Giselle's Revenge II: Resurrection of Giselle

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The ressurection of Giselle after being turned to stone in Giselle's Revenge

Submitted: August 12, 2013

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Submitted: August 12, 2013




She stood, in the abandoned mansion, on the outskirts of town, in a heavily secluded part in the forest. Her expression was still the same. Her soul was bound in stone, a stone statue that can only feel the expression she holds. She lead a very painful existence, a painful shallow superficial existence that she chose to continue to lead, despite having the life she knew taken away from her. Her being ached for revenge against the very source of her pain, the very pain she chose to feel. The world was against people like her. 

It would be a fitting end for a spell to turn her to stone forever. However, her body may have been turned into a marble statue but her soul remained, sealed forever in a marble replica of her original body. Giselle may have been turned to stone but her soul wasn't and continued to burn with the flame of hatred, resentment, and greed. However, someone sought out to resurrect her. Someone who pitied her. Someone who felt that she was wrongfully judged and should have been given a second chance. Someone who pretty much thinks the same way as she does.

This someone was her twin sister Griezelda. When she heard where Giselle was located, she went to the location but not to grieve, to resurrect her sister. She had the supplies to commence a resurrection spell and she knew Giselle's soul was sealed inside the statue. In order for the spell to work, a mass amount of blood must be given in exchange. However, this sort of thing would not be done if death was going to ensured but Griezelda decided it would worth it if her life was given in exchange. In promising to revive her sister, Griezelda  uttered the spell and her blood was splattered just about everywhere. The statue glowed brightly before it melted. 

As a barely alive Griezelda watched, Giselle slowly sprang from her blood. However, what Griezelda didn't count on or think about was that she used dark magic, which held dire consequences. In a flash of light, the Bottecelli sisters were merged to form one. Toki, you are going to pay for what you've done! she thought. 

Meanwhile, Toki was tossing and turning in her bed. She seemed to be having a nightmare. Being mentally ill, she was known to be plagued with nightmares but this one seemed extreme to the point it seemed she was fighting furiously with the person in said nightmare. After dreaming for more than an hour, she awoke, her eyes wide. Can't be... she thought. She got up and went to her sister's room. Doki sat in her bed awake, apparently awaken from the same nightmare. "I think Giselle is back." Toki said. Doki looked at her and nodded in agreement. Toki walked down the stairs, into the livingroom, and out the front door. She stood on the path, looking towards the northeast. A red glow was in the distance. Toki crossed her heart and wished so much that what had happened did not happen. She rushed into her house and  activated the indestructible shield , covering her entire property. 

"Giselle is back!" she said.

To be Continued....

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