Madgie did it again and now, Bunny has to make right of wrong and wipe the Marionette, a ruling totalitarian fascist union that controls the world, from existance However, one question remains: What happened to Toki and Madgie? Read and find out


Madgie, what the hell is it that you keep doing that lands us in these circumstances? We came back to the future and things were as bad as they looked. Why can't Madgie learn from her mistakes and stop conducting these experiments?

I awoke in an area shrouded by darkness. The area was misty. Before I could rise to my feet, I heard a familiar accent say "Wake up or you will die out here!" I was being shaken by a small hand, only for to stop when I struggled to my knees.I looked up and spotted a familiar face with a mess of black hair. Violetta.

Violetta looked different than before. The rings under her eyes had gotten darker to the point her empty red eyes looked sunken. Her hair was disheveled, with a white bow in it. One of her ears were missing. She was wearing a black dress that was raggedy and stained and was wearing a black cloak. It should be quite noted that I thought she was missing an arm but I figured out she had two arms but the other was hidden and hung limply by her side, implying it had lost its function. On one foot she wore a ragged shoe and the other, she wore nothing. Her hand was bandaged and was holding a dim white lantern.

"We must get out of here, Iepure." she said, her nose twitching in apprehension. I got to my feet and she led me away from the area. As we walked, I felt a light rain. The area was covered in mists and it was dark. The ground was cold. "You must be silent, Iepure. We must not be found by the Marionette." Violetta said, in quite a hushed tone that left no room for argument. I wondered what the 'Marionette' was.She stated that we had to be quiet so I guess that now is not a time to talk. We continued walking, until we were near a manhole. She gingerly lifted the lid and pushed it aside. She told me climb down. I climbed the ladder into a boat. She closed pulled the lid over the manhole and climbed down. She stood up and lifted the oar to steer. She was steering us through a sewer filled with the darkness of uncertainty.

We arrived at our destination and she told me climb up the ladder. When I did, I found myself in Toki's property line, within the dome. "Tanti has been expecting you. You can speak now, the Marionette can't hear you now." Violetta said, as she walked to the back door. "Where's Madgie?" I asked.Violetta froze and said "Iepure, ask me not! You shall ask Tanti whatever questions you have." She opened the back door and told me to go in. She led me through the hallway and upstairs, to the farthest end of the house.

Violetta opened the door to the room she told me about. It was room of decent size and was quite decorated. I saw Doki in the corner looking outside, wearing a black dress and a headdress that could be veil that didn't cover her face. She was wearing makeup that consisted red lipstick and black eye shadow. Her nails were painted red and in on hand she held a white lace handkerchief. She was wearing a ruby pendant and had on black boots with red ribbons. "Tanti, I have brought Iepure for you." Violetta said, alerting her aunt to our presence, before hurrying off.

I was quite afraid now, when Doki looked at me. In her eyes was a look of antagonism and grief. She had every right and reason to be upset. "I do suppose you wondering where Madgie is." she said, her finger pointing at me. My bottom lip was trembling in fear and I didn't have to ask what had happened because she gave me the answer. "Madgie has been taken by the Marionette. She and Toki both and neither have ever been seen or heard from again." she said, her eyes narrowed. I bit my lip to the point it had bled. Madgie was gone and possibly killed but my only key and guidance through all of these past instances likely suffered the same fate. She probably ended up taken by the so called 'Marionette' because she was trying to save Madgie.

"I know how to help your sorry ass, even though I harbor a grudge towards you and your sister for the hell that I and everyone here in this damn house was put through but I'm doing this because it is what my sister would have wanted." Doki said, her eyes narrowed. I was silent and she gave the instructions and where the time transport was located. "I can and will not escort you but Violetta can and shall, as long as you are silent." she said, her eyes closed.

An hour later, I found myself being escorted by a silent Violetta. I wanted to ask questions but if I wanted to reverse this, I had to be quiet. We were walking through a dark misty ghost town. No lights were on in the houses or buildings, even the street lights were off, which frightened me so. It was if the town was in the time of Jack the Ripper. Nothing was heard and all we heard were our footsteps and, to my long ears, they seemed to echo. I wondered why Doki was so cold and antagonistic and I sure hope she can forgive Madgie and me but I did quite wonder what happened to Toki when she was taken by the Marionette. Violetta, as sweet as she is, maintains her silence and made gestures that encouraged me to do the same.

As we walked and while I thought, I spotted two bluish-white figures in the mist. My nose twitched and I thought about what they were. They looked like a mother and child, holding hands and walking.

As I saw them walking, I started to make what they looked like. The taller figure, the woman, I should say, was wearing a full-length white dress that had a red ribbon on the waist. She had long hair that was loosely bound in a bun with black ribbon. She was beautiful and looked familiar. As she walked, she turned around briefly and gave me a bittersweet smile and waved. The shorter figure, the girl, was wearing what probably was a chartreuse dress with white leggings decorated with purple lace and light purple flats. Her hair was perhaps a dark color and had a light purple ribbon. Both of their clothes were stained in blood.

It had taken me not long who they were, they were Toki and Madgie, perhaps executed together and will not allow themselves to leave until I brought them back. She died doing the one thing that a mother would and that was to protect a child, even if it was not hers. She died protecting Madgie, the one that started this.

When we were almost there, Violetta disappeared and I only found her lantern and cloak, lying on the ground. "Be brave, Iepure…" I heard her fading Transylvanian voice say. I felt a gentle push on my back and gentle feeling around my shoulders as if someone had wrapped their arms around me in a caring embrace. I wondered what was happening. I was receiving comfort from the spirits. I walked, until I saw a light. A gentle white light.

They always say run away from the light but I had to reverse what Madgie had done and make sure the Marionette never take any more lives, thus I was running towards the light. Tears rolled down my cheeks and, with the strength I had, I ran to the light. Next thing I knew, I was in a hospital room, dizzy and with a headache. "So, you are alive, are you? I thought I've killed you with that baseball." I heard someone say and there she was, Toki, standing with Madgie. Doki was there, too, in uniform, filling out a sheet on a clipboard. It seems I had got a concussion when Toki was playing with a baseball. Things were normal, once again.

Submitted: August 10, 2013

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It seems like Toki and Madgie were really close friends in this chapter. I'm glad Bunny got over her concussion. I enjoyed reading this, thanks for sharing:)

Thu, September 26th, 2013 4:03pm


You're welcome and I do thank you for reading

Sat, September 28th, 2013 12:27pm

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