Jurah the Dragon

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The life of the young dragon, Jurah.

Submitted: July 03, 2015

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Submitted: July 03, 2015



There once was a young, little dragon named Jurah. He was the happiest little dragon ever to live, and also the fattest, for he loved to eat hamburgers. One day while hobbling down a path in the forest, he came upon a group of older dragons. They made fun of poor Jurah for being over-weight, they called him names, and beat him up, then left him in the forest bloodied up and crying. After they were long gone, Jurah curled up in fetal position, covering himself up with his, now, torn and misshapen wings and cried for hours until he could no longer produce tears.

Years after his encounter in the forest, his wings had healed to the best of their ability, but he would no longer be able to fly. His wings were bent in an awkward position from being broken, they were littered with holes where the skin failed to grow back together, and the edges of his wings were left in shreds. He had long since given up hamburgers and junk food in hopes of losing weight, but to no avail, he had yet to lose any weight, because of a thyroid problem. The other dragons still picked on Jurah for not only his weight, but also his inability to fly, which caused him to constantly hate himself, for he no longer felt like a fierce and mighty dragon like he once was.

Jurah was constantly in a depressed state, and had taken to living in a secluded cave far from other dragons, although he was still considered a child by dragon standards. The longer he stayed away from other dragons, the more he felt alienated, yet when he did encounter others of his kind, they continued to bully him.

Because Jurah couldn’t fly, he had developed a strong longing to fly more than anything. He felt that if he could fly, he would no longer feel like an outcast. He thought that the ability to fly was what made him a dragon, and without it he would just be like any other lizard. His longing to fly grew into an obsession. Since his wings were incapable of flying, Jurah had taken to tying a towel around his neck like a cape, to give himself the illusion of flying when he ran or when the wind blew.

All the years of physical and mental bullying had left Jurah physically and psychologically wounded, and he was no longer able to think properly. In his mind, being a dragon meant you could fly, if you couldn’t fly, then you weren’t considered a dragon. Jurah was determined to be a dragon, so he was determined to fly. He tied his trusty towel around his neck and went out for a trek into the woods. He went to the cliff side where he would always sit and look down on the valley. From the cliff he could see all the other dragons flying over the valley, and he wished to fly with them.

He stood on the cliff's edge and gathered up to his courage; he straightened his cape, took a few steps back, and then took a running leap off the cliff. He felt amazing as the air morphed around his body, the towel-cape billowing behind him. He extended his battered wings and glided through the air. For a few moments he felt as though he were actually flying as the air caught under his wings keeping him up.

Jurah’s wings began to falter as he picked up speed. The wind was no longer lightly carrying him, but thrashing his body up against the rocks which ripped his skin and cracked his bones. He felt as though he was back in the forest all those years ago, all the depression and self-hatred resurfaced. With his last ounce of strength, he pushed his body away from the jagged wall of rocks and out towards the middle of the valley. He knew that now there was no possibility of surviving the fall, but he wasn’t going to let himself die with the feeling of being beaten to death. If he had to die, he would die with the illusion of soaring through the sky. 

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