The diary entry of a teenager

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A diary entry of Hannah, a 15 year old below average looking girl who runs away from home unable to bear the criticism from her peers and ignorance of her parents.

Submitted: June 13, 2014

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Submitted: June 13, 2014




Dear diary,

I wonder why the hell was I even born. Mom and dad want me to become a doctor even after knowing that I'm interested in photography. Sue and Jimmy, my best friends with whom I share my feelings think I'm kinda creepy. They think I'm an attention seeker. Everybody at school makes fun of me. They say that my parents are just wasting their money by buying new fashionable clothes for me because nothing suits me at all.
I have a huge crush on Stephen, the coolest guy in my school. I confessed my feelings to him yesterday and he rejected without delay. He even said that I'm ugly and fat and no one's gonna ever date me. But is it my fault? Not everyone on earth are born beautiful. Why do people always judge me by my looks? Why do they always remind me of the fact that I'm not pretty? I'm really very frustrated. I just can't bear this anymore. Nobody loves me. Nobody cares unless someone is beautiful or DEAD!!! But I don't even have the courage to die. It's really suffocating me. I have no one to share my feelings with. I am really feeling so fucking lonely. My only fault is that I'm neither pretty nor hot. I'm ugly as hell, and that's what that kills me on the inside. I am just out of my mind.

But I won't give up. I'm gonna show them who I am. I gotta be strong. I will fight till I get what I want. I'm gonna run out of my house tonight and start a new life. I'm sorry, but I have to do this. This is the only way to escape from this world and move on. I want to live in a world of my own. I wanna set myself free like a bird. I want freedom. I'll miss mom and dad.



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