Portrait of the trainer

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Mentorship is all about creating and impacting the lives of the protegees. It is the story about a trainer, who use to burn his midnight lamp to light up the lives of many students, sometimes with carrot, sometimes with a stick.A person who will transform his protegees with the empathy, assertiveness, calmness, compassion and the passion which lits the fire of ambition in the eyes of his protegees

Submitted: April 03, 2019

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Submitted: April 03, 2019



The clock struck 10 and I walked into the classroom expecting an another interesting lesson from the book of Human Resource Management . The interior of tiled floors, wooden panel and a bright natural light attracted me to sit for a while . The students were looking smart in their business formals.
Soon after I arrived, a girl with curly hairs walked in . Thin and dusky , with a pair of spectates  neatly placed on her nose , she looked at me , walked over and asked " so early"

" I was reading " The life and Death by Stephene Meyer" and wanted to enjoy the silence and solitude , so I arrived a little early " said ,I cutting the further scope of communication with her.

She proceeded to kill time walking in and out of the class, peeping out of half closed wooden door to look out for someone to chitchat.Couple of students also came in and asked if I was preparing for any  test . I nodded my head in "no"

By the end of 10.15 , most of the students were sitting in the classroom , having theater like sitting arrangement.

A middle aged lady in pink, probably in her late forties , hairs turning grey , with a laptop in her hand entered the class.Her face was lit up with confidence.

She started her class with the roll call .
"The trainer is the kingpin in any training program, the most important element in process of training When we conjure up the mental sketch of a trainer many facets and traits of his personality come up to life before us . His values ,ethics, commitment faith and believe help us to unleash the potential of trainee ,hence allowing growth as a professional and also as a person " she said loudly to attract the attention of her students .

"Now list down an incident of training session which made a significant difference in your life " she said , while engaging students to the lesson .

Aaradhya was sifting through the pages of notebook . There were thousand thoughts in her mind , scribbling them on a piece of paper seems tough.
Her thoughts rested on a trainer she encountered during her initial days at college .He not only made a significant difference to her life but gave a golden turn to her career.She was able to color her dreams , fly high and now aim to reach the zenith height.

She still remember the day when her belief on herself shattered from within . She clearly remember the words from which she got a bolt from a blue.
" Your communication skills are poor . You can not be an influential speaker .. Forget about what you want to be ." The continuous scoldings made her reluctant to participate .She was loosing her own wings to fly ."She never knew a random curious question with the trainer will be the beginning of golden dream  she always saw with the open eyes.
" Is the communication skill must for a HR to have ?" Asked she
"Yes, In HR it is always required .
"Is my communication skill too weak to unleash my dream " she asked with a little disappointment in her tone .Her eyes were teary . She controlled herself and waited for the answer .
" No , adequate enough to reach the goal , but there is always a room for improvement .Don't pay heed to what people say , try and improve yourself daily .You will, yourself observe a difference in what you are today and what you were a day before , that determines your success." said he , with a conviction in voice. Satisfied with the answer she made her mind to conquer all the odds .

The time passed on . Meanwhile she achieved a few goals but the biggest one was yet to achieve. It was the only dream for which she was here . She decided to go for her dream and chose HR,despite the idea was receiving good resistance.

"Do I need to opt for marketing?asked she looking for a ray to hope?
Did I ever asked you not to follow your dreams , the trainer fired the question ?
Aaradhya nodded her head in no .

So, then start preparing rigorously for the next fortnight ."  Forget to eat , sleep or whatever , there should be one thing in your heart , one thing in your mind  i.e your dream company. Chase your dream as hard as you can . And if i find you killing time ..... He left the sentence incomplete.

The motivation was enough for Aaradhya to bell the cat. But the road was thin and the clouds were black .

The night was darker and Aaaradhya was not able to find the rays of sun .. the ray of happiness and zeal to fight back with double enthusiasm as she always use to do .

The dicy situation made her doubt on herself . "Will I be able to perform . Will I get what I desire ."The turbulence of thoughts were there in mind .. a complete chaos .. where the words
"Keep this chocolate , I will take it back when you will reach your goal " broke the chain of her thoughts .

She does not know where the sadness flew away . She was determined , committed , to work .
She decided to chase her dream ,no matter what it takes .

And finally the day came when she achieved her dream .. she got her world ... the world she wanted to go ..


" It was not the hard work or commitment which made her succeed but the ethics and value of the trainer made her grow into an individual better than what she was yesterday . Perhaps a firm belief in her ability made her polish her own skill set .Off course the quality of training was a big add on ." scribbled she while writing the assignment .

She decided to deliver the same , if she gets a chance to train someone on .

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