Where I feel safe

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This is a poem I wrote about where I feel safe :D

Submitted: December 08, 2013

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Submitted: December 08, 2013



 Manchester VT

By: Maddie Egbert


 This is where I feel safe surrounded by the smell of Manchester Vermont, the wave of drifting leaves

A crisp, chilly wind that could wake any sleeping giant

The smell of coffee and hot chocolate coming from cups and mugs.


The seemingly endless blanket of clouds that cover the blue,blue sky

A whine from a child to their mother, complaining about the cold,

the sound of cars passing, and the occasional drifting sound of a train going by in the distance.


This is my safe haven, the feeling of numb hands and fingers as you walk around, unsure of where to go next.

The smell of sweat that comes from the rare runner or jogger going past you in the gentle evening in Manchester Vermont.


A sweet feeling that comes over you as you trudge up your long street, toward your warm and toasty house that sits on the tall hill that never changes.

The immediate wave of sound that splashes you in the face as you enter the front door.


A tiny blip of a cell phone coming from afar, the sound of childish arguments sounding from the living room; the sound of your mother announcing that dinner will be ready momentarily.


This is where I feel safe, surrounded by the walls of the mountains in the distance, shielding me from danger and at the same time trapping the flood of tourists that come with every season, they come from right and left, left and right.


From New York to Los Angeles, they come and come..seemingly fascinated by the color of the leaves in the fall or the sweet smell of a Vermont summer or even the freezing, yet crisp as a stiff, waterless leaf that drifts slowly, slowly to the ground in the winter...this is where I feel safe.


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