Madgie, what did you do? XIII: Artificial Angel

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It's kind of benign but there is some minor language

The thirteenth in the Madgie, what did you do? series and a benign one where Bunny returns to the future after a nuclear war where half of everyone she knew has had to become a cyborg in order to survive. Read to know more

The only reason as to why Madge looks the way she does is because she is a ghost and was dead before then.

Submitted: August 10, 2013

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Submitted: August 10, 2013




Madgie, can you hear me? You did it again and I know not where you are. Madgie, where are you? I know not where you are and/or if you are alive. Are you dead? I'm angry with you and I sure hope you're dead before I get to you.

I awoke with my vision blurred, with familiar faces looking at me. Who were they? A finger gently poked my face and I heard a familiar voice say "Well, she's alive." My vision cleared and I recognized them. Circled around me were Cyanne, Antoinette, Miki (the one that was poking me), Violetta, and Doki, her bespectacled eyes narrowed slightly. They looked different and I had realized something about them when I noticed long transparent pulsating glowing things sticking out of their backs.

At that realization I sat up and scooted away, frightened but I felt a hand on my head. I looked up at it and noticed it was not real, it was artificial. "We won't hurt you but we are upset with the fact we lost our some of our body parts to war and the aftermath, forcing us to be artificial angels." Doki said, the things on her back vibrating slightly. I hesitantly pointed to the things on her and back and she answered "Those are wings, Usagi." I was quite shocked and I wanted to ask what happened but she turned and flew off. The others proceeded to the same and that wasn't without grabbing me in the process.

We flew over a town that was destroyed apparently by a nuclear bomb. The clouds were wispy and they sky was a pale blue, somehow putting me at ease. The vegetation below was modest, scattered about the demolished town. I saw small watering holes and wondered on if they were good to drink from, but, since the town looked like it was demolished with a nuke, I figured it wasn't. I did notice something very odd, the town below seemed to be littered with trash, despite appearing to be desolate and near uninhabited. We landed in front of the dome.

Doki sat for a brief moment, looking up at the sky. I guess she was resting but she suddenly stood up and said "If you want answers, I'll tell you. I know what you want to know." She turned to face me, blinking. She wanted me to see what damage had been done to her. Her left eye was artificial. Her right arm must have been destroyed, as it was robotic from the shoulder down. Her right leg was twisted inward and her left leg was gone and she was holding a cane to support her, crippling her more. The 'veins' and outline of her wings were pink. She wasn't really wearing much of anything except for a tube top and skirt, with a locket. Her hair was not really combed and was tied back in a messy bun. Also one of her antennas was missing and the other one was torn.

She took deep breath and said "Sometime ago, there was a long nuclear war that destroyed this town. If someone didn't die, they were horribly injured and lost body parts. From the wreckage we emerged but we were not sure how to survive so we had no choice but to rebuild ourselves, with the help of those who knew about robotic technology. Sadly, they had died after we were complete, succumbing to the effects of the bomb that was dropped on us. Some of us did die, needless to say, and we were fitted to live but this comes at a price, at times we must protect ourselves from the artificial demons that tend to attack us in the sky. However, some of us I know not what happened to and we are not for certain if we will ever see them again. That and Brownie had damaged her wings in fight with one of said artificial demons, rendering her unable to fly properly."

Before I could ask a question, I heard a loud ping before Doki's eyes narrowed and she said "That's Brownie and she is back from scouting." Brownie had struggled to her feet, rubbing her aching head. For some odd reason, she had three legs, two organic and one robotic. "Hey, Bunny Bitch!" she said, waving. I ignored the nickname and asked what happened to Madgie and Toki. There was a silence and Doki answered, "I don't know and I am not sure what happened to Rose and Vielle but we never saw them again."Her lip trembled briefly, revealing her to be sad but she did say, with a cracked voice, that she knew where the time transport is and that no one could escort me but she gave me a map and asked if there was anything else I needed. I thanked her and was soon on my way.

I was walking for hours, even when my high heels tore away from my feet. The soles of my feet were reddened. As I walked through the field, I heard faint voices. Madgie, what the fuck did you do?!I felt my hand being grasped and I could have sworn I was alone but I was wrong, holding my hand was Madgie's ghost. My eyes welt up in tears and I fell to my knees, sobbing. I felt a pair of arms wrap around me as I grieved. I got up, pulled myself together, and continued onto the time cave.I walked in and saw a glowing nexus. I walked over to it and reached out to touch it.

A turquoise light flashed and I felt Madgie's hand slip away. Things were swirling around. I was frightened quite so and then I found myself at home, apparently fell asleepin my chair, while reading. I was mystified and things were as they were again. Yet, I wonder whose arms wrapped around me in comforting manner. They were not Madgie's, so whose could they be? I guess they were Toki's. They were alright and were going about their lives. I wonder….was it all fantasy?

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