Love, Life, Trust, and Friendship

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A poem about four of the most essential elements in our daily lives. Sometimes it is hard to see that they are there, knocking on your door, merely waiting to be recognized. This is a poem for all who feel downtrodden when life's torment is at its peak.

Submitted: May 18, 2007

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Submitted: May 18, 2007



Life, Love, Trust, Friendship


Life is a race, but we don't have to win it
Love is a lake, but we don't have to get in it
Trust is an ocean, but we don't have to swim
Friendship is a mountain, but we don't have to ascend

We feel that our life is too much to bear
Sometimes love is too much of a dare
Trust cannot happen, we've felt too much pain
Friendship is pointless, we'll just get hurt again

Her family is broken, why should she live?
Some words have been spoken, love cannot be his
They were betrayed, and can't trust again
His friend turned her back, so friendship is sin

We think that this life is supposed to be easy
We feel that love should be simple and breezy
Trust should be something that we always do
Friendship is a given, and arguments are few

But her father got mad and left in a huff
And his girlfriend told him that she'd had enough
Their loved one turned his back when they needed help
She walked away, thinking only of herself

If life is so simple, then why do we feel pain?
If love is so easy, then why are we left out in the rain?
If trust can be won, then why do we fear?
If friendship is a breeze, why is no one near?

No one ever said life would go by
No one ever said that you wouldn't cry
No one ever said that you would not get hurt
No one ever said that friends would ever learn

Life will be tough, and bad things will happen
Love will be hard, but it's just got to be done
Trusting is difficult, but we'll have to try
Friendship is stormy, but we'll have to get by

For Someone is there to help your life to start over
His love is so great, and it never will waver
You can trust Him with all that you are
He'll be your best friend, your brightest star

He'll hold you while the storms of life rage
He'll love you through the mistakes that you've made
He'll be the One you always can count on
He'll be the Friend that will never leave you alone

With Him by your side, you'll handle life
You'll feel the love and stay away from strife
You'll trust again, forever you'll see
That you have friends, forever to be

So, life is a race, and we're going to win it
Love is a lake, so let's go and get in it
Trust is an ocean, let's go in and swim
Friendship is a mountain, now let us ascend

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