XX Dancing in the Rain XX

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A short story for XPStiger rounds contest! Enjoy!!

Submitted: June 17, 2011

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Submitted: June 17, 2011



It all started with my biggest deam, singing in the rain. I lived in Calgary so most of the time it either snowed or just lightly rained. So of course on a cloudy Thursday there I was, looking out my apartment window praying just once I could live my dream. Sure enough about a hour later it started to pour.

"Harley!" I called my husky, who I loved to death. "It's raining!" I screamed adn ran out into the abonded alley. Sure enough a huge white and black thing of fur joined me out in te rain. "I'm singing in the rain, what glorious feelin I'm happy again!" I sung my lungs out. I started to spin and wave my arms all about.

"That's a pretty great dance you got there!" A unfamiliar voice said at me. I turned and stared into the most beautiful green eyes. I instantly blushed under the gazee of the handsome brown haired green eyed boy.

I grinned instead of replying. He raised a eyebrow, probaly thinking I was crazy. "Oh! I'm sorry!" I hastily replied. "My name's Melanie, Mel for short." I smiled and stuck my nad out.

Grinning he shook it. "Josh, so I take it this is you husky?" He gestured down to Harley who was eagerly sniffing him.

"Oh! I'm so sorry." I apologized again. "Harley stop sniffing the poor guy." I scolded the big teddy bear, flicking my black hair out of my vibrant blue eyes. Harley looked curiously at me, as if I was crazy then trotted back to the house.I guess he preferred not to get his fur wet. "He's really friendly, I swear. He's like a big teddy bear, although it's kinda painful when he sits on you." I explained shifting my feet nervously.

"It's alright, I'm quite the dog lover myself, I have a German Shepard myself, just moved in the neighbourhood." He explained.

"Oh where did you move into?" I asked not noticing the new neighbours.

"Right across the alley actually, I can show you if you like." I smiled.

"I'm sorry but I can't I have to take Harley out, he hasn't been out of the house the whole day, I just got back from school, I go to the university, it's just around the corner actually." Here we were talking outside in a alley in pouring rain, I guess it was a good way to meet a cute stranger.

"Mind if I come with you? I probaly should take Max out. If that's ok with you?" He asked.

"Sure, do you want me to show you around?" Eagerly he said yes. Soon we started off on our walk in the puring rain as I pointed out to him all the popular places, Harley and Max were content to play around in the rain, jumping and rolling in the puddles. After a hour we reached the alley and parted ways.

"Wait Mel!" Josh called running up to me. "Do you want to maybe go out tomorrow, just the two of us?" He asked shyly.

"Sure, that would be nice." I smiled up at his tall figure.

"How about eight tomorrow night, meet me right here? After school tomorrow?"

"See you then." I smiled and stood on my tipptoes to kiss his cheek. I also learned that he happened to go to the same college as me, he was studying to be a lawyer and me a vet. I grinned at the possibilty of a sweet guy as mine.


Of course with my luck the date went horribly. At first it started out fine, we had tons to talk about but the food part was rather disatrous.

First we both accidently knocked down his food holding hands which caused us to break a very expensive plate. When the waitress came by we were so ashamed and becasue we didn't have enough money to pay for it we had to stay afterwards and do some dishes to pay it off. The dishes was actually fun we enjoyed flinging bubbles at each other.

The cook however did not and kicked us both out of the restraunt for life.

"I'm so sorry!" Josh apologized on the walk back. "I didn't think we would get in that much trouble."

"You know," I said as we reached the alley. "Despite it all I had a really good time."

"Really?" He asked and beamed down at me.

"Really." I smiled.

"Well you know what, thank you for being such a good date." He leaned down to kiss me, and that went absolutely perfect.

After the next few months the two of us got to know each other very well, despite our first date we got along great and soon became more than just friends. After a year we both got our degrees and had our dream jobs, both in Vancouver Island, where it rained and never snowed. We both drove our cars, both with our favourite dogs Harley and Max. After about a week both me and Josh landed our dream jobs and made good money. After one night he asked me to move in. Instead of moving in we bought a two story house, where their was enough room for our dogs and us. 

A week later it all fell into place.

It was a Thursday night and it was pouring outside so Josh and I decided to go out and play in the rain both with Harley and Max. While I was dancing I suddenly turned around and saw Josh on one knee.

"Melanie, I know this is going to sound super cheesy, but you have made me the most happiest man on earth. Never in my whole life would I think I have would have found such happiness.Then one day I was have a awful day, but that all changed when I was walking home and I saw this stunning looking girl dancing in the rain with her husky. I knew you were the one for me right from the start. So Melanie the girl of my dreams, will you please marry me?" He asked while I was stanidn there in tars, eve though you could tell from the rain.

"Of course I love you Josh! Of course!" I cried and tackled him onto our front lawn.

So I guess we have a story to tell, like most happy and totally in love couples. We first met in the pouring rain, and our first date was a complete disaster. It's not a perfect beginning but it sure is a perfect ending. And it's our story, no one elses.

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