Number 8

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A better version of Number 7 A shifter meets a former fae

Submitted: December 14, 2017

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Submitted: December 14, 2017



The acrid smoke was starting to sting my eyes and coat my throat only an hour into my shift. With a half hid grimace I took the tray balancing an overflowing pitcher of beer and a couple shots of fireball whisky expertly in my hands and walked towards a group of older men. Placing the pitcher on the table and the shots nearby I turned to go as one of the men patted me on the shoulder in a silent thanks. I returned it with a quick smile knowing the horrid person he would turn into by the end of the night with all the alcohol running through his bloodstream; I hadn’t met a human yet who could hold his or her liquor. I felt his eyes on me before I turned to look. The gaze was so intense the fine hair on the back of my neck tingled. I turned quickly and saw him across the room. He was lounged in one of the high chairs against the far wall. At first look he looked to be a normal guy in his late teens early twenties, but I shook my head to clear the fuzz of the mortal world from my eyes. His pale silver eyes caught mine, and I could tell that he saw them for their actual stormy purple. The murky lighting made his hair color impossible to guess. I snapped my gaze away from his and turned away back towards the bar, I could feel his alien eyes still on me. After delivering more pitchers and food to various tables I felt the tingle stop. I stopped to look for him and saw that he had slid off the chair and was leaning over a pool table, stick in hand his intense glare aimed at the white ball in front of him. I sighed inwardly almost relieved to have those eyes off of me. Settling into my usual routine eleven came and went leaving me at twelve. I set what seemed like the hundredth pitcher down at the older men’s table. The trouble started when I turned to leave back towards the bar; one of them, a big broad-shouldered of a man with a scrappy beard stepped in front of me blocking my path. I could smell the drink on him he was so gone. I tried to step around him but he stuck a hand out his fingers latching onto my wrist.

“Come play a few rounds with us darling” He slurred, His deep voice rumbling in his chest. I grimaced and peeled his fingers off my arm,

“If I get this shot in, you’ll leave me alone. Deal?” I asked pointing at the most difficult shot on the table. The man seemed to find this hilarious; he chuckled with his friends,

“But when you miss, you’ll let me buy you a drink.” I nodded well aware of the hidden meaning behind “Buy you a drink”,

“Deal.” I said firmly. I accepted the pool stick he handed me, leaned down over the table barely glancing at the angle. The clack was audible as the ball shot into the side pocket. I went to straighten and found I couldn’t. The alcoholic smell swamped me momentarily as I felt his grubby hands grip my waist. I cursed myself silently for taking the shot that had put my back to these sick bastards. I managed to turn around meaning to slam the wooden stick into the man’s tender spot. He plucked the wood from my grasp and threw it aside. I scrabbled at him with my hands searching for tender places to pinch. He had me bent backwards over the table which was an awkward angle for me. Grabbing both of my wrists he pinned them to the table above my head. I opened my mouth to scream and his suffocating hand smothered it back as he laid it across my mouth. One of his friends reached over his searching fingers grabbing the top button of my blouse and popped it open. I tried to struggle against his grip, but couldn’t get any leverage. The second button popped open; he grew mildly impatient when the third button got stuck. Taking the two halved of my collar he ripped them open. His hand reached down towards my bra, his fingers barely closing over the shoulder strap when the pressure on my mouth and wrists were gone. I back peddled up onto the table my body shaking.

His hair was a beach blonde the fringe of his bangs covering his flashing eyes. He was tall closer to six feet, he seemed lanky from far away but I could see the muscles move subtly under his long sleeve green plaid shirt.  I let my eyes slip away from him to look at the tumble of bodies that slid to a heap on the carpeted floor, leaving a huge dent of crumbling drywall in the blackish wall seven feet from the pool table I huddled on. As far as I could tell he had backhanded them, where they lay in a dazed heap. He turned to face me, with a quick motion he ripped off his own shirt and tossed it to me. I reached for it with trembling fingers and pulled it on over my ruined shirt. The sleeves hung off my hands a couple inches they were so big, and the end of the shirt hit me mid-thigh. His scent enveloped me, wild and dangerous. He braced his hands on the table the veins standing out in his forearms.

“Are you alright?” His tenor voice was soft as he looked me over.

“Not really” I said trying to hide the tears that threatened to spill from my already over bright eyes. His huge hands clenched into fists on the table, he turned suddenly striding towards the mob of bodies on the floor that were just waking up. He reached down and grabbed the one who had pinned me by the throat in one hand and in the other hand the one who had ripped my shirt open.

“You’re lucky I can’t afford any jail time, or you’d be dead.” His voice had gone soft and deadly. The ice cold rage seemed to smoke off his skin. His captives grappled at his fingers their struggles growing weaker. At the last second before they lost consciousness he hurled them towards the door. They landed unceremoniously and scrambled for the exit their eyes wide in sheer terror. He turned back towards where I sat breathless on top of the table my knees drawn up to my chest. The dark blue of his T-shirt glinted in the dim lighting. He looked up through the bangs of his shimmering blonde hair that ran with platinum streaks. His eyes had changed to a brilliant aqua, He held out his hand palm up,

“May I?” He asked his voice warm, the rage a distant memory. I placed my hand in his and locked eyes with him. He pulled me forwards till I was at the edge of the table. He let go of my hand and I pulled back to look up at his face. His smooth skin was only broken in an angry scratch that one of his captives had probably gotten in while trying to break his strangle hold. I reached out and touched the scratch with the tip of my pointer finger. There was a flash and the skin knit itself back together leaving pink healthy skin in its place. I dropped my hand as he stepped back and felt the place where the cut had been. He stepped forward just as suddenly as he’d stepped away, and lifted me as if I were a kitten off the table setting me on my feet. His hands lingered on my waist only as long as necessary.

“Wanna go? I’ll drive you home.” He asked looking down at me. I licked paper dry lips,

“Okay.” I said, suddenly tired. He pushed me gently towards the door,

“Wait, my shift it isn’t over, I have to close tonight.” I said remembering with panic. He shook his head and walked over to the bar. I didn’t hear what he said, but he strolled towards me as my manager called after him,

“See you Sunday Marin.” I nodded dazed and let my rescuer pull me out the door.

"So healing", He said as we walked into the brisk night air. I shivered and pulled his shirt tighter around me,

"Yeah", I replied lamely.

"How did you get that gift? No mortal or immortal has that ability." He glanced down at me his eyes a pale blue contrasting with his brilliant hair. I shifted uncomfortably; his eyes were so intense,

"Uhm, I used to be a fae, but I traded it for the ability to heal." He stopped dead grabbed me by the shoulders and spun me around his voice a barely concealed yell,

"You what?! Wait one hot second, you're mortal now?" I shrunk back from him; my sea foam green hombre hair swirled about my shoulders,

"Yes", I hedged. He seemed to realize his grip was too tight on my shoulders because he grimaced slightly, wiped his hands on his thighs and let them drop to his sides. His eyes slipped from pale blue too ruby red in his flair of disbelief back to light lavender when he caught himself and calmed down.

"You're a shifter aren't you?" I asked, his changing eyes had thrown me for a bit. It was like they couldn't settle on a color. He cracked a snide smile his eyes switching back to the alien silver I first saw of him.

"Caught me out didn't you." He spun on a foot so he was walking backwards in front of me hands thrust in the pockets of his blue jeans. He seemed to walk as easily backwards as forwards, his gold platinum fringe obscuring most of his gaze except for the glimmer of silver here and there. He looked down at me as he walked, that half smile gracing his starkly handsome face. "Marin is a pretty name." He said suddenly after a minute of silence. I started for a second before remembering that my manager had called my name before we left the pool hall. "I'm Julien, but Jules is fine." I shook the hand he offered. It completely dwarfed mine and he seemed to find it funny, because his smile widened into a grin.  I pulled my hand out of his, quickly looking down as my heart beat speeded up at his touch. He stopped, suddenly, "I could teach you a few moves to defend yourself if you want." He said, looking down at me. I looked around we had stopped in a wide ally with a building wall on one side and a row of dumpsters on the other. Automatically I went to step back but, I remembered how he'd pulled those guys off me and stopped myself. I used to know how to fight when I was immortal, but I'd forgotten most of that.

"Okay, that would be helpful if you don't mind." I said giving him a small smile. He smiled back a genuine grin that lit up his features.

"Great, so if I grab you like this," He said as he grabbed both my wrists, I twisted my wrists and quickly jerked them out of his grip. He smiled and chuckled his silver eyes sparking, "Very good, what about this," He asked grabbing me in a bear hug locking my arms down to my sides. I struggled my mind going blank; his head leaned down by the left side of my face. His breath was warm against my neck and cheek. My heart beat stuttered again, and I cursed my traitorous body. He chuckled warmly, "I know you know what to do, Fae are perilous fighters. I can jog your memory; try not to hate me too much." He bent down towards the base of my neck, and then his tongue touched the side of my throat and he sucked teasingly. I stood poleaxed for a couple seconds before my body reacted. I slammed my heel into the place where his foot connected to his leg. He hissed and his grip around me slackened. I went to step away from him but he grabbed my bicep. Without thinking I grabbed his arm twisted it up and off of me. Using the wall, I ran up it and vaulted over his shoulder meaning to strangle him with his own arm. He turned impossibly fast so I landed facing him still gripping his wrist. My body sprang into action moving forwards my fist headed straight for his face. His head snaked to the side avoiding my punch, he grabbed my wrist spun me around pushing me against the rough concrete wall. He pinned both of my wrists to the wall on either side of my head. His leg nudging its way in between my legs to block any kicks. We were both breathing hard; I gasped for breath my whole body crying about how it felt about this kind of treatment.

"Wha- What happened?" I stuttered. He smiled his chest heaving as a droplet of sweat dripped from the tip of his fringe,

"You remembered, that's what happened; you must've been a really good fighter when you were immortal. I can't imagine fighting off that kind of skill with a full blown fae. His hands were still on my wrists, and I suddenly realized how close we were. My stomach dropped and my heart beat kicked into overdrive. He smiled and I realized that he could hear my racing heart, "Glad I'm not the only one." He said and released one of my wrists to take my hand and put it on his chest over his heart. Its beat fluttered under my fingers. I took my finger and traced it up the side of his jaw line admiring the set of his face. The planes and angles fit together like a flawless puzzle. I looked and stopped as his eyes rapidly lost all their color. His heart beat ticking in the big vein by his throat.

"Jules?" I only got as far as that one word before his mouth was on mine, crushing and warm. He abruptly dropped my other wrist reaching for my waist instead. My other arm free I put one arm on his rippling chest and the other around his neck pulling him down closer into me. He gave in with a groan his massive hands coming around my waist he pulled me into him fitting my body perfectly against his. His tongue slipped into my mouth deepening the kiss. The warmth spread down me like someone pouring a hot bucket of water on you. I felt like I was drowning in him, I felt the traces of the magic that I'd left behind by becoming mortal. It was like the half of me that was missing was sliding slowly back into place. Julien pushed my hips against the wall with one hand grabbed my wrist from around his neck and pinned it to the wall effectively disengaging himself with a growl of effort. The brisk air rushed in cooling the fire burning inside me. He looked at me and looked away shaking his head,

"Holy shit," He breathed turning back to face me.

"Glad I'm not the only one." I said breathlessly repeating his earlier words back to him. He shook his head and smiled, his eyes flaring back to life in that alien pale silver. "Why'd you stop did something happen?" I asked almost afraid he would say it was just a weird moment and it wouldn't happen again. He glanced sideways at me taking his hands off me; I tensed up as he backed up half a pace,

"I don't think you want to bang here, you seem like a chick with standards." He smiled down at me as my face heated up and I felt myself blush. "Besides much longer and I wouldn't have been able to help myself. You're the first girl mortal and not to wake up the shifter part of me, and he definitely wouldn't have been able to stop." I couldn't help the stupid smile that spread across my face as I relaxed and said,

"Oh." He looked down at me again and grabbed at my eyes with his. He held out his hand and I took it, I went to step forward and almost fell over. My mortal body finally reaching its limit, He swept me up into his arms like I weighed nothing. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he settled me against his chest. I was asleep before his wings unfurled and we were in the air.


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