Stuck In The Mud

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Mel is in a horrible relationship, but changes when she get's stuck in the mud with Nate.

Submitted: July 27, 2011

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Submitted: July 27, 2011



"Come on Melissa-Hiccup-I can take you home." My boyfriend Drake said to me as he looked down my shirt. Everyone always asked why I was still with him, and to be honest I had no idea.

I (Melissa) thought I loved him. But a week into our relationship things, changed. My best friend, Annie, noticed it right away. She saw how I cringed everytime a guy touched me, how I flinched when Drake touched, and how I avoided him at all cost when we walking down the halls of your high school.

I tucked my brown hair behind my ear and looked at the floor with my green eyes. "Sure." I whispered. Even in his druken state he roughly grabbed my hair, but made it look like a intimate gesture.

"Speak up when I talk to you." He hissed in my ear.

"Sure." I said a little louder. To be honest I thought a gorgeous guy like Drake would never notice me, the girl next door. That's why I haven't broken up with him, becasue I still thought he was too good for me. He roughly pushed my lower back forward.

I mean sure the kissing and making out was good, sometimes. Most of the time I often woke up with bruises all over my body and furiously tried to cover them up. My parents were never home, they didn't know what was happening. The only person that really knew was Annie.

"Where are you going Melissa?" I heard her sweet voice ask me from behind. I turned and noticed the scared glance she gave Drake. "Drake are you sure you're safe to drive?" She asked.

"I'm fine." He hissed, pinching me to support him.

"He's okay Ann, nothing bad." I confirmed, but my eyes silently pleaded her to help me, not to let me go home with this monster. She saw my pleading and balled up her tiny fists.

"Nate!" She called from where he was sitting on the couch, watching football. While you could hear music blasting in the basement from the party. He looked at her, flinging his dark hair out of his blue eyes. "Can you take these two home? I don't think Drake should be driving, can you drive? You haven't had anything to drink." Without waiting for a reply she hugged me goodbye. "He won't do anything with Nate around." She whispered in my ear. If Drake did anything with Nate she would hear about it, since they were brother and sister. I smiled and said goodbye.

"Can we drive my car so I don't have to pick it up tomorrow? I can get my parents to drive you home, or Annie can pick you up." I asked him as we walked out the door, all the while Drake still roughly holding me.

"Sure." Nate shrugged his broad shoulders. I smiled and thanked him.

We all hopped into my silver car. Drake in the back, much to his displeasure, Nate driving, and me shotgun.

Soon we got to Drake's house. "I'walk you to your door." I said and followed him to his car. Hoping Nate didn't notice my shoulders stiffen.

"Why does she know?" Drake hissed with a smile, knowing Nate was watching.

"What?" I asked confused.

"Don't fucking act innocent. Annie know, I can see it." He held my hand roughly. There's another bruise.

"She figured it out, I didn't say anything." He glared at me, squeezing my hand, almost causing me to flinch.

"We will talk tomorrow." He kissed my cheek, almost nicely and left me, I walked back to my car massaging my hand carefully.

"Everything ok?" Nate asked, worry clouding his eyes. I nodded and cranked up the radio, not allowing any further conversation. Nate sent me look, that I pretended not to see.

A couple minutes later I felt us going on a bumpy road. "Where are we going?" I asked looking at Nate,

"Shortcut." He said, clearly he was a guy of few words. Soon we stopped.

"What's the matter?" I asked.

"We're stuck." He tried to get out of it. "I'll call Annie." He turned down the music while he called her. I stared out the window, marveling at the gorgeous view of the green hills and mountains. "She'll be here in a couple of minutes, she has to get everyone out of the house before she leaves." I nodded and sighed.

For a while it was just a comfortable silence, until finally he spoke. "Why?" He asked suddenly turning to look at me.

"why what?" I asked confused.

"Why are you still with that dirt bag?" He asked turning off the music to listen to my answer. I sighed and shrugged my shoulder. Looking out the window, trying to avoid the conversation. "That's not a answer Mel, give me one good reason." Now I was just getting mad.

"It's none of your business!" I snapped at him and got out of the car, sitting on my hood I tried to calm down. Soon I felt a door shut.

"Mel, please just one reason." Nate asked, sitting next to me.

"He's a sweet guy." I said. Nate snorted and stood up again.

"That's a load of bullshit!" He yelled, I flinched backing away from him. "See, you just flinched from me, your friend. I know what he's doing to you, I know you can do better." He said quietly. I looked up at him, his gorgeous body.

"But I can't!" I yelled standing up. "We both know that! He's the best I can get! Can't you see that?" I asked. "I'm just the girl next door, nothing else, he's the best I will ever get. No one loves a girl like me. I can't get the attention of any guy! Then Drake asks me out. Sure it went wrong, but it's better than being alone!" I yelled at him, fully aware of the tears clouding my vision.

"That's not true! He beats you Mel, no girl deserves that. You deserve so much more! You're beautiful, why can't you see that? I see the way that dirt bag looks at you! He think's you just something he can play around with! He's a worthless scum bag! You're scared of him,and every guy becasue of him!" He tried to reason with me. I shook my head trying to deny it. "Don't deny it Mel, I see the way he treat's you, all the bruises on you--" He broke off, my head snapped up.

"That's none of your business!" I screamed at him. "Leave it be Nate." I said and sat down, exhausted all of a sudden.

"I can't! That's the problem! I can't watch the girl I love get hurt, when she doesn't deserve it! When she's beautiful inside and out, then dates a scum bag, who treats her like crap! I don't want to ignore it! Every fucking day I want to beat him sensless! Every single day, becasue I see your face, your bruises, your pain! It kills me every second of every day, knowing I can't do anything!" He yelled.

"BUT YOU CAN!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. "If you love me so much then why do you let me go through this?" I asked, all the tears that I kept in streaming down my face, like a waterfall. I sobbed and collapsed on my hood. "You can Nate, this is what I'm talking about, no one loves me enough to stop it. I'm helpless against him." I sobbed into my knees. Soon I felt myself lifted like I was a feather and Nate cuddled me. 

"I have Mel, I've talked to him, pleaded with him everyday to stop, but he doesn't, he's trying to torture me." He kissed my head, I looked up in surprise.

"You have?" He nodded. I hugged him, silently thanking him. He nuzzled my hair, placing a soft kiss on my cheek. "What are we going to do?" I asked looking up at him.

"We are going to gather the baseball team, because they all love you, and finally stop this, for good." He said firmly.

I looked up at him and before I could stop myself, kissed him. Surprisingly he kissed me back. Finally we pulled back and gathered our breath. "Promise?" I asked, hoping that this was finally my way out of my misery. He nodded.

"Promise." He smiled at me. "So should we go home now? I'm sleeping over, I don't trust him."

"But I thought we were stuck." I said confused.

"Nope I just really wanted to talk to you." He said and gave me a quick peak. Lifting me up and placing me in the car. While he dorve us home.

The next day he kept his promise, him and the whole baseball team, confronted him and made him stop. From then on, I never saw his face again. Together me and Nate battled the rest of our lives, with the freedom I deserved.


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