I don't know why or how or anything. I just made this up. This is all.


I looked at the feather.It used to be a beautiful red and gold, but now it was a dull brown flecked with gray plumes. Some of the hairs had fallen off, and it wasn't as soft and flexible as it usually was, more brittle and... almost ugly.
"Katherine?" Peter walked in. "Oh, you're admiring the feather again," he said, almost snidely.
"Peter," I said, choked up, "Look." I brandished the feather in his face, tears threatening to spill from my eyes. "It's dying."
"Kat, honestly. Pheonix feathers don't... Oh. Erlyn restarted again." Restarting for phoenixes was when they burned up and were reborn. All magic ties that hold them are lost. Why didn't he think of this?
"Yes, oh. It's my anchor. I can't do spells now enter the realms or- or- see Elwyn or Sana ever again." Can't you re-anchor me or something?"
Peter stared at me, an odd expression on his face. "Well, it's never been done before, and, the risk..."
"But would you?" The odd expression is back. Is it pity?
I stare back defiantly.
I've lost Peter too.

Submitted: October 25, 2011

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