Madgie, what did you do? XLIV: I Cannot Heal and Nothing Can Be Healed

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The 44th in the Madgie, what did you do? series and it goes like this, Bunny returns to the future when an illness has spread but with disastrous results and symptoms

Submitted: August 20, 2013

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Submitted: August 20, 2013




Madgie, did you suffer from the same illness, too?

I awoke to a loud sobbing and turning my head to see Toki in the distance. As I was sitting up, I noticed something to be not right about her and that was the fact she was pretty much covered in what looked like burn marks, bright pink to red burn marks, and it seemed they didn’t heal, actually, how exactly one would tell because, if they were severe, they would be blistered and hers were badly blistered, almost as if acid burns. Her appearance frightened me because it was not something I had seen on a person before and I had reason to be afraid, especially, if those were caused by acid being thrown on her, then again, who would want to hurt her? Hopefully, not anyone she knows and cares about. Of course, while she may have been in the distance, she took notice to my presence and turned to look at me. 

Faltering with each step, she lumbered towards me and continued doing so until she was about one or two feet way, in conversational range. From the corner of her mouth, trickled blood and her eyes seem to be affected. She coughed for a bit until she spat blood, making it certain that the ‘burns’ were symptoms of an illness. She looked at me with her dimmed eyes, dilating her pupils with just about every flicker of light, as if trying to get her eyes to absorb them. I waved my hand in front of her face, to which she gave a startled reaction and hopped backwards before forward. Apparently, her eyes were damaged and her vision is mostly limited to seeing barely recognizable shapes and changes in the light and shadows, making it inherently obvious that she could not recognize things close up, rendering her rather skittish. 

Sitting there, she sniffed me, before getting up to circle me, sniffing me again. Naturally, she was following her instincts and was doing this to recognize me better, since she couldn't really see anymore. She was doing that for about 10 minutes before returning to her original position, collapsing on her side and coughing again. I reached out to her but I heard a voice that said, "Don't touch her!" I looked up and spotted Doki, wearing a hooded black robe with gloves and boots and holding a lantern. She had a worried and frightened look on her face. She looked around quickly and said, "It is best you do not touch her, she is very ill and is the victim of a patient zero, who's died as the result of some sort of acidic disease. Unless one has healed of it, don't touch her." She then pulled off one of her gloves, showing that she had scars from the illness Toki possessed and these scars didn't even fade like they usually do in an erin.

After showing me, her lip trembled and she said, "I don't know how long my sister has left." She put her glove back on her hand and led us back to their house, her sister wrapped in a blanket. 
We sat for a while in silence, until Toki got up and, leaving her blanket behind, left the room. Doki let out a sad sigh when she noticed spots of blood on the blanket and floor. Not too long after she left the room, we heard a loud crash and went to see what had happened. At this point, her sister had knocked down a shelf and was badly injured, trying to navigate herself.  With great effort Doki placed her on a mattress and examined her wounds, Toki hacking up more blood. Heaving sighs of  resignation, she kissed her sister on the forehead and injected her with a few doses of morphine. She then pulled a white sheet over her and said, "It's time for bed."

We had gone to bed but I could not sleep. As a Rabbitwright, I had a dreadful feeling. The next morning, I was greeted by cries. Toki had just died and her sister knew she was going to die, so she injected her with morphine so wouldn't suffer as she died, as the shelf falling on her proved to be too severe, but I can't help but to wonder if she wanted to die, as the illness she had gave her more suffering, and probably knew that knocking something onto her would prove fatal. Doki wiped away her tears and said, "It's about time I've taken you home." We walked about until, we came to a grandfather clock-like device and she said, "Get inside." I did as I was told, she bidding me farewell.

I awoke to find myself home and Toki didn't look like she was covered in acid burns, actually, she looked fine aside from being splattered in ketchup and having a few bruise. As for Doki, she was holding a parasol and enjoying the day.

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