Yu-Gi-Oh! GX:- Whole New World (Follow up to Kira Rising)

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the follow up to kira rising

Submitted: April 23, 2013

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Submitted: April 23, 2013



Anna and Jaden laid on the blanket together as the snow came down and Anna couldn't help but smile as the snow touched her warm skin and Jaden turned to face her and he looked straight into her eyes and touched the side of her face and she seemed to take comfort in it
"I feel so uneasy." Said Anna
"I'm not surprised but I'm here, I always will be and you've probably got Westley hanging around somewhere." Said Jaden and he moved closer to her and she put her arm around him
"Yeah, I guess I should feel safer but I don't, I guess I worry too much." Said Anna
"Hey, worry is a good thing in a way, it shows you won't take risks." Said Jaden and he leaned into her face and he was about to kiss her until they both heard a noise coming from the bushes
"You hear that?" Asked Jaden and the noise seemed to get louder, like it was getting closer
"It was probably just the wind right?" Asked Anna worried but then Jaden stood up and looked around and pulled Anna up so she was stood and she leaned against him
"I do have legs Jay." Said Anna
"Come on, we're going back to the Dorm." Said Jaden
"Okay." Said Anna and she couldn't help but notice his change of attitude and they both walked through the forest and he seemed to be more guarded with her
After a tense five minutes walking through the forest, they got to the dorm and Anna was about to walk into her room
"I think you'd be safer in my room tonight." Said Jaden
"Oh really?" Asked Anna with a smile
"Yeah, I'll sleep better knowing your okay, especially with everything that's gone on today." Said Jaden
"I'll just get my pyjama's." Said Anna and she walked into her dorm room and closed the door behind her and she saw Skye sat down on the bed e-mailing on her PDA
"Heya stranger haven't seen you since; you and Jaden you know, argued outside the dorm." Said Skye
"You heard that?" Asked Anna
"I think Domino City could hear it hun, so how's things anyway, saw you and Jay heading to a secluded part of the forest earlier." Said Skye and she giggled as she came to say the last part
"Yeah, I think we've sorted things out but things have gone from bad to worse." Said Anna
"What you mean?" Asked Skye
"Well apparently according to my new bodyguard..." Said Anna but Skye interrupted her
"Whoa, What bodyguard?" Asked Skye curiously
"Oh this woman, her name's Westley, and she's warned me about something more dangerous than Selene." Said Anna
"What could be more dangerous than Selene?" Asked Skye
"Try the Goddess of Celestial Bodies herself." Said Anna
"Kira as in the Kira?" Asked Skye
"Yeah and apparently Kira is responsible for everything that's happened to me." Said Anna
"Wow, never would have guessed." Said Skye
"Me neither and its bad enough June's been eyeing Jaden." Said Anna
"Just ignore that cow Anna, Jay only has eyes for you." Said Skye
"Yeah, guess I shouldn't take it so personally, you seen my pyjamas?" Asked Anna
"I shoved them in the wash why you sleeping in Jay's room again?" Asked Skye with a smile
"Yeah, he insisted." Said Anna
"You gonna have your way with him?" Asked Skye with a laugh 
"Skye!" Said Anna and she threw a random stuffed animal at her and Skye couldn't help but giggle and Anna started going red
"Awww, you're going as red as your hair, guess you're an old fashioned girl aren't you?" Said Skye and she threw the stuffed animal back
"Yeah I guess I am." Said Anna and she just put the stuffed animal on the side
"Guess I'm borrowing Jay's shirt again." Said Anna
"That's if you'll sleep." Said Skye with a laugh
"Trust me, I think we'll both sleep." Said Anna
"Yeah you will, after you have your way with him." Said Skye with a laugh again
"Oh please Skye." Said Anna with a laugh and she headed out of the dorm room door
"Oh try to be quiet this time." Stated Skye with a cheeky smile and Anna just blushed and closed the door and headed to Jaden's room and she saw a figure stood outside the dorm, she could tell it was Westley, she stood tall holding her Twin Sai's, one in each hand, her brown hair blew in breeze and the moon light shone off of her golden armour and then Westley turned around with a start as she heard Anna's footsteps and she gave her a deep stare like it was longing which confused her and she entered Jaden's dorm room and he was just laid on the bed relaxed and he seemed to be in deep thought and she shut the door behind her and this knocked him out of his train of thought and he sat up quickly and she sat next to him
"So is Westley out there still?" Asked Jaden
"Yeah, she gave me a strange look though." Said Anna
"Yeah, she gave me one too, guess she doesn't like been watched while doing her job." Said Jaden
"She seemed to be in deep thought though." Said Anna and then Jaden put his arms around her and he rested his head on her shoulder
"So when will we be sleeping?" Asked Anna
"Eventually, just not right now." Said Jaden
"I don't have a problem with that, so Westley wasn't out there when we came back, where was she?" Asked Anna
"Oh I saw her jump down from the roof and she gave me a weird look too, guess she doesn't like me much." Said Jaden
"Gonna see if she's still out there." Said Anna and she got up from the bed and slightly opened the door a crack and there was no sign of Westley outside and she shut the door
"Oh she's gone." Said Anna and she went back over to the bed and Jaden held her in his arms again
"How come this feels like the start of a catastrophe?" Asked Jaden
"Don't know, just hope we can pull through." Said Anna and he kissed her forehead once and he seemed to hold her tightly.

Meanwhile in the Forest, Westley was stood in a tree, the wind blew her brown hair which she grabbed and she tied it back, she knew something was in the Forest, she had watched Jaden and Anna leave it hesitantly, which the sight of them two together frankly made her jealous but she needed to remember that Anna wasn't Nephthyra, she had to keep remembering that even though the resemblance was striking, she had to do her duty to make sure the Hand was protected and then she cleared her mind and started to think, she didn't want to stay away from the dorm for too long, even though her magical Pyrite Crystals would be a good defence but because Kira could have risen and be anywhere, she had to take extra precautions even though Kira would still be weak.
She closed her eyes, she could hear the wind blowing continuously and she took in a breath and heard something, and thanks to her birds eye view, she saw a shadow and she jumped down from the tall tree grabbing the branches as she fell down so when she hit the ground, she wouldn't make a sound as she didn't want to surprise her enemy and she knew what it was it was a Shruneye, it was half man and half demon, they were exceptional fighters but didn't have much brains for strategy and they were quite tall and had a muscled build, you couldn't even tell that they were half human since they looked so monstrous, they had bright, piercing red eyes and had rough scaly skin that if you'd touch you could pick up their poisonous secretion let through their skin and it was a minion of Kira, which meant the Shruneye would either be on its way back to Kira or Kira would have sent it after Anna judging by it's direction but then she heard something come up behind her and her heart started to race
"Another Shruneye?" Thought Westley and she was actually quite curious about why there were two of them
"Wonder what Kira has them both after, they don't usually travel in pairs." She thought again and she reached for her Twin Sai which were in her knee boots which were also golden, like her armour and she swiftly turned around and a pair of slashes from her Twin Sai's lacerated the Shruneye's throat and it dropped to the floor dead and dark green blood poured slowly from it's wound and onto the soil and grass
"Not much of a challenge." Thought Westley with disappointment and the moonlight shone off of her blade which was stained dark green, she was kind of disgusted on how it didn't bleed red and she ducked a sword blade quickly and then swiftly stabbed its owner in the stomach, and then she pulled the dagger out, and looked at the end of it and she then kicked the Shruneye down and she was about to take the kill but it tripped her and she hurt her head against the ground
"Fuck." Thought Westley and her Twin Sai went flying out of her hands and she got back up quickly and had to be weary of it's sword and then she jumped in the air and grabbed the tree branch above her and did a swing kick on it, her heart raced frantically as the adrenaline rushed through her veins and it crashed into a tall tree, it's sword flew out of it's hand and disappeared into the bushes.
She dropped back onto the grass and did a few back flips and she grabbed hold of her Twin Sai's and then she landed on her feet and the Shruneye staggered up and charged at her like a bull, completely forgetting about it's sword and she did a double step back and disappeared behind a nearby tree and she put her leg out and tripped the creature, before it had a chance to react she stabbed it in the brain with her dagger but the only way to ensure that they stay dead was to set them on fire, she got out a lighter and she flicked it and set the corpse on fire and she did the same to the other, she made sure to be quick, luckily it only took one flame and that was all she needed and by where the second corpse was, she saw an amulet, laying on the ground, it was embedded on a gold chain and its gem was topaz and it's glow had a glow similar to her Pyrite Crystals, she spun her Twin Sai in her hands and put them back into her boots and then she picked it up to study it, it was unlike anything she had seen before, it looked familiar to her and then it clicked in her mind
"Nocturna Suppressio Prudentia, I wonder why you're so far away from home?" Thought Westley and she dangled it and the moonlight reflected off of it
"Great I can only get rid of you in the Cemetery at the Kingdom." Mumbled Westley to herself and then she left the bodies to burn as after they would dispose of themselves

At the red dorm, Anna had fallen asleep in Jaden's arms and he had also fallen asleep...

Jaden didn't know where he was but he knew this had to be a dream of some sort, everything seemed dark around him, this place kind of reminded him of the Shadow Realm, shadows seemed to swirl all around him and then he saw a figure stood high, with a duel disk on, and the silhouette of a monster, it was like a bat or bird, he couldn't tell what it was but it was familiar to him and then the shadows seemed to descend quickly as another shadow rose, it was larger than the bat like creature and it seemed to look like a dragon and Jaden notice that the figure seemed to tremble
"It's over, you failed." Stated a malicious sounding voice, it sounded deep and threatening and almost frightened him
"I won't give up Kira." Said the figure's voice, at first it sounded distorted
"It's too late, Emperor Dragon end this, with Chaotic Wing Blast!" Stated the deep voice, obviously it was Kira
"I reveal my facedown Mirror Force so Nephthys is safe." Stated the figure
"Nephthys? That means..." Said Jaden quickly but he watched the face down reveal itself, it was something that could negate Mirror Force.
"I reveal my trap card Dark Bribe, which means Mirror Force is negated and Emperor Dragon has his attack, now your 600 remaining life points are gone, attack Nephthys with Chaotic Wing Blast!" Said Kira and all Jaden could hear was echoing, malicious laughter of succession and the dragons attack lit up the scene with blazing fire and Jaden saw what he feared, it was Anna and she collapsed to the ground and a tear fell down her face
"Ex ignibus resurge." She had muttered as she laid down on the ground
"Anna, get up come on!" Shouted Jaden
"It's too late, you can't save her, you never will, it will always end like this." Said the malicious voice
"No it can't." Said Jaden
"Jaden." He heard a voice say, it seemed to repeat itself and echo all around him
"Jaden." Said Anna, she shook him vigorously and she could hear him mumbling and moaning
"Jaden." She repeated with a worried tone and then he awoke with a start and sat up quickly and he hugged her tightly and she felt that he was shaking and she hugged him back
"It's okay." Whispered Anna in a comforting tone
"I hope so." Whispered Jaden back and he rested his head on her shoulder but her comforting words still made him feel uneasy, his dreams had warned him before but that was thanks to Winged Kuriboh, something else was doing this, he could feel it
"Everything's gonna be okay." Whispered Anna and then he kissed her once on the neck and then looked her in the eyes
"I don't think I could forgive myself if anything happened to you." Said Jaden and he moved a strand of red hair from her face
"I couldn't forgive myself if anything ever happened to you." Said Anna and she looked him in his eyes and he moved in on her and kissed her once and she kissed him back
"You've come so far haven't you?" Asked Jaden
"I guess I have." Said Anna and he kissed her again but this time, it was a deep kiss and she returned it playfully which made him smile into it and then he returned the favour to her, by been playful back but he broke the kiss, which confused her
"I love you." Said Jaden and he could tell Anna had suddenly became shy and flustered as she blushed
"I have since we met, I just never saw it." He added and he gazed in her eyes and he could tell she was flustered and nervous
"I...." Said Anna, at first she was nervous but then she looked him in the eyes and she saw that he meant it
"I love you." Said Anna at first she thought she would struggle saying it but she didn't even find it hard to say, it was like she already knew what she wanted and that was him, she wanted his good and bad and she was willing to fight for it 
"I'm not gonna let this get away from us, I'm certainly not going to let Kira win." Said Jaden and he moved the hair away from her face and looked in her eyes
"We'll stand up to Kira, together." Stated Anna
Outside Jaden's dorm room, Skye was listening and earwigging
"Skye?" Asked Jesse loudly and Skye jumped out of her skin
"Jesse!" Shouted Skye
"You scared me and what?" Asked Skye
"You eavesdropping again?" Asked Jesse
"Well, I can't exactly wait for Anna to tell me what happened can I?" Asked Skye
"So just outta curiosity, what's going on in there?" Asked Jesse
"Well after god knows how long they've finally admitted they're in love with each other." Said Skye
"Finally, guess you and Jeri were right." Said Jesse
"When am I wrong?" Asked Skye with a smirk
"I never said you were wrong." Said Jesse
"Good, now let's get away from the door before they step out." Said Skye with a giggle
Inside Jaden's room, Jaden and Anna were cuddling up to each other on his bed, he was laid behind her while she was laid in front of him, facing away from him, he had his arms wrapped around her waist, Anna felt safe in his arms, in his room and just generally safe with him and she almost forgot about the realities of the danger Kira possibly had for them
"I'm sure about what I want Anna but are you sure you want to be with me?" Asked Jaden
"What do you mean?" Asked Anna
"I mean, this, us, it's like playing with fire, especially because of Kira, we could get burnt." Advised Jaden
"We shouldn't let Kira or anything else stand in our way Jay, you're all I want." Said Anna
"I was hoping you'd say that." Said Jaden playfully and she turned to face him and she smiled at him and he was about to kiss her and then the lights went out
"What the?" Asked Jaden
"Great, that's the third time it's happened." Said Anna
"Yeah, ever since the red dorm got it's own generator, it's been weird lately." Said Jaden
"Well should we risk checking it?" Asked Anna and then the lights came back
"Maybe we don't have to." Said Jaden and then the lights went off again
"Oh god damn it." Said Anna starting to get a little peeved and then they heard a frantic banging on the door and Jaden opened it and they saw Skye and Jesse stood there and behind them, the surrounding around them, was an entirely new scene they had never seen before, they were in a golden desert, their surroundings were almost like dunes but in the distance, they saw what looked like some sort of distant kingdom but it seemed to look like a mirage
"What the?" Asked Anna wonderously
"We are definitely not in Kansas anymore." Said Skye almost freaking out

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