It was a Sunny Day

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My story is about a memory I hold dear. It's about a little girl(me) who has the time of her life going to the park to see ducks. She may not know it, but that trip will change her life.

Submitted: December 08, 2011

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Submitted: December 08, 2011



It was a sunny day; my Grandma and I were going to the park. This park wasn’t a regular park though. This park was full of pretty ducks in all shapes and colors. Some say there were even swans there. I had never been there before so I was intrigued to find out.

 On the way there I could not stop pestering my grandma about all the wonders at the park. I asked about the playground, the ducks, if there were really swans there, even the people! Although, of course, my Grandma did not know who was going to be there. I could not wait to jump out of the car and run to the ducks. We even brought bread to feed them! I was surprised that my grandma brought a whole loaf. When I asked about it she said that I would see how much these ducks could eat with a smile.

 We arrived at the park, the sun high in the sky and I dashed to the ducks. My Grandma called after me saying that we couldn’t visit the ducks yet, that we had to play on the swing set first. My face fell and I was disappointed. I stalked back to the swing and grumbled all the way. My Grandma just shook her head.

On the swing set I realized how much fun it was. I totally forgot about the not being able to feed the ducks, and I had the time of my seven year old life. I swung so high I thought I would be able to fly away. Next I went on the merry go round and spun so fast I swear I was floating. I was having so much fun that when my Grandma told me that we could go feed the ducks I was disappointed and asked to stay for ten more minutes. She agreed and smiled at my brightened face when she said yes. Although five minutes after she said something about the ducks I was itching to see them.

I jumped from the swing, took my grandmas hand and ran for the ducks.

“Whoa! Madison slow down!” my Grandma exclaimed.

“But I want to see the ducks!” I whined. My Grandma was not having any of that.

“If you’re going to whine then I’ll pick you up, take you to the car and drive off.”

“Fine.” I said defeated. We walked slowly, my anticipation rising with every step. The scenery seemed to get more acute too. The leaves were a brilliant green; they seemed to shimmer in the sun. The grass was blowing in the breeze. I could hear kids’ laughter and parents yelling after their children. All that was in the back of my mind as I saw my first duck. It was a mallard, a duck with a green neck. Of course I didn’t know that at the time so I was surprised at the color. I pointed him out to my Grandma. We fed the little guy and he quacked with excitement. I was laughing and giggling when my grandma touched my shoulder.  She smiled and pointed over my little duck. .

My mouth dropped as I saw the swan. Her color was amazing. The white was like snow, glistening and sparkling. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She looked like a queen compared to the little ducks around her. As I squealed with delight she turned.  I swear she looked at me in the eyes and said
“Welcome little one.”

That day I learned that I absolutely LOVE animals. For a long time after that I wanted to be a veterinarian, and was compelled to have every animal live with me.

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