Running With My Angel

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This is for XPStiger's contest Round's Contest, First round! I picked picture 11.
Taylor ran for her life, the life she loved and craved. Through the dark, but sunny tree's towards what she hoped was still there.

Submitted: June 07, 2011

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Submitted: June 07, 2011



I was running through time that would not move it seemed. It didn't slow like we all see in movies, nor did it speed up like I feared it would. It seemed like it stood still, I prayed that this time time was on my side, just this one time.

I could distantly ear someone callling my name, the voice made butterflies start and my heart beat faster. "Taylor!" I heard. I flashed back to where my life once was.


"You useless child! You're not mine!" The harsh voice of my father yelled at me from where I lay on the floor, heartbroken confused. I stared at him with tears.

"I am, I will always be your's, I love you! Why can't you see that?!" I cried in anguish. "Please, I love you." I reached toward him with a numb hand, not being able to feel anything in m body, all numb.

"You may love me, but I will never love you!" He yelled kicking me one more time before leaving the room I once called my safe place. Where no one could touch me, not even the father I loved. I sobbed and screamed out loud, hoping someone would hear. Praying he would come. I never told him, I hid the bruises and many scars from everyone.

"Please, oh please save me." I sobbed and curled into a tight ball as I heard thundering footsteps coming up the stairs, like those of a furious lion, but much more louder. I willed my painful breathing to stop, hoping he would pass the room with the many blood and beer stains that was on the carpet I was lying on.

I knew he was drunk from all the cursing. "Come out wherever you are!" He called harshly. "Come out Taylor!" I cringed and tried to hide behind my blonde hair and willed my brown eyes close.

****Back to the woods**** 

I stumbled on a root from the fright of my vision. This often happened but I've learned to block it for the most part. "Please!" I called willing him to hear me. "Don't leave me!" I cried and continued to run through the woods, hoping I wouldn't run into any trees from the blindness of tears. I made my legs, skiiny as they were, faster jumping when I came to a root.

I was blinded by the sun when I passed a brilliant tree with sunlight it seemed coming from it, like ti was the sun itself. I winced, still running, as another flashback came.


I screamed again and again as another blow hit me. From the steel toe of his boot I could feel my blood coming. "That's right scream." He said hardly able to make the words come out. I managed to look up at him and was horrified to see what I saw. Furious anger. I screamed as loud as I could as I looked into his brown eyes, so much like mine.

I knew the neighbours were listening but they did nothing, like they always do.

"Taylor?" I heard a horrified voice call from the streeat. My beaten stomach fluttered from the butterlies.

"Dan!" I screamed hoping, praying he would hear me. Father knew what was going on as he stared furiously at me.

"Shut up!" He slapped me and hauled me up. Pushing me against the wall I tried to run. "Not so fast!" He hissed, now sober. He choked me against the qall as I clawed for air.

"Dan." I squeked.

"Taylor!" He screamed as he burst into the room. He shook his brown hair as his blue eyes widened with horror. He saw the burises, and the choking.

"Dan, can't breathe." I whispered he was horrified when my pale face started to turn purple. Before my father ccould look at the person I called a angel he was knocked to the ground by a massive, football punch. He caught me as I fell to the ground gasping for breath. "You came." I stared at him with tears in my eyes.

He brushed aside my hair holding me closely. He looked at my dad who was knocked out cold. "I'll always be here." He said with tears in his eyes. "You're not going to lose me."

I smiled. "I know, could you get me a bandage?" I asked having trouble talking from the pain. He lifted up my shirt a little and looked at my stomach.

"I'm so sorry." He tenderly touched my cheek, like I was fragile. "I should've been here, I was late for our date and--"

"It's ok, it's over now, right?" I smiled and leaned up to kiss his cheek. He carefully lifted me bridal style.

"You're staying at my place, you're not staying here." He said glaring at my dad.

"Dan, I have nowhere to go, I'm only sixteen, so are you." I cried and clung to him, wishing that I didn't have to come back here.

"Yoou're living with me, Taylor please, I love you, he's not going to touch you ever again. Besides my mom loves you, same with my dad,my dog. Then there's me, who loves you with all his big heart." I beamed at him and laid my head on his shoulder and nodded.

"I love you too." I smiled.

"So you'll stay?" He asked carrying me out to his cheap car.

"I think I will, but I'm going to pay for my own---" I go cut off when he kissed me.

"No." He said smug, shutting my door and going to his side.

*******************Back to the woods********

I touched my stomach now, glad it was all healed. Soon I found the sunshine and the clearing where my own personal angel was standing.

"Dan!" I cried happily and jumped on his back before he could turn around. I breathed in his fresh woods scent.

"Taylor! I'm in the middle of football practice." He gestured, trying to sound stern but grinning at me.

"I know." I grinnned impishly. "Can I watch?" He sighed.

"Be quiet, I'll see you after practice?" I nodded and gave him a kiss. I walked over to the sidelines and sat down on the clean grass.

"Go Angels!" I cheered and smiled as Dan winked at me, my own personal angel.

I've made my way, running through the woods was tough I admit, but it was worth it in the end, I found the clearing, I even found my personal angel on the way, we made it together with love. I wouldn't get hurt ever again, I would do the run again and again if it meant having my angel with me the whole way.

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