Madgie, what did you do? XLVII: World of Dust

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Kinda PG for some mentioned nudity but I must point out that this particular story takes place whilst the world is turning into a desert, thus they might not wear clothes as an effort to beat the heat. The 47th in the Madgie, what did you do? series and Bunny returns to future and found that the world has gotten hotter and became a desert, also that it is drying up. Can she save the world before it is too late?

Submitted: August 20, 2013

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Submitted: August 20, 2013




The earth is drying up and, I wonder, have you died of your consequence?

I awoke to hot sun, slapping me with its scorching sun rays. Of course, the ground was also hot, causing me to want to get up quickly. I looked around and found that there seemed to be no vegetation in yard or gardens, rather it seemed, it was nothing but hard yellowish dirt with dead grass in it and whatever vegetation I did spot were no more than things that normally grow in the desert, like desert flowers (one of which I continued to spot was a Eremalche rotundifolia, the desert five spot, usually not grown in this region) and cactus pears. I wandered about the arid city, until I spotted someone familiar. At first, I couldn't recognize her but then I did and she was Toki, who obviously, due to how hot it was, wasn't wearing any clothes besides a necklace and a couple of bracelets, using her long blood-red hair are covering. She walked over to me and squatted, her hair falling over her. "Why hello, Usagi! How are you?" she said, smiling. I told her I was alright, a bit thirsty, and curious as to what had happened. "Oh, well that's easy, the world's climate skyrocketed to the point that the Earth is drying up and every last continent is a desert and some parts are wastelands. That and, if they make you uncomfortable, you can remove your clothes, nudity is commonplace in this scenario being that it is too hot to wear them , though I do recommend one wears sunscreen to keep from being sunburned."

She led me back to her house and I was not at all surprised to see everyone at least half dressed, whereas Toki was covered by her hair. The children that were present roamed pretty much nude, of course, that is, if they under eleven years old. Even Eglantine wore no clothes, not that she mind, as she would often try to be like everyone else, whether they be clothed or not. In being invited in for a lemonade, I asked what had happened to Madgie, to which Toki answered, "She died but we don't know how. She died a hard and unusual death, out there. I do wonder why it is she even bothered walking out there." As she spoke, she pointed out into the vast void that there was and I couldn't help but to wonder if Madgie induced death by wandering out there. The way Toki spoke, she didn't even have to tell me that there was nothing but death out there.

Once she had finished telling me about Madgie's death, she said, pointing into the void, "Do not wander out there....alone." After a bit of talking, I was lifted up and carried to her backyard, after which I was thrown in the pool. I was surprised but not angry, of course, it was very hot and I was wearing a black dress (something that would attract heat), so they probably figured I would overheated and needed to be cooled off, taking care of the issue beforehand.. However, being that my clothes were drenched, I had to take them off once we were inside, thus rendering me naked.  

Once I was in the kitchen, I was handed a lemonade and a towel, Doki saying, "That should keep you cool for a while and you might want to stay moist, it will keep you cool. Though, one might want to dry their face, as you need to apply black makeup around your eyes to protect them." I dried my face around my eyes and applied the makeup pretty thick. After thinking and looking at everyone else, I didn't feel so out of place, rather, I felt a bit liberated, after all, no one was really wearing much of anything if they were wearing anything. "Do stay the night with us, you can leave tomorrow, when the weather isn't as hot and...when it it'll rain." Toki said, her eyes bright. I wondered what made her so happy about rain but, being that the world is now a desert, it made sense that occasional rains are a treasure and a very rare source of fresh water, also a curiosity. The next morning, after downing about a gallon of water and hot soup, we left and, as we left, it rained, Toki rejoicing and crying in utmost joy, happily frolicking in the rain. 

Once she was done playing in the rain, she walked over to me and said, "Let's go."  We continued on and continued, stopping only to rest and refresh, also going to the bathroom. We continued into the void, of course, I was safe because I didn't make the same-- if it wasn't suicide--mistake as Madgie did and go into the desert void alone. I was with Toki, so safety in numbers.We continued on, going up a hill, until we came to the time transport. She nudged me forward and said, "Until we meet again."

I awoke back where I was before Madgie did her experiment and found Toki was indeed nude, only she was mooning jealous women and being playfully flamboyant. When she saw me, she waved and said, "Hello." before going back to taunting those women. Naturally, I found her doing that be humorous.

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