the stranger

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maddie and her 5 friends have a sleepover, but when she finds out her mom got abducted by this shadow guy she goes crazy. she would do anything to save her mother even if it means her friends dying. read to find out what happens

Submitted: February 06, 2016

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Submitted: February 06, 2016




It was about 7:00 and Maddie wanted to have a sleepover with some of her friends. She asked her mom if she could and she said yes. Maddie then called up each of her 5 friends and they were on their way.

To have a good sleepover she asked her mom if she could go to the store for some chips, candy, and soda. Her mom said yes so she left and went to the store about 1 hour away. About 5 minutes later her friends Holly, Tristen, Lola, Amber, and Stacey arrived.

Maddie asked “Hey you guys want to watch a really scary movie”? All of them really wanted to but, Lola. Maddie went to her room and grabbed the scariest movies she has. The movies were “The Strangers”, “The ring”, “The conjuring”, and “The Omen”. All the girls picked The strangers but Lola never wanted to watch a scary movie in the first place. They popped The Strangers into the DVD player.

The movie was in the DVD player and before they pressed play they heard a knock on the door, so Maddie went to go check who it was. Nobody was there and Maddie thought that was really weird.

About 10 minutes in the movie they heard a knock on the back door and nobody ever knocks on the back door because it’s scary. This time Holly went to check because she was 15 and the oldest. She looked back very scared “Nobody’s there”. Maddie quickly responded and said “It’s probably just one of the boys like Trevor at our school messing with us”. It’s been an hour later and Maddie’s mom wasn’t home from the grocery store yet and she was very worried.

The phone rang very loud in the dark and quiet living room. Maddie walked slowly to the phone and picked it up quickly. “Hello”? Maddie said concerned. The person on the other line spoke crackly and deep. “Hello” he responded. “Um what do you need”? “My name is Stranger and is your name Maddie”? “Yes how do you know my name”? Maddie said scared. “I got your mother, her name is Isabelle right”? “Yes, why do you have my mother! What are you doing with her”?! Maddie screamed back. “Haha chill down, i’ll be at your house by midnight with your mother, you and you little 5 friends need to do something or your friends and your mother and even yourself are going to be going bye bye and you are going to be going to hell oh yeah and don’t call anyone or your dad will die”! *Phone hangs up*

“Who was that”? They all asked. “We are going to die”. Maddie replied. “WOAH WOAH WOAH WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT MADDIE, we are going to die”??!! “We got to call someone”. “No we can’t call anyone or my dad will die, and I just got a call from a guy named Stranger and he said that he’ll be here by midnight with my mom and he wants us to do something or we all die even my mother, that’s why my mom isn’t back yet.” “I am calling my mom and telling her about this” Lola said.

“What are we going to do, it’s… What time is it”? “Umm 9:28” Lola replied quickly. “We have about 3 hours left, I don’t even know what we are supposed to do”.

They heard a knock on the front door, which got them more terrified than they ever have been in their life. Maddie ran to the door and right before she opened it she heard her friends scream. Maddie turned around and asked “Why are you screaming”? “What the hell is the matter with you”? Holly said. “Yeah Maddie, she has a point don’t open the door, and Holly stop cursing”! “You're telling me not to be mean when this is the perfect time for cursing you dumb shit”. “Will you guys just STOP IT, this isn’t the time to be fighting”! Maddie yelled.

The doorbell rang this time. “I think we should just answer it, what do you think”? “Yes, c’mon are you guys coming”? “Haha I think we are better off here”. They all replied. “You guys are dicks thank you for making me go by myself”. Maddie said annoyed.

Maddie walked to the door and unlocked it and opened it a crack, there was a big tall guy looking down at her. He was wearing all black and he had an old fashioned mustache. She opened it all the way and saw that it was her dad, he wasn’t supposed to be here tonight he should be at work. “Hey dad, why didn’t you just walk in this is your house too you know”? There was no reply. Maddie opened the screen door and he fell inside. He had been stabbed in the back multiple times and there was a knife in the his back with a note and that had read.

“I warned you, I told you not to call anyone, and now your dad is dead I hope you happy one more mess up and your mom and you and your little bitches will be dead also. Have a nice night see you at midnight”.

Maddie dropped down to the floor crying. “What’s wrong Maddie”? “Why don’t you come over here and look Holly”! Maddie said sobbing. Holly walked over by Maddie and started freaking out. “Oh my god, Oh my god. I am so sorry Maddie what are we supposed to do”? “There’s not much we can do, but this is all Lola’s fault”!

“What how is it my fault Maddie”?? “Why do you not know”? “The guy said not to call anyone and what did you do”? “You called someone, what the hell is the matter with you, why would you do that I even told you not to call anyone but you did and now my dad is dead and you put my mom’s and our life in danger”! “You know what I don’t believe in any of this I am leaving and I will stay alive until tomorrow you will see goodbye”. “No don’t leave you will get killed”. Holly screamed.

Lola walked outside and within seconds they heard a tiny scream. It was Lola she got her head cut off and thrown at their door with a note saying…

“Don’t go outside either, you guys have been warned way too many times. Now there is only 6 of you including you mom. Let’s play a game. It’s called find the hidden object. I have hidden 10 objects in your house without you noticing and you have to find them all in 2 hours it is 10:00, good luck I will call you and tell you all the objects!”

The phone rang loudly in the living room. Maddie ran as fast as she can to the phone on the other side of the living room. “Hello hello”. Maddie said out of breath. “Hello Maddie, so the things you will need to find in the house in the next 2 hours are. Your mom’s hair, Lola’s nails, Lola’s head, crap, bottle of pee, 1 gun, 1 knife, 1 bloody knife, 1 Iphone 6, 1 pistol. *Phone hangs up*

“So what do we have to find”? Holly said with tears coming down her face. “Um a lot of things and we will find them one by one, there are 5 of us. So we can find each find 2 objects. I will find one gun and one knife, Holly you can find my moms hair and Lola’s toe nails”. “Ew gross I don’t want to find those”! “Well to bad we have to get this done or we are all dead. Anyway Tristen you can get the pistol and the bloody knife, Amber you can find the crap and the bottle of pee, and stacey you can find Lola’s head and Iphone 6”. “Now here are some walkie talkies so we can listen to each other”.

“Now let’s go go go. We don’t have much time.” They all ran off to go find all the objects and this house isn’t just an ordinary house this house has 4 floors and 10 bedrooms so it could be anywhere. They all ran in opposite directions. Maddie was walking down the hall when she tripped and cut her leg with a knife. Yes found my first thing, she just kept walking down the hall slowly with blood dripping down from her leg. The hall light was flashing and then just shut off for about 3 minutes. The moment the lights came on a scary figure was in front of her and lifted her up by the arms with her not saying anything he quickly threw her to the ground and ran off into the wall and disappeared.

Holly was just walking and she saw a pretty little butterfly just flying right in her face. She quickly ducked and when she ducked she started seeing little hair bits and nails scattered around the hall. She followed them into the bathroom where a black no faced man was standing, he grabbed a knife and stabbed it in his eye and started walking towards Holly. Holly was so scared that she just grabbed the nails and hair and ran away back into the living room dropping the stuff onto the couch.

Amber was just sitting in the master bedroom when she noticed some brown stuff layed out on the floor, she went over there and smelled and it didn’t smell like anything so she thought it was chocolate she went onto her hands and knees and licked it. “Oh gosh that is not chocolate”. She went back to the kitchen to grab a bag when she returned it was all over the bed and everywhere. she grabbed her hand and picked it up with her bare hands and put it into her bag, then she felt something dripping on her head she looked up and it was a bottle filled with yellow liquid she got on the bed and jumped off and grabbed it, she then fell on a black figure without a face she screamed and ran to the living room.

Stacey started to give up hope she didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t find anything until what she thought was her friend Maddie came up to her. “Hello Stacey what are you doing”. “I am giving up I can’t find anything”. “I know where they are”! “Where”?? “Down in the cellar, good luck”. “Oh my god thank you”! So Stacey started walking towards the door for the cellar. When she opened the door to the dark and cold cellar it creaked really loudly and dust started fly towards her. Right before Stacey put her first step into the cellar she heard a voice say “What the hell are you doing”!? It was Maddie. Stacey got confused on to why she was saying that. “Maddie you are the one who told me my stuff was down in the cellar”. “Um Stacey no I didn’t, what are you talking about”?  “Maybe it was Stranger, what do you think Maddie”? “Let’s go down there” “I’m scared” Stacey replied. “Oh c’mon stop being a little pussy” Maddie said annoyed.

So Maddie and Stacey started to walk down to the cellar, each step creaking on the way down. Once they got down there all they saw was pitch black and then they saw a little figure move..

Stacey squiled. “Hello hello, who’s there”?  Maddie’s voice got higher on every word.There was no answer until someone threw a knife, it was going right for Maddie. Maddie ducked super quick and it was aiming right for Stacey. There was a little whelp and right there Stacey fell right to the ground. Maddie turned around and started crying.

“Stacey stay with me, you have to. We have been friends since we were 2, you can’t die on me now. No not until we are old. Maddie whispered crying. “Try to keep all the others alive, I love you . Save your mother Maddie don’t let this guy kill everyone” Stacey said softly trying to be able to breath.

Seconds later Stacey’s eyes closed and she wasn’t breathing anymore. Maddie was a total wreck. “NO NO NO! Stacey come back to me”. Maddie says with tears pouring out of her eyes.

Maddie runs on the creaky stairs and runs upstairs and grabs her walkie talkie and turns it on. “Hello guys, are you there? Maddie mumbled. A few seconds later she got an answer. Everyone replied. “Yes Maddie”? “Stacey is dead but I have her things and did you get all your things guys” “Oh my god what happened to Stacey”? They all replied. “A knife accident” Maddie said quietly. “Well we got all our stuff right”? Everyone said loudly. “Okay girls meet me in the living room we only have 1 minute until midnight, go go go now”! Maddie said yelling.

All the girls Maddie, Melissa, Holly, and Amber started running as fast as they could to the living room. Maddie made it to the living room by exactly midnight, but all the other girls sadly did not make it on time they made it at 12:01. All of a sudden they heard the door fling open it was the stranger and he had Maddie’s mom. The stranger then threw Maddie’s mom on the couch.

“MOM”! Maddie yelled. “Shut the fuck up”! The stranger said. “Okay since only one of you made it at midnight the rest of you are dying.

The stranger pulled out a gun and loaded it. “Okay Holly prepare to die”. *Boom* the gun fired blowing up Holly’s head. Then the next one is Tristen *boom* her head got blown off as well. Then Amber got her head blown off. After all that tragic shooting the stranger said “Goodbye for now” and he walked away. Maddie ran to her mom crying saying

“Oh my god mommy I missed you so much, I never want anything to happen to you”. “Oh god honey I missed you so much I am so glad you're okay”.

Maddie then untied her mom and they stayed up the whole night because they were so scared of what was going to happen.

A year has passed since those tragic deaths have occurred Maddie is now a big sister to a younger brother. It was Maddie’s 15 birthday party and she invited her new 3 friends to her birthday party Kate, Olivia, and Skylar. They thought of watching a scary movie and they all picked “The Strangers”. Right before they pressed play on the DVD player…

They heard a knock on the front door.  

© Copyright 2019 Madison Galston. All rights reserved.

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