Madgie, what did you do? L: PROJECT: A.N.G.E.L

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The 50th in the Madgie, what did you do series and it goes where the government goes haywire. There is more info in the story

Submitted: August 20, 2013

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Submitted: August 20, 2013



Are Angels made of glass?

I awoke to the sound of a loud metallic heavily distorted scream. From the way it sounded, it sounded pained. In the distance, I spotted some kind of creature and that was before everything went black. I awoke in a nest of some sort and then I discovered that creature was a mutated Doki. She looked fairly the same, only her claws and fingers had grown long and strange gigantic wings had grown out of her back. She looked at me and, in her distorted voice, said, "Usagi." At first, I feared her but then I knew not to. She wouldn't hurt me and whatever happened to her was not of her own doing. No sooner did Doki settle down, I heard a voice say, "Doki's brought you to her nest." I looked up and found it was Toki, unchanged, and cradling babies  in her arms. The babies she held in her arms were her niece and daughter. "You're safe now, we all are." she said. Promptly, in response, I asked, "What's happened to her?"

"She was taken as an experimental subject in PROJECT:A.N.G.EL. Of course, she is no threat."

"What happened during PROJECT:A.N.G.E.L?"

"What happened during that governmental project was excessive gene splicing, explaining her wings, and the purpose of the project was to prove to the other countries that America isn't weak but it backfired and many of subjects proved to be too dangerous and had to be destroyed but others were spared and one of those spared was my sister."

"How long has she been living here?"

"A little while, this is often her and the children's place of refuge."

"What became  of Madgie?"

"I don't know, we never saw her again, but Eglantine is alright and she is here, too. That scream you likely heard was Doki's mournful cry because she couldn't find her but she is happy she found you."

"Happy she found me?"

"Yes, she's thought you've died and it is still her instinct to search for one she's lost. Care for some dinner, darling?"

We ended our conversation at that and Toki gone  over to a cauldron over the fire, apparently what she was cooking was finished. Of course, being that I was right in front of Doki, I was subjected to her making rhythmic squeaks, before, she promptly asked, in her somewhat robotic voice, "How are you, Usagi?" In an odd sense, we started a conversation and talked about various things, she enfolding her gigantic wings almost as if forming a protective embrace around me. In her distorted voice she said, "Dinnertime." Toki was holding two bowls of soup and said, "After this, bedtime, you can travel in the morning." We ate and fell asleep. We awoke the next morning, where Doki was flapping her wings.  "Fear not, Usagi, she knows where to take you and she will protect you." Toki said. Doki flapped her wings and we departed. 

After about a few days, we reached our destination. Angel let out a cry but it wasn't mournful, rather it was relieved and joyful. "See you soon, Usagi." she said, her voice wasn't distorted, rather it was angelic. She nudged me forward and smiled. I got in and awoke, swinging in my hammock.

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