Madgie, what did you do? XIV: Sacrificial Angel

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Well, Madgie did it again and started a war far worst than death harvest. Think of WWII without quiting mixed in with the present war in the middle east and make it ten times worse. The title is because Toki used her blood to seal away the time transport and must awakened, read story to know more. Rated so because of the idea of war and children killing themselves.

Submitted: August 14, 2013

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Submitted: August 14, 2013




Madgie, your ass did again and what the hell did you do?! I'm getting really tired of this and I'm going to smack the hell out of you when we get home, so you better hope I am too inebriated to even think about it.

I awoke to the sound of a woman screaming in the distance. The town was ravaged and it gave me every reason to be afraid. I heard machine guns shooting off in the distance. I didn't know what to do or where to go. Madgie was nowhere to seen and, knowing full well the circumstances, she was probably killed in the gunfire. I waited for the danger to lessen before hurrying to another location. I hurried through the town hoping for some escape. I continued running until I spotted my house. I ran inside and found it ransacked. I walked about calling the names of my cousin, adopted brother, and cat but I heard nothing. I searched for but found them to be dead, their copses stained in blood. I am so sorry… Upon seeing their corpses, I realized that I was not safe and that I should leave as soon as the circumstance was given. I rushed down the stairs and out of the door.

Determined to get away, I hastily removed my high heels and ran, leaving them behind. Like hell I was going to stay and be killed. I ran, not even caring that I had run through puddles of blood. I continued running until I spotted Toki's dome. However, that wasn't with seeing someone lying in front of it. I started to hop over to the dome, which was not too far away, about one supersonic hop. I landed next to what I saw and it was not pretty.

What it was, I gently rolled over to find out and, when I did, sweet Jesus, I discovered it was none other than Antoinette's corpse, covered blood. I slapped my hand over my mouth and, what had truly frightened me, was that her corpse was fresh. How did she die? I didn't know but it didn't look like she was shot and, from what is going on, I didn't fancy the thought of knowing. Next thing I knew, I heard someone calling me and saying "Come here if you want not the soldiers to find you." I followed the voice into the bushes until I came face to face with Doki.

Before I could say a single word, she looked at me and said "We cannot talk here." She escorted me to a secret entrance and we were inside the dome in less than five minutes. We walk into the house and Doki pointed to the chair in front of the table and told me to sit. "I suggest you want answers." she said. I froze, not knowing what to say. "My suspicions were confirmed and I shall give you answers, that is if you free up your throat and ask." Doki said, clasping her hands together.

"W…w...what happened?" I asked, stammering. She clasped her hands tighter, until they could clasp no more and went limp. She sighed and said "Well, a war was started and it dragged on into present time, ravaging the country and now there is fighting in the streets, with no one having the clue as to an end. Unfortunately, that has brought up the thoughts of suicide to ensure no suffering or harm would come to them but the fact of the matter in terms of suicide, 1/3 of this house, Antoinette has already committed suicide, while the others died of being shot and/ or starvation and disease. "My heart shattered and I would rather die with those people that were killed or killed themselves but what got me the most was Doki herself didn't know how long she herself was to live. "What happened to Toki?" I asked.

Doki's eyes welt up in tears and she said "Well, I have not seen her since she had became the last Sacrificial Angel, who sealed the time transport with her chains of blood as her sacrifice and only if she is awakened and the chains are you can be transported but you must free the bloodied crystal necklace from her hand, it is what binds her. No one can escort you there as none of us can guarantee your safety but the time transport if north of here. If you want to get there without harm, you must run and never stop until you get there, understand? Also… don't look back." I nodded and was soon on my way.

I ran, narrowly missing gunfire and grenades. I continued to run, without looking back. Why I was told not to was something that did not matter and I have to make right of wrong and reverse what Madgie did. As I was running, I noticed something running alongside me.Rather it wasn't something, it was someone and a couple of others

Who were they? The first one I recognized as Antoinette the recently dead from suicide and the other I recognized Madgie, killed from what could be gunfire. Who was the other one? Cyanne, apparently dead from disease. I continued running until I came to the location that I discovered it was a building, almost like temple, bound in red crystal chains, glowing and pulsating.

I slipped under them and found Toki laying on an alter of some sort. I noticed the bloodied necklace clasped in her hand and Doki said it was what bound her in this state. Judging by the glow, she have been here for some very long time and that unsealing her could take her life. If I wanted to make right of wrong, I had to remove the necklace from Toki's clasped hand but I was afraid of killing her in the process. I hesitated for a bit before a force of unknown pushed my hands over her hand with the necklace and took control of my fingers, prying her hand open.

Once I managed to pry the necklace from her hand successfully, her body pulsated and the chains turned to the blood from whence they formed. Her eyes sprang open and I, going to faint, set the necklace on what I thought to be a shelf. I started to hear the voices of a thousand angels and then everything went black.

I awoke on my couch, as I had fainted. Things were back to normal and everyone was alright. I wonder,…. had she died? No, I didn't kill her, Toki was lounging her rose garden in a breathtaking dream-like state.

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