How About Letting Go!?

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Becoming Too Attached Was Never Blissful

I tried, No Hey Look At Me I tried, I truly Did If There Were Awards For This Life Thing I Would've Won An Award For Doing Good Deeds

But Somehow Along The Wa I Became dead weight with a dead taste Like Hungry Vultures Feasting On My Breathless Tiny Breadth Body Which Had Breath Full Of Resentment

Hey Are You Still Listening To Me? Why Are Your Eyes Not Showing Interest In What I'm Saying? I Said I Tried But Failure Had An Appetite Because I Got Too Attached

But It Wasn't Your Fault Only The Human Brain Can Create Something So Malevolent As Love I Understand, My mind Lacked Potency and I Fell, Ow Hello This is for you.

Submitted: January 02, 2019

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