The child

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My short story is about a boy that murdurs everyone he loves to find out that his father is the Devil and must be destroyed.

My story is not finished but i will work on it.

Submitted: September 14, 2014

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Submitted: September 14, 2014



The Child

This story is all about a child who was not like the others, he was special but dangerous. He grew up with his mom, he was admired but still he was not the same. He always had his weird ways in life. He would even scare people he loved but nothing was his fault it was just where he came from that made him different. He was a smart boy but he had his way with people, ways that nobody can explain. Even I will have a hard time to explain the way this extraordinary boy was.


It all started that fine night. The big wind that gave a cool breeze and the sky was so dark it was hard to see. A woman who was 19 years old named Katie had just come out of a bar. She had to walk home that night because she wasted all her money on beer, so she could not afford a Taxi. She looked around the alley to see one person standing in place just looking at her. He came closer and said “you’re so fine, give me some sugar.” Katie then ran but he got her, he kept squeezing her wrist. Then he pinned her down and raped her, she tried to call for help but no one was around to help. The next morning when the sun was out she woke up off the warm ground to find out that she was naked, all her clothes were ripped into little pieces. She was all alone so she ran and ran to find someone to help her. Katie finally arrived at a great large brick house with a red door and blue shutters. Katie knocked on the door and finally a tall woman wearing a white dress opened the door. The women had red hair and blue eyes like the sky. Katie started crying and the women let her in. The women told Katie to go get cleaned up. Katie walked to the bathroom, she then opened the door and went inside the bathroom. The walls were green but it was hard to see because the lights were closed. She turned on the light switch; the lights were so bright that it hurt Katie’s eyes. She went to the big white bath and turned on the water. She sat in the bath and started to think all about last night, she cried and asked herself why did it have to happen to her? When she got out of the bath she dried herself with the dry towel hanging on the green wall. She had no clothes in till she walked out the door to find some fresh clothing lying on the ground with a pair of shoes. There was a long white dress, it smelled like roses and Lillie’s. The shoes were a size 8 and they were red. Katie put on the stuff and went to go see the women. Katie told the women she was thankful but she would like a ride home. When Katie arrived home she ran to her bed and cried. A couple of weeks later she took a pregnancy test because her stomach kept growing. It turned out she was going to have a baby in 9 months, she was sad and afraid because the baby will never know who is his father.


9 months later...

As Katie was lying down in the hospital bed, she was in so much pain. The baby was ready to come out but she was not ready for this to have a baby it was all coming so fast. The doctors kept screaming “Its stuck it’s stuck the baby is stuck.” Katie was scared that it was going to die. She was in so much pain that she passed out. When she woke up the doctors came and brought a baby with them, Katie took out her sweaty hands so she could hold it. The doctors said “it’s a boy” and then put the baby boy in her hands. The doctors put the baby in her hands and asked Katie “what will you name him?” Katie answered “Yit I will name him Yit.” When the doctors came to bring Yit to the nursery room Yit started screaming it was like nothing anyone has ever heard it was so loud that the windows burst into a million little pieces. The baby finally stopped screaming and then the doctors took him away. A couple of weeks after Katie and Yit went home. It was nap time when they arrived, so Katie brought Yit to his new room but he didn’t want to go to bed. Since Yit did not want to go to bed he screamed again this time so blasting that Katie’s head felt like it was going to burst. There was so much pressure that her nose started bleeding. When Yit eventually stopped Katie put him to bed and then she ran to the bathroom. The towel that Katie used to wipe her face was full of dark red blood. In the back of Katie’s mind she was still scared was this normal? Was something wrong with him? Finally it was time for Yit to eat, Katie was frightened because she didn’t want to live this all again. Just when she was thinking about what to do suddenly Yit started crying so that Katie would come and get him. Katie told herself that she had no choice to go see Yit eventually and so she went. Yit was sitting up in his small, yellow, soft and rose smelling crib.

Yit was so blissful that he was just sitting up cheerful as if he was just like he was mature. Katie picked him up from his crib; she set him down in a seat so that she could feed him. Katie walked to the fridge to get some milk for Yit, and then she walked to the microwave to cook it. She set the microwave at exact 1:00 it was not to hot it was just right. Katie gave the small warm bottle of milk to Yit he took the bottle with his right hand and shock it. Then he smiled and threw it with all his force it hit Katie directly on her forehead. Katie felt air headed as she wobbled from one side to the other and then she passed out on the hardwood floor. As she woke blood dripping from her head it was disgusting she could taste it in her mouth. It tastes like something bitter yet sweet. Katie looked around to see that Yit was nowhere to be found. So she ran all over the house looking hoping to find her new born son. Suddenly she could hear laughing from outside, she went to go see and she found Yit playing with a toy car on the lawn.

She grabbed Yit in her arms and went to go put him in his crib. Then she went back to the bathroom to wipe the warm blood off her head, as she did so she started to think about Yit. How did he get out of his seat? How did he have so much force to make my head bleed? How did he open the door? When did he get outside? That night all was dark and quiet in till Yit started making these weird sounds. So Katie went to go see what was happening in his room, she was scared. When she got to Yits room, he was sitting up in his crib rocking back and forth saying these numbers “666.” Katie ran and ran she knew this was not normal. She went back to Yits room and snatched him from his bed. Katie dressed Yit and hoped in her car so she can go to the town’s church. When Katie arrived at the church she told the priest that she thought her son was possessed. The priest told her Yit was too young and there was nothing he could do. So Katie went back home and was willing to wait in till Yit was older.



2 years later…

Yit was now 3 years old, today was his birthday. Katie had invited no one because she had no friends, she was lonely. Katie had brought Yit a big “Thomas the train cake.” After the party, Katie went to go make supper. Meanwhile, that Katie was cooking supper Yit had other plans. Yit kept banging his head on the wall; it was so loud that the whole wall was shaking. Katie ran to Yit because she thought he was hurting himself again. She was standing 10 feet from Yit; she did not dare to get closer because she did not know what she was seeing. What was he doing? Why was he doing it? Katie could not wait in till all her questions were answered. She took Yit and put him to bed. Then Katie went to her bed to think. She wondered if the internet would tell her what was the problem with him, so she took out Acer Laptop and put it on her lime green bed. She opened the Laptop and the screen turned blue, she then put in her password which was very long. Her password was “Katie Yit loves family.” After that she went on Google chrome and wrote “what do you call a 3 year old child that says 666 and bangs his head on walls?” When she finally found some answers, she could not bear to read. They said “he’s the devils child.” Katie did not believe what they said so she closed her Laptop and forgot about everything. The next morning was not like others, he woke up crying. Katie ran to his room because she thought he hurt himself but that was not the case. He was sad and he said “I m sorry Momma today will be a better day.” The whole day was exactly like he said he did nothing weird, all he did was smile all day. It was like he turned into an angle. How long was this going to last?


2 years later…

Yit was now 5, he was older and cuter, he was adorable. He kept his promise to what he said when he was 3. He never did anything weird and unmoral like he used to do before. In till today, when he was crashed some man. Katie and Yit were walking past the ally where Katie was rapped. Katie was pointing at the ally and trying to tell Yit that she never wants him to go there. That’s when a strange man dressed in black crashed into Yit. The man had a long face with a pointy nose. When the man hit into Yit he kept saying “you will do it, you have to do it.” Then Katie saw something transformed in Yits eyes a flicker of some form, he changed it was not normal. Now Katie was really worried. So she ran to that man and when she arrived he just smiled. He gave her this grin that made her bones twitched, it was like he knew exactly who she was. Then out of the blue he shouted at her “DID YOU INJOY IT?” Then he ran and Katie stopped to think about why he would verbalize that to her, that’s why she got it he was the guy that raped her. Katie burst into tears but still she ran afterward the man. Yit ran right in back of her, he was scared that something was going to happen to his mom. There was only one problem it was like if he disappeared into mid air, only his footprints were there. At one point the prints stopped they were not there anymore. Where did he go? That same night she thought of a reasonable solution to what that man was. Then she finally found the solution “he was the Devil” Katie had thought. It made sense, that could be reason to why all these weird things have been happening with Yit. It worked. Katie was so happy yet so scared. What was going to happen? The next day Katie went back to the church just as she did two years ago. This time he could not say Yit was to young. When she got there Katie told the priest all that has been happening and the priest asked if he could check something on Yit, just to make sure he was the devils son. The priest took Yit and looked at the back of his head, he found what he was looking for the sign. The priest was shocked because in the back of his head he had 666 carved in his head. Katie said she had never seen this before she never looked, she asked the priest if he could do something help her, help Yit? The priest looked at Katie then at Yit and sad face he said “the father has to be killed I cant do anything, I m so sorry.” Katie cried, she took Yit in her arms and ran to the car. After that she arrived at her house it was time for Yit to go to sleep. She put Yit in his bed and then left to her room so she could think better. Katie sat down on her bed and thought about the words the priest had said, the dad had to die to get rid of the devil in Yit. Then she thought maybe just maybe she could kill it herself but how? First, she would have to find him. Where? Katie thought that maybe he was homeless, so that means he was on the streets or in the shelter. She reopened her Acer Laptop, she checked at every shelter in her town. He was no where to be found, none of the shelters had his photo in the system. So she was probably going to have to find him herself and kill him without anyone’s help. Before that she would go find him she had to find a place to put Yit. She deleted the things she wrote on the computer and wrote Day cares in Edmundston. Katie found the perfect one it was called “Gods little angles.” This place would help Yit and Katie was going to. That night before Yit went to bed, Katie went to go get him in his room. Before Katie could arrive to Yit he came running out of his room. In his hand he was holding a butchers knife. He kept shouting “The man is making me sorry momma!” As he said those words he stabbed her in the legs, so that she would fall and he could stab her head. Katie kept crying she said “Your father kill Your father the man in the ally hes the devil, Yit I love.” Before she could say you Yit stabbed her brain, he stabbed and stabbed in till he burst out crying. What has he done? Why has he done it? Katie was gone Yit had brought her to heaven. There was no taking it back, Katie was dead and Yit was all alone. Where was he going to go? What was he going to do? Yit was crying he did not know what he did and why he did it. He was confused and scared, so he called the cops. When they answered they asked him “What is your situation?” Yit replied “He killed her my momma is dead.” Then he hung up the phone and posed for when the police was going to arrive. When the police arrived Yit was crying and holding his mom. The police then took Yit and put him into foster care in Italy. It was so far this was going to be a big change.


12 years later...

Yit was 17 and still and still; lived with his foster parents, nothing bad ever happened again in till his 17th birthday. This time he invited all his high school friends, he even had his girlfriend over. His girlfriends name was Sara, she had blond hair and blue eyes. Sara was not very tall but she was very kind. At his party he did not allow his parents to be there, he had his reasons. He did not want them there because all his friends had brought over alcohol. Everyone there was getting drunk and high, it was a crazy night. That’s when Yit got so drunk he started saying things such as “I m going to kill you all with my gun, you better run.” Yit was dead serious he ran up stairs and got his shotgun. When he got down stairs no one was there but his girlfriend. Sara looked at him and asked “what are you doing?” As she said that she ran for the door but did not make it because Yit had shot her leg. Then she fell to the floor and crawled to the basement door. She opened the door and tumbled down the stairs. Sara then crawled into a bunker and locked herself in. What she didn’t know was that Yit knew his step dads combination. Then out of the blue Sara could hear Yit banging on the steps and screaming “ Come out, Come out I know where you are!” Yit finally got to the bunker he put in the combination and got inside. When he got there Sara threw a knife at him, it hit him right in cheek. Yit screamed but then took it out and put it through Sara’s hand. Sara couldn’t move, her hand was stuck to the floor. The last things she said was “HELP!!!” No one was there to answer and that’s when Yit shot the bullet right through Sara’s head. POW and Sara was gone. Yit had finally came out of his black out and he couldnt believe what he had done he killed her. “I KILLED HER SHES DEAD” Yit cried. Who was next? Yit picked Sara up and placed her gently on the small bed in the bunker. Then he shut the door and looked it, Sara was never going to be seen again.

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