Madgie, what did you do? XL: The Shadows of Things That May Be

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What could happen to our heroine in the future and that she meets her future self, who failed and only she can set it right

Submitted: August 20, 2013

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Submitted: August 20, 2013



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Madgie, please tell me, are these the shadows of the things that may be or the things that will be?

I awoke to the sound of weeping and curiosity, yet fear, drove me to walk the town. They sky was grey and there seems to have some sort of something that had gone on. Amongst the wreckage, I had spotted a little shoe, a familiar one. Madgie’s. I looked about that pile of wreckage and found it was the schoolhouse, where she had gone and that it didn’t take me long to spot her arm, decaying, poking out from under the rubble. Whatever had made that school collapse obviously didn’t give her enough time to escape. She was killed and, yet, she payed for her own sins in blood and death. After taking that in and with my ears falling to the side of my head, I continued on, carrying her little shoe. No, I couldn’t dig her decaying remains out, that would be too difficult (as they would fall apart) and too much for my heart to bear, even though, in a sense, she deserved it.

I noticed how the city was so wrecked. Almost all of the buildings were in the same state, with decaying limbs poking out of them. No, whatever happened could not have happened too long ago because these remains, like Madgie’s, were still decaying. Madgie, what did you do? I continued walking until I spotted someone in a black cloak. From the overall shape of the person, I could estimate that the person was female of a shapely build and that she was about my height, which is average. She turned her cloaked head towards me and jumped high in the air, landing almost in front of me. Something about her had frightened me and I asked, “Who…are…you…?!”  She let out a high-pitched half-crazed laugh and asked, “Do you not recognize me, Ethelinda Berniece Rabbitwright?

At that notion, she yanked off of her hood, revealing she was none other than my future self. Her hair was beyond frizzled and was in badly curled curls, almost as if it were a rough and ready bouffant. She was wearing red lipstick and smiling a rather twisted smile. One of her legs and arms were artificial, which lead me to wonder if said limbs were destroyed. She was wearing a form fitting black dress and one of her ears seemed to have been torn off at the middle and the other one had several of notches in it. She also seemed to be blind in one eye and part of her mouth was stitched. She narrowed her eyes and asked, “Are you going to stand there or do you want answers?” she said, making her smile more twisted.

I promptly asked her what had happened and she said, “Town was nuked and many were killed and that happened over a month ago but the radiation had slowed decomposition. I could have stopped it but arrived back in time too late.” We stood there, locked in somewhat of a stare-down for some reason, we heard the sound of faint footsteps and then the sound of a gunshot, which prompted her and me to duck. She glanced over and, following her eyes, I spotted Doki, who looked beyond terrified. She was donning a loose-fitting white dress, which could actually be a nightgown, that appeared to be bloodstained and her hair had turned white and was frizzled, also she wore no shoes. Her eyes were wide and she held the gun with trembling bloodied hands. “She’s terrified of just about everything and is beyond traumatized.” Seeing the both of us, she calmed and lowered her gun, sensing we no threat and sniffing the air. Staggering, she walked over to us and asked, “Two Usagi?” 

With partially closed eyes, she looked at me and then my future counterpart, trying to figure out which is which. Apparently, due to her traumatized mental state, she continued to whisper, “Two Usagi?” After looking at us both for about five minutes, she pointed to me weakly, and said, “True Usagi.” leading me to wonder if my future self was the ‘false’ Usagi. I asked her what she meant to which my future self answered, “She’s quite incoherent and is suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome but, allow me to elaborate, you see, you are the one who can set things right, pick up the pieces where I have failed.” It became apparent what her true identity was and that she was the result of what could be, what Madgie’s mistakes have led to. I asked how could I prevent this from happening and, while reciting a line from Charles Dickens’ novel The Christmas Carol, she answered, “These are the shadows of the things that may be and in order to make it so that these things are undone, one must find Toki because only she knows.” 

Using her artificial arm, she blasted some sort of portal and, whilst grabbing Doki and pushing me, went inside, being teleported somewhere else. We were teleported within the walls of room in Seamstress Manor. In the room was Toki, wearing a full-length white dress and veil, sitting in a chair, looking out of a window, at no sky, as the dome shield was over the house. She seemed not be thinking about anything and didn’t seem to notice our presence, until she turned and saw us. “Usagi, have you come to reverse the shadows of things that may be?” she asked. 

She got up from her chair and walked over to a box on dresser. She opened it and took out a glowing glass orb of some sort and said, “This is time portal, Usagi, smash it and all shall be reversed.” She handed it to me and I was teleported away from Seamstress Manor. Doing as I was told, I shattered it on the ground and was teleported home. I found myself looking in the mirror and quite envisioned myself in the future, knowing I am the one and true Usagi. Also, Doki was okay and was resting.

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