Rescued Hearts

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This is about the time that I rescued my first rescue dog. I wrote it for school a long time ago and just found it and decided to publish it here!


Submitted: May 18, 2011

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Submitted: May 18, 2011



There I was, stuck at the barn, once again. I had finished riding my horse hours ago, but my mom was still hard at work washing and brushing him. Now, if you ask me, it looked likeLEVI was perfectly clean, but apparently, my mom saw him as a muddy pig sty. She could just stand there and brush him for hours on end. With nothing else to do , I went exploring around the pastures and walked towards some abandoned trailers. They raidiated adventure and pulsed with the kind of excitment I didn't get to experience often as I drew near. Why hadn't I come over here sooner? But, something felt wrong. I stopped short in my tracks and stared at the closest trailer. The autumn leaves rustled from underneath me, and I relized that I was moving ever so slowly towards the large, rusted trailer. The auburn sky tinted my short, blonde hair orange, and I shivered in the mid-fall breeze. Then, I heard it. A high-pitched, sorrowful whimper pierced through the air. I recognized the noise immediately; it was a scared dog, andit's crywas coming from the trailer.

I ran back towards the barn as fast as I could to get my mother for help. "Help, help," I shouted, "please, there is a dog in the first trailer!" Everyone that was in the barn at the time came running once I explained to them, out of breath, what I had heard. What happened next was almost a blur. We opened the trailer and to find a German Shepherd Dog cowering insidea dark cervice in a corner of the horse trailer. For a minute, we all stood there in the cold trying to see thepitiful creaturein the back.

Ittook a whilebefore someone spoke up, "Looks like we need to get something to entice it out into the light so we can help out." The voice was of the barn owner, AMY, who owned two dogs herself. She then ran off to find a treat while we all waited, no one speaking to each other. When she returned with a treat in hand, she lured him out gently. "Come here, buddy!" He crept toward us at a snail's pace, testing us, seeing if we were worhty of trust. It was hard, but eventually he made it to us, scaffing down the treat as if he had never eaten before. We all gasped when he stepped into the dim, but effective, light, revealing his gory figure.

He had dried, craked blood all down his head and neck. His fur was matted and dirty.The sorce of the blood was obvious, a giant gash that split straight down his head. It looked as if a bullet had grazed his head! My mom, being the doglover she is, decided that we would be the ones to rescue him and try to find him a home. We would pay the bills and fill his every need up until the day that he no longer needed us. "Of course," she said, "it's only temporary. He will be given a new home as soon as he is healthy." With that, we left out spectators in awe that we would do such a thing for a dog we didn't even know.

We deduced to name him RIDER, due to the battered condition of his head. We put up signs to see if anyone was missing him, but alaso, no one ever called. We had him neutered and fixed up his head. Days past, then months, but nobody wanted our RIDERboy. By then, he had warmed up to us and we had fallen in love with him. We treated him like a memeber of the family. Out original dog, a golden retriever named Kayla, loved him too! My dad was that only one that, through thick and thin, stayed persistent about finding a home for him.

One night, our longtime babysitter was at our house babysitting us. She found out we were trying to find him a home and decided she and her husband wanted to give him a loving home. We were devastated to see him leave after all that time but, deep inside, we knew it was for the best. He now has a dog brother namedYOYO and two human sisters, ANNA EMMIE and EMMA. Whenever they go out of town, we get to keep him. He always has a look in his dark, brown eyes when he sees me and my mom that says thank you for rescuing and loving me. That strong gaze of our first rescue dog is what made us keep rescueing dogs. A piece of our family is in all fourteen ofthe fourteen dogs'hearts. That's what makes life all the more worthwhile.

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