The Final Job

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
The companies top assasin has a new target, it doesnt go to plan when she recognises the target and has to think fast to survive.

Submitted: August 21, 2016

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Submitted: August 21, 2016



Part 1.

21st August 0700

The national news was being read on the local radio station. “A man was found dead today in close proximity to a £5 million mansion, situated in the private complex of St Georges Hill, Weybridge.  A local resident found the man hanging from a lamppost in an apparent suicide. There is, as yet no official comment from Surrey Police”.

No one made a sound.

21st August 0730

Two men sat in a Soho café, they hadn’t touched their drinks, they talked in whispers amongst the morning hustle, the office workers, the homeless, the tourists already flocking to the area, they were anonymous here. The first man calmly questioned the other.

“I need to know what happened, why did it go down like this? Are they taking appropriate measures? He was meant to be a professional” His last comment delivered like a slap to the face, scathing and loaded as a warning. There was no immediate response from the second man, he was smaller than the older man, dressed more casually in jeans and an old T-shirt. “Are you going to answer me man? What is going on here?” His calmness starting to crack, annoyance creeping in. Still no response from the smaller man. “Are you…” He was cut off, the younger man stood up, placed a £10 note on the table and began to leave “You’ll have your answer”

19th August 2200

“He needs to be gone, he’s a bloody liability. Fucking idiot, I cannot tolerate it any longer, it’s just business. Make sure he cannot make any more mistakes” “Call it what you want, it makes no difference to me, the usual rate” “It’s already been arranged”

20th August 2300

It was dark and unseasonably cold for August, even for England. It wasn’t going to be a problem but it would have been easier if it was a warm night then windows were left open, an assassins delight. It made little difference to her, she was one of the best. Her record faultless, she was a ghost, a shadow, a silent killer who was being paid a small fortune to rid the world of another dirty banker.

She knew little of the man, other than he had been dealing with terrorists in the middle east, operating their accounts, cleaning their money, effectively treason in her book. He was scum, that’s all she needed to know.

She was in the bedroom now; the man was asleep, how could he sleep? A man with no moral compass obviously. She felt a twinge of irony in her own thoughts with what she was about to do but compass or not, the world would be a better place without him in it.

She stepped closer and as she did the man rolled over, his face now towards her. He was sound asleep but she felt that she had just been hit in the gut by a sledge hammer. How could it be?

20th August 2315

She was downstairs now, in his kitchen. Sat in darkness, thinking, waiting, a thousand thoughts all at once. She couldn’t carry out the assignment now. She needed an exit strategy, but this would change everything and her world and her targets would never be the same again. She didn’t have long to act; her employers were not ones to tolerate failure and she was on a timetable. A second operative would be in play before the half hour. She went back upstairs.

20th August 2320

She woke the man with a gun to his face, he was sensible enough to not fight or make any noise. His thoughts were clear; he had always known this day was coming but didn’t expect to see the face of his daughter at the other end of the barrel.

She ushered him to get out of bed, the cold metal of the pistol still millimetres from his face. He got out of bed without comment. “Get dressed, come downstairs. There isn’t much time”

“A man is coming to kill you in 10 minutes” it was matter of fact, no emotion. “Why are you here, who is coming, why?” a sense of confusion in the fathers reply. “They are coming because I should have killed you by now, standard protocol. They are expecting me to be out soon, if I’m not out, then he will come in to finish the job” “This doesn’t make any sense” “You’re telling me, I thought you were dead”

Before any more could be said, she noticed something outside in the garden, it could have been a fox or other nocturnal creature but her training taught her otherwise. Things were about to get dangerous.

The second assassin had seen her talking to the target, he knew what he had to do. He edged around to the side of the house, he had seen her enter the building by the same method. She won’t have seen him yet but surely she was expecting his arrival. She was one of the best, whatever was going on she would still be ready for anything he tried. His best solution right now was to go for the most obvious solution and follow her lead. She couldn’t cover all the entrances and she would expect him to come in by another way to try and surprise her, the double bluff. He climbed through the window, but she was there. “You were always predictable Sam, sorry about this”

21st August 0100

She had stolen a car; it would be at least 6 hours before the owners reported it stolen. 6 hours’ head start at best. More likely a lot less. She felt some guilt for what she had had to do to Sam, she had made a statement and the investigation into the hanging would tie up her previous employers to some extent and buy her and her father some time.

21st August 0735

A young, casually dressed man walked though Soho Square towards Oxford street. The smell of tramp’s piss and shit offended his nostrils. He was offended more by the meeting he had just had with the fat old pretentious twat of a client but he was offended more by the betrayal of his best agent. He arrived at Oxford street, the anonymity of the street was what he liked most, thousands of people even at this early hour. He got out his mobile phone and dialled, after one ring the call was picked up “Find her”

21st August 2100

They were in Belgium, they would rest up in Brussels for the night and formulate a plan. They were on the run now, on the run and alone.

© Copyright 2020 Madsen. All rights reserved.

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