undeniably introspective

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my obtuse outlook on life

Submitted: January 27, 2008

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Submitted: January 27, 2008



Loved up, living, praying for forgiveness
Dreaming of an existence without war and hatred
Believing in good is just deceitful and ridicule
Accepting that we are all bad is just and righteous
Chocolate like religion is evil and confusing
Listen not to your head, your taste-buds your inner voices or your demons
Listen only to what you are told
Go only where you are told
Live a life that's shit and die when you get old
Believe in afterlife if you want its all bollocks there is nothing else
This is the culmination of death, life.
Confused of course why not confusion is what the feed you
It’s forced into e numbers it’s forced into you
Take it take it take it don't spew.
Give up all processed food, water air
Give up television, radio and computer
Go natural and live in the country
Go natural and live in the sea
Life is better than this it has to be
Worse it cannot be I must get better
Worse forever no never I would rather take death
I seem to be seeing a theme in my writing
It seems to be death
But when I try to express myself there seems to be nothing left
Where is my humour my wit and my fun?
Where is my compassion, well its all fucking gone
So death is here suicide on my mind
I am going upstairs to take some valium to unwind
Global warming, climate change, poles are changing end of days
Wind power sea power anything but us power
No more oil, petrol or gas
No more cars or planes or stuff
No more travel for the average man
Just the super rich who think they can
Well I have news for you and them
They will die first it’s called the start of the end
The super rich the rotten regimes
The unjust governments the out of date queens
We need no rulers we need no police
Let the scum kill the rich
And then scum kill the scum
When all is over and war has ceased
The good will survive the average man
The man in the street the girl next door
The swat in the classroom the emo by the door.
Distance yourself from the rich and the scum
Disagree with the politicians let them know they are wrong
Don't vote coz you have to Vote coz its right
In fact don't vote at all stand up and fight
Fight the system stand with me at my side
We can make a difference there is no need to hide
The shift it is coming the tide on the turn
Our turn is at hand they are starting to fear
They fear us they know
Their time will soon be up
The east the west the south and the north
The whole world will have to grow
Grow out of these dark times and into the light
The future is out there its still shining bright
Make me your leader your number one bleeder
Give me your women so I can become a saintly breeder
Hah no chance of that I am already snipped
It's got nothing to do with the whisky I’ve sipped
Put me in charge let me rule the world
I can then lay out my plans yes let them unfold
Away to the stars we have the technology
We just have to use it to surpass our infantile behaviour
Idealistic but still realistic come on cant you feel it
Come on lets just use it
Make me abuse it
Its getting close now the hour
Make me die
Make me a martyr
Then burn me and use my ashes to grow great tomatoes
Hey everyone needs good fruit and veg.
Where did you think this was going?
I have not got a clue myself its just gibberish
It tastes like flying saucers mixed with liquorish
Happy happy gloomy and sad
I hate my father my sperm donator my dad.
What more of wanker could I wish for?
Hey maybe I could take a contract out on him
You know one of those contracts that make you join a gym
He has always been elsewhere even when at home
Now I am describing myself
Shit I need something done.
Another scream for help unnoticed unhelped
Another cry for forgiveness stuck at the back of a shelf

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