." Said Anna as she collapsed to the ground, she seemed to be at the end of her ropes
"What does that mean Anns? What is this meant to be?" Asked Jaden confused and then the menacing voice echoed all around him, laughing,  almost like a loud shrieking sound piercing silence unexpectedly, it became so unbearable that he awoke shaking...

He awoke to find Anna sleeping at his side, she seemed to sleep peacefully, she didn't even stir, her breathing seemed steady and the sound of the waterfall seemed to take away his tension and fears and he looked over to Skye and Jesse, Skye laid next to Jesse, with part of her body on him and Andrea and Mitchell were laid side by side and then he heard Anna stir but she didn't awake and he touched the side of her face and then moved her hair away from her face and she awoke slowly and sat up, she held her head as if she had been hit on the head
  "Jaden?" Asked Anna, she yawned and sounded groggy
  "Hey, you shouldn't be awake." Said Jaden
  "Well you shouldn't be awake either." Said Anna
  "Let's just say, my dreams aren't nice lately." Said Jaden
  "It happened again?" Asked Anna with a concerned tone and she sat up quickly
  "Yeah, this one seemed a lot worse." Said Jaden and then Anna hugged him and he hugged her back and this gave him an air of comfort
  "I wish these dreams went away Anns." Said Jaden
  "Me too, then I wouldn't feel so helpless..." Said Anna
  "Why do you feel helpless Anns? It isn't happening to you." Said Jaden
  "I just wish I knew how to help you." Said Anna
  "Don't lose." Said Jaden
  "What?" Asked Anna with a confused tone
  "Nothing." Mumbled Jaden and then the walls started shaking around them, so far no debris had fallen and Jaden quickly stood up and pulled Anna up to her feet and held her close and Skye, Jesse, Andrea and Mitchell awoke quickly
  "What the?" Asked Skye grumpliy and then they saw Westley trying to get into the cave to help but she got dragged back and seemed to be under attack by huge creatures and they all stood up quickly
  "Oh what the hell are those things? They are so ugly." Said Skye
  "They are Shruneyes!" They heard Westley shout and they saw her fighting them, she had managed to stab one in the head but the other was presistent and they saw her press the ruby amulet hung on her neck and the crystals dis-empowered
  "Let's split." Said Jesse and he had some of the provisions while Jaden had some as well and then debris started falling and they managed to avoid it, Anna somehow felt safe with Jaden, even though walls were literally collapsing around them, and then debris started falling faster and then some landed in Anna and Jaden's path and she let out a slight scream of shock but he held her closer and then ground started to shake more, Skye, Jesse, Mitchell and Andrea barely got out of the cave and then Jaden suddenly pushed her and she rolled onto her side and she saw the ground separate under him and he fell down
  "Jaden!" Shouted Anna and she saw him grab the ledge
  "Anns, get outta here!" He shouted and he struggled to get up and she reacted and went to help him
  "Anna, Jaden!" They all shouted and they watched her help him up 
  "You coulda got killed." Said Jaden as he was helped up and he touched her face and held her and she was sweating and her heart was beating rapidly
  "I'd never leave you alone to die Jay, you're the only one for me." Said Anna and then debris came down on them and then Magician's Valkyria appeared in bright white light and the falling rocks above them were surrounded by mystical light and they seemed to hover in the air but the cave started to collapse in before Skye and the others could run back in
  "Anna, Jay!" They heard Skye shout and they heard the rocks outside getting hit
  "You guys okay?" Shouted Jesse
  "Yeah, I think so." Shouted Jaden and Magician's Valkyria telekinetically threw the rocks into the pool and water slightly splashed everywhere and Jaden moaned in pain
  "Anns, are you okay?" Asked Jaden
  "I guess, what about you?" Asked Anna and then she moaned in pain
  "You don't sound it, where are you hurt?" Asked Jaden concerned and then he saw she was bleeding down her leg, from the bottom of her shorts' leg 
  "I'm fine, it's just a graze." Said Anna
  "It look's like more then a graze to me Anns." Said Jaden
  "I'm okay." Said Anna
  "Just let me look, please." Said Jaden softly and in the end she did
  "How do I treat it properly?" He asked
  "Urmmmm, it needs to be cleaned and then pressure needs to be applied before putting a bandage on it." Said Anna, after about 10 minutes of Jaden making sure the wound was perfectly taken care of, Jaden stood up looking stumped
  "So is there any other way out?" Asked Jaden to Valkyria and he helped Anna stand up and she was slightly limping
  "Only one, that's through the waterfall." Said Valkyria and she used her magicial powers to seperate the water molecules in the waterfall to reveal a path that was once hidden
  "Guess that's the way we have to go." Said Jaden
  "Together." Said Anna and she held his hand and he started to climb over the fallen rocks and he helped her up

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