She wished

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First attempt at a competition. Love and loathe the challenge of flash fiction. My character has a dilemma. I have attempted to give some back story without removing the action in hand. Although it's tinged with sadness I hope the humour triumphs.

Submitted: February 13, 2017

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Submitted: February 13, 2017



She wished ....

She wished now she had worn knickers. He wouldn't know. Hands  raised to give balance on the  slippery stones, nothing to keep that hem down. Wind blasted her hair, toes slipped. She sighed. It had seemed a brilliant dare, at the time. 

She wished ...
Then sun delivered. Warmth infiltrated and the edges of her lips lifted. Now.
A deep breath.  Her head full of memories. Good ones. Sad too.  He's gone. She shook her head. She had promised and it was time. She raised her hands. 
She wished....
He gave her months, too few. Her friend. Her confidante. Laughter, there was always so much laughter. So many dares.  She started to giggle but  it turned into a sob. 
Not lovers, best friends who laughed and cried together. Mostly laughter. Challenging dares with increasing tenacity. Forfeits cringeworthy.  
She wished...
You bastard ....she took a breath, bent down praying her dress protected her modesty, then scooped water into her flowing hair. She stood again and began to sing loudly....
"I'm gonna wash that man right out of my hair...."
The tourists behind her shreeked. Then a seagull flew over and she could have sworn she could hear his laughter. 

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