All the world's a stage

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So I wrote this piece as part of my course. It was originally meant to be a monologue but could be considered a short story. The main character is experiencing a sort of mental conflict relating to the voices embedded in her mind. It is open to interpretation. Enjoy.

Submitted: February 12, 2012

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Submitted: February 12, 2012




All the world’s a stage.

Why can’t you just stop all this mess and we’ll continue as we were. Put it down! We were happy! No. We weren’t. But we allowed ourselves to think that, To be innocent and continue blissfully ignoring the terrors of the outside world! Outside of our confinements that is. I did not stop to think about it. That much is true. We... I should have. The consequences are so, so... take a breath. Calm yourself. Don’t let it consume you. That’s what our mother would say when we had a “funny turn”. Don’t let it get the better of us. Stand strong. And don’t let them see.

But you, you don’t understand, how still I fight for my freedom, how I claw against the very foundations of life’s heavy root. We have played every side of the story, our story. The heroine, the villain and the damsel in distress. But not the parts of the parts you think. We are the courage, the evil and the innocence of heart. We are everything, everything in this ignorant little world. The whisper of the mountains and the roar of the wind. Or is it the other way round? We don’t know anymore.  After this, this thing. We could not continue as before. We couldn’t continue the act. We could not think about the pain, the suffering! The solution? To not think. To drift through the dull repetitiveness of life, our life. But now our acting is done. The games are done. The world, for us, is nearly done. It’s time to face the punishment.

 Any moment now.

 It was all me. Just know that. Me. I fought, I cried , I was victorious. But it wasn’t me. It was us. Why can’t you leave. Leave me to this! Leave me to think as I haven’t for so long! Let me have my final words. Let me say them. Out loud. Without you here to corrupt and change my mind!

Here it comes. This is it. The end of me. And us. I will allow myself to look. To look at the thing now held in our... MY hands. Take a breath, Be calm, strong. Yes... This is my choice. Please know that. Think me a coward if you wish but we, I, am sure of this. If you had done as I have done. you too would do this. Cause All the world’s a stage. no longer shall I be a player.

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All the world's a stage

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